Frugal Friday Tips: Stop Spending so Much on Food

Frugal Friday Tips: Stop Spending so Much on Food
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money savers! How was your week, did you save a lot of money? If the answer is no, don’t worry! We’ve searched the mighty internet looking for the best money saving tips and here they are! Read these articles and let us know which one you found to be the most helpful!

Do you spend too much money on food? In case you have no idea what to answer, think about the food you throw away, from leftovers to food that just goes bad in the refrigerator. Cut back on food, plan your meals and save money. Also, you may want to think about other people who are starving while you throw away food!

This is a serious question. Do you ever take time off to think about your financial situation and really plan your life a little or do you just go with the flow? You are probably still young and feel like financial problems are for old people, but you better value your money and save it now, so that being old will come easier.

If you had any doubts that a home can look elegant without breaking the bank, you were absolutely right and Sarah knows it best! She will guide you through what it takes to make a home elegant and where to find the most affordable materials.

Some people think that giving their kids and allowance is making them spoiled while others believe that this will only make your little ones appreciate the true value of their money. Read this article, you will understand why kids need to know how the financial world works, but on a very tiny scale.

50 Cheap or Free Ways to Show Your Love – PopSugar Smart Living

Valentine’s Day inspiration for tight budgets! Check out these 50 cheap or free ways to show your love and Valentine’s Day won’t be a bad memory for you and your loved one! The important thing is to be original, keep an open mind and put those feelings into words! Easy, right?

With the markets crashing one by one this time of year, many people are trying to get out of the stock exchange circuit. But is it possible to do it fast enough to avoid major losses? This is the question this article gives an answer to. Read and find out all you need to know about the current stock market situation!

If you are looking for a bank, this is the article to read before making a decision. Based on your habits (the type of items you buy regularly, your hobbies etc), you will be given a sound advice regarding the best bank to go with, bonuses and cash-back wise. Put that money to good use!

Six pack? Check! Toned arms? Check! All of your fitness goals can become a reality with the help of a few great apps. Check them out and remember: these apps are never going to work unless you fully commit to them! Also, you may want to give up the fries!

8 Money Saving Tips for Teenagers – Listen Money Matters

Would you say it’s easy or difficult to teach a teenager to save money? You guessed right: it’s extremely difficult, but you may want to start by guiding them to postpone the gadget and clothing shopping and invest that money into a great summer vacation. Read the entire article for more tips!

Are online apps capable of helping you with your medical problem? Some of them are reliable (like the WebMD symptom app) and some of them have nothing to do with the medical reality. However, many websites have real doctors who will answer any question, so you may want to look for that!

Let’s save money together starting today! Until next Friday, what do you say we save at least $5 a day and write that down? It will be a fun way to see how much we are really spending and maybe even appreciate our hard-earned money a bit more!

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Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • I liked the article on whether you should give your child an allowance. I believe that children shouldn’t be given money – they should have to earn it, so that they can learn the value of it. However, it shouldn’t be for jobs that they should do anyway, like keeping their room tidy and making their beds – it should be for larger things like helping in the garden, or cleaning the car. Something that might not be “their job”, but that they could make the effort to do in order to earn some money. That’s what I think is the best thing, as children learn that money takes time to earn.

  • If we make a large supper we always try to eat the leftovers up over the course of 2 days or so. It is annoying eating something that much sometimes but a great way to save money. I always feel bad when something has to be chucked at the end though because we didn’t eat it in time. It is also good not shop hungry I always end up buying extra junk/crap food if I am hungry.

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