Frugal Friday Tips: Free Museum Days

Frugal Friday Tips: Free Museum Days
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money-savers! Another week passed by and numerous articles found their way to our laptops. It was a very fruitful week and some articles pondered on our minds long enough to make us write about them and let you know what the best frugal Friday tips are. Here are 10 great reads you should all bookmark right now:

Free Museum Days – The Penny Hoarder

Believe it or not, some museums are totally free, so you should take advantage of that while you can. First of all, this is a great and inexpensive way to teach your little ones some science, history, geography and the list continues. The Penny Hoarder knows all about it, so go ahead and read their article. It is bound to give you a few ideas for your next trips as well, as some of these museums are probably far from your home. Whatever you decide to know, this article will provide you with all the information you need!

Well, it’s that time of the year again when college freshmen leave home for higher education. One of the main problems is that leaving the nest brings tiny dorm rooms into the picture. If you’re a student yourself or the parent, Cheapism  knows just what to do: you can start by cleaning the room and fixing every piece of furniture and then move on to organizing everything you have in a very effective way. For more tips and tricks on how to organize a tiny dorm room on a budget, read Cheapism’s article!

In case you like to plan ahead and have already started saving money for your kids, Money Ning says there are a few very common mistakes you could be making. First of all, choosing a fund is a big deal and so many things need to be taken into consideration. Second, you need to check on that money every now and then and who knows, maybe even invest some of it. Also, if you already know you’re making a mistake regarding your kids’ fund, this article is here to help. Read it and you’ll be able to solve any money saving dilemma.

Does your kitchen need an upgrade but you don’t have the money to do it? Well, Sarah Titus will show you that in fact you really don’t need that much money. Once you fix all the appliances, repaint the walls and reposition the furniture, everything will look brand new. She’ll also give you some tips and tricks on where to find affordable furniture, paint, new appliances, while providing you with some serious money-saving solutions to your problem. But don’t believe us, read the entire article and see for yourself!

When going on vacation, most people rely on their credit cards rather than on cash and this is not necessarily a bad thing. According to Credit Sesame, as long as you have a card that gives money back on plane tickets, gas, restaurant and entertainment centers, going on a vacation could actually be not such a costly thing to do. But how to find a credit card that does all that? Read this article provided by Credit Sesame and you will find out!

Most people refuse to exercise outside thinking the weather is way too hot, when the reality is that going against all odds and jogging in the park on weather like this actually helps you burn more calories. The only thing that’s standing in your way is your body comfort and the way you relate to high temperatures. This article is here to teach you how to deal with these problems and get in shape at the same time, which is pretty cool!

Believe it or not, not everything we feed our kids is actually good for them and this article proves it. Researchers have discovered that kids really have a sweet tooth and that kids’ desserts are up to 10 times more sugary than adults’ desserts. So when you see something labeled “for kids”, think twice before buying it. Since the little ones need more calories to develop, companies modify their produces adding way more sugar than an adult could ever endure! For the other 9 foods that are not good for your kids, read the entire article on parenting Squad’s site.

Build Things That People Want – The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollars wrote a very nice and useful article about build things that people want. You will understand why we need these things, where to buy them from and how to save money in the process. Also, you’ll be given advice on how to reuse a few things that are already in your possession, how to become a DIY master and save money as well as creating desirable items. If you’re quite a crafter yourself, this article will help you sell your products and improve your finances, so go ahead and read it!

In case vacations cause huge holes in your budget every year, this article has your name on it! First of all, we don’t realize just how much damage little expenses make, from buying a few souvenirs to going for a more expensive cocktail at the beach, nickels and dimes fly buy unnoticed sometimes! The best thing you can do is plan everything ahead of time down to the smallest expense, but we all know that unexpected events can occur. Create a budget and stick to it, even if the Math is giving you a headache! Having money in your bank will take that pain away for sure!

Top 10 Personal Finance Myths – Listen Money Matters

We all know that taking one’s advice on how to save your money is not always a good idea and this article will explain why. First of all, you should know that not everything you hear or read is good for you or your financial situation, which is why you really should read this article. For starters, some people think that you have to be rich in order to invest. And if that is the case, how did those people become rich in the first place? Having a neck for investment has nothing to do with your current financial situation and you can test that yourself. All the other 9 myths are largely explained in this article featured on Listen Money Matters. Read it to find out more!


Which one of these articles did you enjoy the most? Where do you get your money saving tips from? What’s your favorite money saving article ever?


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  • Lots of these articles are very helpful, and I particularly like the one about how to decorate a dorm room on a budget, as that is vital at this time of year when so many people are getting a brand new room when they start college. I also like the article about mistakes made when saving money for children – your children are the most important things that you will ever want to save for, and for this reason you always need to make sure that you do everything you can to save, and to make sure that you do so to the best of your ability.

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