Frugal Friday Tips: 25 Go-To Gift Ideas Under $25

Frugal Friday Tips: 25 Go-To Gift Ideas Under $25
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money savers! Only 3 weeks until Christmas! Are you excited or what? We are beyond excited and are planning our holidays, so made a list of 10 amazing reads to inspire you in your quest to save as much money as possible. Check them out and let’s save some big bucks together!

For those of you who are still looking for great but affordable presents, this article would be a helping hand. And all of these gift ideas are so awesome no one will even wonder how much they cost, which is actually the point when you are on a budget but don’t want your friends and family to think you forgot all about them.

You can start by purchasing small, but significant items, like a newspaper from the day they were born or stock exchange actions (one or two, it’s the thought that matters!). Also, you may want to start writing heartfelt letters to those who are very close to you: true feelings are priceless, unlike cheap necklaces and ugly sweaters!

There are a few signs that should tell you when to move on and choose a different bank. Most people think that after you choose a bank, you committed for life and it’s like a marriage or something, when the truth is that the bank has to build a relationship with you and gain your trust in time. Outrageous rates, increased mortgage in a short period of time are not a sign of a good relationship. Plus, you need to adjust your financial requirements as you go along: you get married and have kids and there’s rarely a bank that can take care of all your life changes. Think this through and choose what’s best for you and your money!

If you are a parent, this month can be both a blessing and a nightmare, especially when your kids start writing their letters to Santa and you find out just what expensive tastes they have. Do not despair; there is a middle road that will keep your wallet and your kids happy at the same time.

Start by creating a budget for presents and whatever you do, do not take your kids shopping with you otherwise you may face countless tantrums over expensive toys. This shopping guide will make your life so much easier by providing very useful information regarding discounted items. Check it out, it’s a life saver!

Isn’t this an interesting title? What do you do when you have many presents that are useless to you and you don’t want to throw out? You regift them, of course! But always do everything in your power to not get caught. And here’s an interesting idea: when you get a present that you don’t like, put a label on it containing the name of the person who gave it to you and the occasion.

This way, you will avoid regifting the present to the same person who gave it to you (major no-no!). This article is funny, but also very interesting to read! Plus, it helps you save big money on presents, so read it!

50 Affordable Gifts Tailored for Teens – PopSugar smart Living

Buying gifts from teenagers is such a difficult and sometimes boring thing to do! When you think about how often they change their mind and taste, you just lose all interest in buying a good present. In fact, this article can help you out a lot, offering you a change to know your teen better at the same time.

A few great ideas are: concert tickets, CDs, DVDs, video games, give-me-a-break coupons (coupons that will help them skip today’s chores, for example), vintage clothes for your fashionista teen and the list goes on. There are 50 gift ideas for teens, so there’s plenty to choose from! Good luck, moms and dads!

It’s the beginning of the month, which means you need to write down your shopping list. Sarah Titus knows just what to stock up on in December! She will tell you which seasonal items to buy and where from, helping you really save big bucks on the long term.

Read her article; check your list and good luck shopping! Also, don’t forget to check her recipe section on her blog, where she shares many really cool ideas that will help a newbie become a master chef around the holidays!

Winter is here, which means that seasonal ailments are lurking around. You might catch a cold, pneumonia, or slip on ice and twist your ankle, so be extremely careful this season. If you think we’re just nagging about things, take a look at this article and you’ll see just how expensive a moment of mishap can be!

However, if you are already sick, this article will teach you how to save money on medical care, from cold and flu meds to more serious interventions. Get well soon and save your money. Also, be very careful!

This is a very interesting point of view. There are people out there who think that money-saving turned into a very cool thing to do, a very snob preoccupation and that’s really not the case. Some people would never make it through the day without coupons and rigorous planning.

This article is eye-opening from so many points of you. If you are used to spending everything you make, this article could change your life for good. Give it a chance to explain to you why you should cherish experiences over things, it’s an interesting lesson!

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you may want to read this article. There are a number of businesses that never fail because the demand never lowers. For example, people will always need food to survive, so you may want to consider opening a catering business.

And no, you don’t have to be an excellent cook yourself, you have to care about your customers, be sharp on your financials and always stand by your product. Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t eat. This article will explain to you just how to become a caterer and which rules to bear in mind.

What a great article for those who are just now thinking about saving money! Things start by saving $5 a day, which in time adds up to a whooping $500 a month! Now think about all the things you could do with that money! Yu could fix your roof, pay your mortgage or put it away for when you are old. And here’s a wild idea: how about you invest it?

There are so many possibilities and if you’re thinking “OK, so how do I save this money?” this article will provide all the information you need. Read it and let us know what you think. If you have questions about money, finances, shopping or anything related, comment below and we’ll guide you through!

Do you have any plans for Christmas? Do you have a Christmas wish list? How much money are you planning on spending this holiday season?

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  • I liked the article about finding a new bank. It is important to make sure that you are always getting the best deal financially, and if you’ve been with the same bank for a number of years there’s no way that this is always going to be the case for you. You should research your options, and if it would be a better idea for you to switch banks then this is something that you should do, as it might be beneficial for you at the time.

  • I appreciated the ideas about gifts for Christmas for teenagers. I have 3 teenage nieces and 1 teenage nephew and I dread finding them a gift every year. Teenagers tastes are so much different than when I was a teenager, so I am always unsure of what to buy for them. I am going to share the idea of the give-me-a-break coupons to my sisters. That is such a great idea!

  • I really LOVED the save $500 a month part. I really need to start saving more and thinking about the future. I’ve always been frugal but I spend the money I save on other stuff and never actually SAVE any of it.

  • Finally some straight up good tips. most articles ive read on this subject has either been very confusing or very complicated to follow.

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