How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50
Written by Oana Schneider

If you need to beautify your home, but don’t have a lot of money on your hands, there are a few very cute and exciting things you can do! But the easiest thing you can do to improve the way your home looks is to…clean up!

Sometimes, we hear people complaining about how their house is boring, but they could grab a broom now and then. Beautifying a home is not only about the looks but also about how tidy you keep it! But let’s get down to what you can do to beautify your home for under $50:

1. Buy a plant

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

Plants Can Really Make a Difference in Your Home!

In case you didn’t know, plants can dramatically change a room’s overall look, so keep reading. First of all, do research to see which plants fit your living habits (if you’re the kind that forgets to water it, go for a cactus!), climate and lighting.

Unfortunately, even if people choose cactuses 99% of the time, these plants don’t grow big enough to make a difference, and even if they do, there will always be dust on them (good luck cleaning that!), so better cross that off the list!

Go for something green, with big leaves, like Ficus trees, succulents, Chinese evergreens, or the African violet. They are all low-maintenance and look great in your home!

You can grow spices in your kitchen (parsley, coriander, dill) and kill two birds with one stone: beautify the space and have an endless supply of fresh herbs!

2. Get a new area rug

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

A Cool Area Rug Can Make or Break Your Design!

Even if you take it to the dry cleaner’s, your old area rug will still look old and dusty because the colors fade in time. Especially if you just bought a new house, a new rug would do wonders for the overall look! If you cringe at the thought of buying an expensive one, then just don’t! The biggest retailers in the States have daily sales and discounts good enough to people even the pickiest customer!

My recommendation is to buy one from Home Depot (you can ask them if they have other color or size options!) or just go to a local area rug shop and ask if you can see the floor models. Usually, these ones are difficult to sell since they’ve been sitting in the sun, people have touched or even stepped on it and so on. As long as you’re offering to buy it, they’ll give you a substantial discount!

3. Change your curtains

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

Curtains Turn a Cluttered Room into Something Elegant!

If your curtains were a hand me down from your grandma, it’s time to box them up as a memory and put up a new set of curtains. Doing this is way easier than you think: go online (I recommend, look for the perfect fabric, order it, add a few double adhesive tape rolls and all you have to do is take a few measurements, heat up your iron and make your very own low-budget curtains!

A few tips: go for light colors to make your windows appear bigger, avoid big prints if your wallpaper is already busy and always add a set of nice drapes. This way, you’ll keep your neighbors’ curiosity away from your house!

4. Be more organized

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

This Is What Your Pantry Should Look Like!

In fact, everything would be better if you could be more organized! Instead of just dumping all the magazines on the coffee table, how about you buy or make a magazine rack? Also, try putting away toys, old newspapers, and other small things that make your house look cluttered. Learn how to label everything, only put on display things that you use on a regular basis: if your living room is small, for example, choose a smaller couch and armchairs or just a loveseat and a few chairs.

Also, I’ve noticed that many people like to put tables everywhere, which is a big mistake. You only need one, in your dining room! Use desks for your home office (a stand-up desk is even good for your health!), not tables, because they take up a lot of space and don’t have any storage room underneath them, unlike desks.

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5. Keep it simple!

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

No Need to Go Overboard with Dozens of Colors!

A beige room is boring, but one where there are too many colors is even worse! Here’s how to think about your living room, for example: choose a neutral for your walls and furniture (white, beige, grey etc.) and add pops of color (a pink armchair, some colorful pieces of artwork, a turquoise vase, a bright yellow tablecloth and so on.).

If your home is already colorful, try going with neutrals for all the accessories, to balance everything. Plus, when everything is simple, cleaning the house becomes so much easier!

6. Give your couch a makeover

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

Add a Colorful Couch for a Pop of Color!

Your coach may still be completely functional, but not very good looking. Well, if that is the case, then there is one thing you can do: go online and buy some nice knit jersey fabric to create a new skin for your beloved sofa.

You can follow the original stitches to sew the new fabric or just some double adhesive tape. Just make sure to secure everything in place so that you can enjoy the new look for many years to come! Some people suggest that you just dyed the fabric and call it a day. But the fabric will be just as damaged, so that’s really not an option.

7. Look for some good artwork

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

Artwork Says a Lot About You. So Does the Lack of It!

