How to Cut Back on Perfume and Still Smell Delicious

how to cut back on perfume and still smell delicious
Written by Oana Schneider

Named after fashion designers, Hollywood celebrities, and long-existing brands, perfumes have become an essential part of men’s and women’s wardrobes. You wear a scent much like how you would wear clothes. There are some who stick to a specific smell while others like experimenting. If you want to cut back on perfume but smell delicious at the same time, we’ll tell you just how to do it!

No matter which of these two categories you fall under, it is important to choose a perfume that suits your body chemistry. Also, you should know how to cut back on the amount of perfume that you’re using but still make the scent stick to your body and last longer in storage. Here, we will take a look at the ways for you to cut back on perfume and still smell delicious.

What’s the Difference between Perfume, Cologne, and Other Scents?

Before counting down the ways on how you can cut back on perfume use and still smell delicious, let’s take a quick look at some statistics. According to

  • In 2013, French luxury goods corporation LVMH which makes the Louis Vuitton and Bulgari goods earned 3.72 billion Euros. This is for their perfume and cosmetics segment alone, not including the clothes and accessories that they manufacture.
  • In the United States, the average annual expenditure of consumers for cosmetics, perfume, and bath preparation products is $145.91 for 2013.
  • From February 2010 to March 2014, approximately 24,000 American adults each year bought some type of perfume, cologne or toilet water for themselves or for someone else. Out of this, 5% bought cologne as a gift for the year 2012.

Cut back on perfume in a smart way. Now, if you do not know yet whether you are a perfume or a cologne-wearing type of person, it pays to know the difference between the two – as well as other scents available. All scent products are basically made from the same essential oil so that when the liquid is applied to the body, it makes the wearer smell great. The only difference is the amount of essential oil included in each formulation. The higher the concentration of essential oils, the longer the fragrance will last.  Check out the different types of scents available:


The most popular type of scent is the perfume which is also the strongest scent available. For every bottle, there’s a 15 to 30% concentration of the perfume essence or essential oil. This means that you need to use less of the perfume but still achieve that great scent. The fragrance also lasts longer on your body, typically up to six hours. When you cut back on perfume, make sure to find other options.

Eau de Parfum

Also called EDP, Eau de Parfums have a lighter concentration than actual perfumes. The level of concentration is between 8 to 15%. These products are less expensive than pure perfumes, but they do last for a shorter span of time – anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

Eau de Toilette

Scents with a Eau de Toilette tag have a 4 to 8% concentration. The scent lasts for two to four hours, and you have to use more as compared to more concentrated perfumes.

how to cut back on perfume and still smell delicious

Always Test The Fragrance On Your Skin Before Buying It!

Eau de Cologne

Finally, there’s the Eau de Cologne which has a concentration of just 3 to 5% of the main fragrance. These scents last for a couple of hours, maximum. Don’t cut back on perfume if you don’t have a plan B!
As you can see, perfumes have the highest concentration and last longer on the body – but they also cost a lot more as compared to colognes and other scents. Fortunately, there are ways for you to prolong the smell of the perfume on your body, and make it have a longer shelf life as well. Find out how you can do just that in the next section.

Ways to Cut Back on Perfume and Still Smell Delicious

Here are the individual ways by which you can cut back on perfume consumption but still smell divine:

Start with some good old basic hygiene.

This may sound like a given but not everyone combines perfume wearing with basic hygiene. No matter how much perfume you spray, even if you use the most expensive brands, it will not smell good if you do not practice good hygiene on your body. Take regular showers or baths. Wash your hair regularly although you don’t need to shampoo every day.

If you’re prone to developing body odor, use antibacterial shampoo and vigorously wash your armpits. If you want your perfume to stand out, you can use powder-scented or unscented deodorant for utmost freshness. Wearing clean clothes and exfoliating your skin on a regular basis should also be part of your hygienic regimen. Don’t cut back on perfume if you sweat a lot, however…

Moisturize your skin.

Your goal is to make the perfume last longer on your body and the best way to do just that is to keep your skin moisturized. Use a body lotion, body cream or body butter after bathing. Right after taking a shower or a bath, simply blot the excess water from your body to retain the moisture instead of briskly towelling it off. Then, apply the lotion. Spritz the perfume just before putting on your clothes so that you can maximize the fragrance. You should also look for a lotion scent which is related to the perfume that you plan to wear.

Choose scents which suit your body chemistry.

Some people like fruity, citrusy scents while others like oriental or woodsy scents. Perfumes with a citrus, green or floral base are brighter but they do not last long. Spicy or oriental scents do last longer, but there are some people whose body chemistry do not necessarily suit such fragrances.

