Frugal Friday Tips: 5 Tips for Parenting an Introvert

Frugal Friday: 5 Tips For Parenting An Introvert
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money-savers! Another week passed by, which means we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season, starting with Labor Day and ending with the New Year. You’ve probably read a lot of good articles online this week, and so have we, which is why we made this list of 10 Frugal Friday essential reads. Check them out to find out about college money, what to do in September and more. Enjoy!

It’s that time of the year when kids start school and if you are a parent, you know just how important it is to choose the best education for your little one. But how to deal with things when your child is an introvert? This means that you rarely find out what’s going on at school, if your child is being bullied or if he’s made any friends at all. If these are some of your concerns, Parenting Squad has a really great article that will guide you through your child’s lack to desire to engage or share information with other people. Most parents are scared that, if something bad happens, they are not even going to find out. But this article will really put you at ease and explain what truly means to be an introvert.

Most kids are moving away for college and rent sure isn’t cheap. If you’re one of the new students or just looking for an apartment fearing that your bad credit will stop you from getting one, this article is for you. First of all, you will be glad to know that bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does and that banks and loan companies actually understand these situations better than we think. For all you need to know, there this article put together by Wisebread. Read it and write down all the essential steps.

This is a very good question, isn’t it? Most people think about getting a pet like this: it’s going to cost me this much to purchase it and this much for a few meds, when the reality is that you are actually paying a lot of money on your pet’s care. Nobody was born invincible and, whether we like it or not, pets do get sick. The costs of a major surgery for a puppy can go up to $10,000! And we’re not even talking about regular food, vet appointments, chew toys and so on! So, before you look up the friendliest breed of cats online, you may want to write down a few numbers and be realistic about the costs. You will know for sure if you can afford a pet or not and no kitten or puppy will become homeless in a few months.

Mortgage Basics – Listen Money Matters

If you’re thinking about getting a mortgage, there are a few basic things you need to know and this article will explain it all. From what kind of papers you need to what your money could get you in time, this piece written by Listen Money Matters answers a few very interesting questions like: how do I start? Who should I talk to about a mortgage? Can I refund my mortgage and if so, how can I do that? Read the article to get those answers!

We have to say this: when it comes to money saving tips for home, Sarah Titus is our go-to girl. She really knows how to maximize an income as well as which products are on sale every second! This article that she wrote is about everything you need to buy bulk in September, from fresh produce to cans, furniture, office supplies, and clothes and so on. Read her article, make your own list and start scouting the stores for the best deals in town! That’s how you budget, my friends!

In case you are particularly unhappy with your credit card, this article will tell you how to switch to a different one. People tend to cancel cards for various reasons, and it’s not always the bank’s fault:  you either start traveling more and your card wasn’t designed for this, you are expecting a baby and need a card that specializes in baby products and so on. No matter what your reason is, Credit Sesame will guide you through cancelling your card and getting a new one. It’s a very interesting read!

If you’ve already made a resolution to start saving as much money as you can this year, this article has your name written all over it. Believe it or not, PopSugar Smart Living knows 80 ways of all sizes that will save you money this upcoming year, so listen up, folks! The truth is that there are so many little things you can do to save money and you didn’t even know about, that you’ll be mind blown! As a matter of fact, if you choose to take their advice on half of these ideas, you’ll still save a lot of dough, which is pretty impressive! How much money could you save in one year if you followed their rules?

More sleep in the morning? Yes, please! Waking up was to be one of the most unpleasant thins to do in a day (unless you have to wake up on a Monday morning, in which case everything is even more dramatic!). You can imagine how happy we were to read this article by Cheapism and find out a few tricks that will help us sleep better and deal with that alarm! More than half of these ideas were a total mystery to us, until we started reading. You should definitely check it out as well. Here’s a tip for you: use ear plugs to block any sounds when you sleep!

I think we all agree that women need to be more empowered and start investing more! The scientists say that women are better bosses too, because they are more compassionate, more patient and more creative. If you are a woman yourself and have always wanted to open your own business, maybe not all is lost. This article will tell you exactly what to do to become a good investor, from how to choose a business idea to how to deal with banks and employees. Bookmark this article and share it with your friends! Who knows what you could achieve!

Yes, college students, it’s about time we talked about the least of your worries: money. If your parents aren’t paying for everything and you’re tired of being broke all the time, you better go and read this article! It’s the small things that count, really! You won’t feel deprived one bit if you accept to be more organized and careful with your cents from now on. We can start by giving you one little idea: ever thought about borrowing books instead of buying them? The article will explain all about it.

Which one of these articles was your favorite? How much money do you think you’ll be able to save this week?

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  • One thing that I like about this article is the information about when you should change your credit card. If there is one that has better benefits for you, then you should definitely be switching to it without a doubt. Even if a new one would only save you a small amount each month, it is better off in your pockets than in the pockets of the banks. I actually never pay any interest on credit cards because I get rid of them before I need to, so this is always something that has been very beneficial to me indeed in the past.

  • These are some great articles, with an abundance of information. I especially like parenting an introvert, and would add that it’s very important to establish and maintain good communication with teachers, bus drivers, coaches, etc., so any issues can be nipped in the bud. Renting a house or apartment with a low credit score can be a challenge that faces many in this tough economy, so that article will also prove useful. I love knowing what to buy when for the most savings, so that’s another article I found very interesting and helpful.

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