Don’t leave your walls empty and don’t be afraid to hang some artwork on them! The best place to find something nice and inexpensive is… the flea market, of course! Here’s what to look for: something that’s in good condition, has a nice and simple frame, it’s in good taste and a decent size (only buy small paintings if you’re planning on displaying a group of them and not just a single piece!).

If you’re quite a painter yourself (and before you deny it, when was the last time you painted anything?), just display some of your work! Unfortunately, kiddy drawings are only good for your fridge, so try not to turn them into the focal point of your living room, for example.

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8. Books!

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

Books Are a Person’s Best Business Card!

Books make a great home beautifier! You can either purchase or make a bookshelf out of an old door, for example, and display all your books. Your guests will feel like in a very nice and cozy library. Plus, it will encourage you to read more! Another good thing about this is that it can mask a nice chunk of a wall that’s not so good-looking, it can create a great conversation piece and let people know what kind of person you are.

You don’t realize this now, but this is the best way to elevate your chats with your friends. Instead of discussing people, you’ll move on to discussing ideas, which is what great minds do!

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9. Things you need to hide

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

Stay Organized and Cleaning Will Be a Piece of Cake!

I already told you that toys, magazines and newspapers belong away from your visitor’s eyes. Here are a few things you also need to put away: all kitchen utensils, in case you have an open living room, plastic/Dixie cups, cutting boards, wrappings (of any kind!), lovey-dovey pillows (no “I love you” pillows allowed outside your bedroom!), your entire collection of shoes (keep them in your dresser or bedroom), cleaning products (please, don’t let your guests see detergents, brooms and things like that!

It looks bad and it ruins the overall aspect of your home), jewelry, dirty dishes (hope that goes without saying!) and the list goes on. The rule is to ask yourself: does my house look magazine-worthy? If the answer is no, hide everything you wouldn’t want to see in a home décor magazine, for example.

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10. It’s all about good lighting!

How to Beautify Your Home for Less than $50

They Say Nothing Sets the Mood Better Than Lighting. We Agree!

All of the above wouldn’t mean a thing without good lighting! If your windows are small, at least try to make sure there’s nothing in front of them blocking your view. You may want to trim your trees every now and then, in this case. Also, choose light-colored curtains (beige, white, grey, pale grey etc.), put up a mirror to enhance the lighting and make the room look bigger and invest in a nice chandelier.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to buy it if you’re quite a crafter! You can buy a handful of pipes from Home Depot and turn them into the best chandelier ever!

Also, choose eco-friendly light bulbs to save money and give your home a nice touch. And don’t be worried, these bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to go for the curly and already over-used ones! Another thing: candles look great, but they are a fire hazard, so try to avoid them. However, there are a few chandeliers out there that look just like they’re holding candles, so you should look into it.

How often do you give your home a makeover? Comment below and let us know!

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  • This article is simply a great idea for jazzing up your space with a low budget. I often wish I could afford things from expensive stores like pottery barn. But what I didn’t realize is that you can buy a nice rug from Home Depot that is much less expensive, but looks just as elegant. The pops of color tip is also great. Many mass marketers have really cute artwork for cheap to liven up a beige room. Space is often an for me so the tip about buying light colored curtains to make the windows look bigger is much appreciated. Lastly, I totally agree about the orginization tip. The neater you are the more chic a room looks. Magazines cluttered all over the coffee table are never chic!

  • This is a good read, with lots of helpful suggestions. I’m so glad you mentioned window treatments and lighting, those are two of my pet peeves, and in my opinion, they can make the most difference in a home. I am a reader, and have my books displayed, so people can look them over, read a little if they want, and discuss our interests, which is fun, and can bring people closer together.

  • Glad you mentioned cleaning and tidying up first! Definitely the most frugal way.

    I found myself nodding my head throughout this entire post. I’ve become more of a fan of plants in the home lately, though I still haven’t taken the plunge and gotten any yet. And of course, I’ll always agree with the virtues of organizing. There’s one part of my place that’s full of stuff with no proper home, so I’m looking into upcycling ideas for storage solutions. I know it’ll make a huge difference to the overall look and feel, even though it’s a small area.

  • It’s always surprising to me just how much of a difference it can make when you add one or two small things to your home. You’re quite right – you don’t need to redecorate the whole place; the only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you add a feature here and there, preferably with a splash of colour to it, and you will find that it’s more than enough to make your home feel as though there is a bit of a new vibe to it!

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