Frugal Friday Tips: Cheap or Free Activities for Grandparents Day

Frugal Friday Tips: Cheap or Free Activities for Grandparents Day
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money-savers! What a great time to be alive and save money! With everything that’s going on in the world right now, you really need to start thinking about your family, future and finances. This was our criteria when we picked these 10 frugal Friday tips and we hope you’ll like them as much as we did when we read them.

Few of you know this, but Sunday we are celebrating our grandparents. If you haven’t been in touch with them for a while, is about time you do something and this article has just what you need, especially if your finances are not so great: a bunch of inexpensive activities for this special day. You can just have a coffee together, go fishing or create something unique out of old pictures. Whatever you choose, it’s the thought that counts, not the money you invest. Make this day memorable and save money at the same time!

11 Things Not Worth The Money – PopSugar Smart Living

Yes, that is correct! You are currently paying for 11 things that are a complete waste of everything, from time to effort and cents. If you would like to put an end to this, PopSugar has your back. And if our calculations are correct, giving up on these things could save you around $315 a month. Multiply that by 12 and think about it! You could fix your car, buy a new bed or do something meaningful with that money. Read the article, it’s eye-opening!

Although leaves are falling, love is blossoming for some of you, which is why you need to sit down and come up with a budget for your dates. No, you can’t put a price on love, but coffees and movie tickets are not going to buy themselves! Fortunately for all of us, Cheapism has 25 fabulous ideas for an inexpensive fall date, which is just what we needed! We are not saying that you should be cheap from now on, but there are so many cute and romantic things you can do without spending a dime it would be a shame not to give them a chance!

If visiting the Big Apple is a lifetime dream for you, you’ll be happy to find out that it may not be that expensive after all. All you have to do is save some money before deciding to hop on a plane, then read this article to guide you through the cheapest travel means, the most affordable restaurants in New York and also a list of free or inexpensive activities to make you really get a sense of this big city. This article is for everybody (travelers or not) so go ahead and read it!

Quitting your job is a very stressful thing to do, especially if you care about what other people say. You probably postpone it until you can’t anymore and then really get stressed about it. There are a few things you can do when trying to quit a job without making enemies in the process: first of all, be professional and explain the motifs that lead you to this decision. Very important: do not make this personal, don’t get emotional, and don’t raise your voice and so on. For the rest of these ideas, you’ll have to read this article!

How to make cookies and keep your kids occupied for a while? Ask them to help you out! But there is a catch: avoid complicated recipes and add as much fun and color as you can. Use Skittles, Oreo, and many other accessories to color your Halloween party and use your kids’ imagination. Sarah has many other cool ideas, so why not read her post? Our favorite idea is the second one.

If you are in the process of saving money or about to start, there are 3 crucial things you need to keep in mind. As long as you are living your life and saving your money by them, you will be fine. We have to say, this article was very intriguing from the bottom to the top and although it may sound like something very obvious, you really need to ask yourself the question: am I doing things wrong? Read this article and just stay on the path of saving money, no matter how tempting store offers get!

Here is a good question, should you wait until the market improves or should you just go on and sell because you need the money? This article will explain step by step how to plan selling your home, from making small adjustment to finding a good realtor or just selling your home through an online ad. As long as you follow these steps, you will maximize your house’s price and live comfortably before it gets sold, which is what everybody wants. Good job, Modest Money!

There is always a great way to save money, no matter what you’re planning on buying. Whether it’s furniture, a new washer and dryer or just your everyday groceries, you can always save a few dollars if you’re creative enough. And Deacon from Well Kept Wallet is one of the most creative people we know, so you may want to read this article! And here’s the thing: you won’t feel deprived and you won’t have to buy bad food. Curious, aren’t you?

Become A Digital Nomad – Listen Money Matters

Could it be possible to work from your laptop and live wherever you want? This article says so! If you are not the 9-to-5 kind of person, happen to enjoy traveling and seeing new places, this article is definitely for you. And while you’re on your way working and relaxing at the same time, how about you visit the cheapest travel destinations in the world? That’s what a digital nomad would do!

How was your week? Do you have any plans for the weekend? Which one of these articles did you like the most?

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  • I love, love, LOVE the creative ways to save money on your groceries. Because it is something that we should all be trying to do if we can, so this means that there are ways in which we can do it that we might not have been able to think of in the past, which is just great. I know that I will be putting those tips to good use when I next go to the store, and hopefully I will be able to save plenty of cash that way.

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