Frugal Friday Tips: Best Schools for Your Buck

Frugal Friday tips
Written by Oana Schneider

Happy Frugal Friday, money-savers! Summer is very much here and we enjoy it, but saving money is a 24/7 job, so let’s see what our lovely bloggers have in store for us! All you need in terms of schools, family activities and household items on the cheap, they have it. These are the 10 Frugal Friday Tips- read and bookmark the best! Enjoy your reading, enjoy your money!

Best Schools for Your Buck – Credit Sesame

For those of you thinking about going to college next year, Credit Sesame has a few ideas that are pocket-friendly and worth taking into consideration. This list is based on both quality of the education and the fee required. We liked this article very much, especially because it features colleges and universities from all over US. If you are either a parent or a student, this article is definitely for you! 

We all know how hard it is to entertain kids on a road trip: sweets and stories can only be used so many times! Kids get bored so easily, are hard to impress and so restless. Fortunately for you, Parenting Squad knows all about dealing with this kind of situation. First of all, plan ahead and buy a few cool games, like magnetic checkers or even a chalk book. Then, it’s up to you to make these games and apps appealing. If creating a story helps, don’t hold back on imagination! However, reading the entire article is worth it! 

12 Things You Need to Replace Right Now – Pop Sugar Smart Living

Yes, it’s that time of the year when you have to throw away things like toothbrushes, toilet brushes, and other similar items. Before you say “but I’m in the business of saving money!”, you’ll be glad to hear that getting rid of these things and getting new ones is in fact saving you a ton of cash: think about all those doctor’s appointments that you won’t have to make if you maintain a good hygiene! This article will tell you which 12 items to discard and which to keep in your home, so don’t miss it! 

If you’re planning on getting married soon, congrats! But you should really read this article before saying “I do”. It’s great that you found your loved one and plan on spending the rest of your lives together, but it’s time to be practical about things. One idea is to discuss your financial goals and make sure you’re both on the same page. If one is the spender and the other one – the frugal type, things will go downhill very fast. But the article will explain it better. 

Speaking of kids, did you know there was a way to kick start your kids’ brain development? And all you have to do is buy certain toys! Imagine that: fun and education in one toy! You won’t have to dig deep into the World Wide Web, because WiseBread knows exactly which toys fit the profile. The coolest thing is that some of them are actually DIY project, which means –you guessed it- that you won’t have to spend a dime! Check out the entire article for all the tips and tricks!

Summer is not over yet and, fortunately, there are about 25 things you have time to do before September, from enjoying a thunderstorm to making your own popsicles. Did we mention that you could look for a new podcast as well? If you really want to live your life this summer, getting drunk is not the way to do it: write down these 25 activities and life will feel so much better! Plus, all these tips and tricks are made for a low budget, perfect for anyone! 

You’re probably read online about how to set a budget and those tips don’t always work for everyone because, of course, we are different and have different needs. If you really want your budget to match your level of sustainability, this article is for you!  First of all, you have to write down how much you eat, spend on cosmetics, and pay for utilities and so on. Then, remove all the items that are not crucial for your life. Don’t be too scrupulous or you’ll soon feel deprived, frustrated and eventually give up on budgeting your spendings. Read Sarah’s article to find out more!

There are a few random items digging deep in your wallet and you don’t even know! You may not know this, but bottled water, movie rentals, and magazine subscriptions are not the greatest ideas ever! For instance, buying water in bulk is way more affordable and so is looking for old movies at thrift stores- with just $1 you can buy a classic! Yes, you may not be up to speed with the movie industry, but you’ll be entertained well enough and save some pretty good cash! 

If you have 5 minutes on your hands, there are 5 things you can do to save some money and Listen Money Matters knows all about it! They will tell you which accounts to open and which to close in order to improve your finances, as well as what to do when pursuing a certain career. This article is worth reading and bookmarking, in case you want to share the info with your friends!  

Are you easily offended? Then you must not be super chill! According to Pick the Brain, super chill people understand things way better and are more likely to ignore stupidity. Also, they understand jokes even if they’re it, are more empathetic and always see the full half of a glass. If you have a super chill friend and can’t really describe her/him, read this article and everything will start making sense. 

Which one of these blogs are you currently following? Which article appeals to you the most?

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  • Thanks for posting these. I enjoyed the 25 things to try before the end of summer – as there are a lot of people who might struggle to think of things to do after perhaps the first week, and it can be very difficult to entertain children on a budget. Luckily, though, with these tips people are able to do just that, and it means that they no longer need to worry about their money issues, which is of course a great thing indeed. I have a good friend who has three children off school at the moment for a few weeks, so I will be sharing this article with her, as I am sure that she is going to like it!

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