To make sure that you are buying a perfume that perfectly suits your body chemistry, try on small amounts of the perfume first before buying a full bottle.

Know how to layer scents.

Layering scents is all about choosing products which come from the same fragrance family. For instance, a gourmand perfume will work best when you’re using a shower gel and a body lotion with the same fragrance base. If you’re using a citrusy perfume, choose bath products and lotions which are citrusy as well. There are also beauty product manufacturers which sell packages with similar or exactly the same scents which you can use to smell great all day long. How about our ideas to cut back on perfume?

Know where to spritz it.

To make perfume last longer on your body, you should know where to spritz it. The hot areas of your body are the best because the scent of the perfume will be stimulated by the warmth of your skin. You can spray perfume on your ankles, the area behind your knees, in the crooks of your elbows, your cleavage, behind the ears and the nape of your neck.

Spritz some perfume on your hairbrush then use it to comb your hair to make your locks smell great as well. Spraying perfume on your ankles will actually make the scent last longer because scent rises, so choosing a lower point to spritz perfume on is a good idea.

Know where to store perfume to make it last longer.

You spent quite a lot of money on the latest celebrity-inspired perfume, and you want to make it last longer. Storage is a key factor for this. The best place to store your perfume is in a cool, dark place. Make sure that the area is cool and not humid. Make sure that the lid of the perfume container is securely on so that it will not oxidize and lose the strength of its scent.

how to cut back on perfume and still smell delicious

You Can Create Your Own Perfume By Using Shower Gel!

Learn how to tell if your perfume is near its expiration date.

If you have no idea about when you bought a specific bottle of perfume, check on the consistency of the liquid. If it’s dark and a bit syrupy, it means that the perfume contains natural ingredients so the scent is bound to last longer over time. If you see a tester which has a different color than an unpacked bottle, it means that the formula has synthetic ingredients and will not likely go bad when expired.

Change your fragrance with the season.

Changing your fragrance for the season is actually fun. During summer, choose citrusy or floral scents.  The fall season is perfect for darker, more exotic perfumes. During special nights out, wearing expensive perfumes like Chanel No. 25 is the perfect way to make a statement.

Use shower gel as your foundation scent.

Again, it pays to choose bath products with scents similar to what you’re wearing. A citrusy shower gel can be your base scent and when you layer it with your perfume, you can keep your body smelling great all day long.

Use a perfume atomizer to store your perfume.

Finally, consider using a perfume atomizer. High-quality spray bottles which are also called perfume atomizers will help extend the life of your perfume. It works by limiting the exposure of the perfume to open air to make the scent last longer. If you don’t have a high-quality, glass perfume atomizer, simply leave it in its original bottle.

Follow these tips so that you can cut back on perfume usage, and still smell delicious.

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  • I had absolutely no idea that storage had an effect on the perfumes overall time it lasts. Also I never noticed an expiration date on any of them. Even though I don’t use perfume, and I use cologne I feel like these tips can be applied to me, such as the layering. These are all wonderful tips, and things that I definitely will be trying out, especially the storage.

  • I have only recently discovered just how much moisturising can help, and I am shocked now at just how much it can make the scent cling to you – so it’s brilliant news! I also find that if I buy non-branded perfumes, they will smell just as nice but don’t come with such ridiculous price tag. My local market has ‘perfumes’ that cost a tenth of the price of the more expensive versions, but they smell exactly the same and last just as long. So I will always use those instead now, which is much better. Perfume tends to cost people a lot of money, but often there is no real need for it at all.

  • My wife uses exactly the same perfume that I use: Aramis. I’ve recently found out that she’s been doing it for a long time as well; even before she met me. Her reason was that men liked the smell of perfumes that were geared toward men more and she said she always got a lot of dates because of that. I think she may have pulled the trick on me as well.

  • :))) LOL, Tommy! That sounds like a cool trick, not sure I’d ever do it myself! Also, I forgot to mention how important essential oils are. However, some of them have a very strong scent that might make you feel a bit nauseous, so keep sniffing bottles until you find a good one. It’s less than a dollar and it will last you a couple of months!

  • I also found that moisturizing your skin before applying perfume makes the scent last longer. Because of that, I actually completely switched over to scented lotions. The scent in lotions seems to be lasting almost all day. However, it also depends on the quality of the lotion. Body butter, in my experience, seems to be the best in making you smell great all the day long with minimal effort!

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  • Thanks for the info! I have enough perfume to last awhile but was thinking about not buying anymore when it runs out. I’m not sure if people can even smell it after long and at the same time, so many work places are going fragrance free. Good info though!

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