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How to Save Money on Vitamins and Supplements

How to Save Money on Vitamins and Supplements
Written by Irina Vasilescu

A bottle of multivitamins with 60 to 200 tablets cost anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the brand. If you take several supplements and vitamins on a daily basis, the total cost would take a significant chunk out of your budget.

If you absolutely need to take these vitamins and supplements, is there a way for you to save money when buying them? That is what we will find more about here.

Ways to Save Money on Vitamins and Supplements

First, why do people take vitamins and supplements? Those who are picky with the food that they eat may not necessarily get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the human body requires to stay healthy. This is where vitamins and supplements come in. If there’s a certain vitamin, mineral or nutrient lacking in your diet, you can use supplements to give your body exactly what it needs.

Those with medical conditions may also need supplements or vitamins to augment the prescription medication that they are taking to be well and stay healthy. Those who are going through a rigorous physical regimen may take protein shakes, others take supplements for weight loss, while others who want to stay in tiptop shape take a combination of vitamins and supplements.

Second, if you already know which vitamins and supplements you should take, how can you save money for each purchase? As mentioned earlier, a year’s supply of vitamins and supplements would take a significant chunk out of your budget. If you would like to take the vitamins and supplements you need without burning a hole in your pocket, how are you supposed to save money? Take a look at the following tips:

Live a healthy lifestyle to minimize the need of having to take vitamins or supplements in the first place

There’s actually no need for you to take any kind of vitamin or supplement if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet in the first place. The only time that you would need to take them is if you know that your body does not naturally absorb nutrients at an efficient rate, or if there is a particular vitamin or mineral which you know you’re lacking.

Let’s say that you are not fond of eating citrusy fruits.This means that your body might lack vitamin C which is necessary to keep the immune system healthy. If this is the case, it is recommended that you take vitamin C supplements in the form of Ascorbic Acid or similar products.

Eating a balanced diet which includes whole grains, fruits and veggies will give your body the nutrients that it needs, so there might not be a need for you to take any kind of vitamin or supplement at all.

In the same vein, remember that there are also vitamins which, when taken in high hoses, can disrupt the way that your body naturally functions. High doses of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K can be toxic when taken in high doses. If you ‘overdose’ on vitamin C, it will simply be excreted in the urine but it is still not recommended to take more than what your body actually needs.

Make sure that the supplements you are buying are safe

The Food and Drug Agency in the US is the institution that regulates the production of vitamins and supplements in the market. Dietary supplements are treated as food items rather than medications so there’s really no way to prove if a product does exactly what it claims. The only time that the FDA can take a product off the shelves is if it has been proven to be unsafe for the public.

Before taking any kind of vitamin or supplement, exercise caution and safety. Also, if you have any pre-existing medical condition or if you are taking medications, always consult with your doctor if you would like to take certain kinds of vitamins or supplements.

Know which form of vitamin or supplement to choose

If you would like to save money on vitamins and supplements, be aware of the different kinds available in the market. They take the form of capsules, tablets, powders, caplets, soft-gels, sprays, gels, creams, syrups, chewables, drops and liquids.

You can also take your pick from any of the following products: multiple vitamin minerals, combination supplements, multivitamin supplements, dietary fiber nutritional supplements, vitamin supplements and herbal supplements.

Some of the top manufacturers of vitamins and minerals in the market today include: Deva Vegan Vitamins, GNC, Nature Made, Centrum, Vitafusion, Kirkland Signature, Rainbow Light, Optimum Nutrition, Nature’s Way, One-A-Day, Now Foods, Pfizer, Super Nutrition, Bovidr Labs and Solgar.

Some forms of vitamins and supplements cost more than others, but you should not just look at the price. Some forms are absorbed by the body faster than other forms. Liquids, for example, are absorbed faster than pills – so capsules in gel form are better than tablets. Still, there are some supplements which are only available in their dry extract form especially if the main ingredient is rarely found, so choosing which form to take is a combination of different factors.

Don’t waste your money on vitamins or supplements you don’t need

There’s no reason for you to take vitamin D tablets if you are getting enough sunlight, anyway. Not only will you be wasting your money for the purchase, but you might also be exposing your body to toxins if the vitamin is taken in high doses.

Store the vitamins and supplements properly to maintain their utmost effectiveness

To make sure that you are consuming products in their utmost effectiveness, it pays to store them in a dark, cool and dry place. Keep them out of children’s reach and make sure that they are not consumed past their expiration date.

Make a comparison of the prices and buy the products you need online

Even if a drugstore or pharmacy goes on sale, their selling price is still higher than online stores. As long as you are able to find a reputable online store, you can get the vitamins and supplements you need at lower prices.

Consider buying generic

There are some who opt not to buy generic medications – supplements or otherwise. But if you would like to save money, it actually pays to buy generic sometimes. As long as you take the extra time and effort to check on the ingredients, you can save a lot of money by buying generic.

Do not overbuy

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who take vitamins and supplements is overbuying them. Before stocking up, make sure that you have tried the product and it agrees with your body chemistry. Also make sure that you are checking on the expiration date on the bottles or boxes of the products you are buying. Don’t buy too many tablets if they are close to their expiration date.

Take advantage of coupons, discount codes and similar offers

You can also take full advantage of coupons, discount codes and similar offers – especially when buying vitamins and supplements online. When you sign up for newsletters, the company will usually give you coupon codes that you can use for online purchases. If you prefer to buy your vitamins and supplements from physical stores, you can also cut out coupons from magazines and newspapers.

How about Prenatal Vitamins?

Finally, let’s take a quick look at a few ways on how you can save money when buying prenatal vitamins. Whether you’re carrying your first, second, third or fourth child, it is important to take prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your Ob-Gyn.

You can check with your city or county’s public health office. The federal government offers free prenatal vitamins for women who are of childbearing age. Make phone calls or send an e-mail so you would know where to get your prenatal vitamins from.

To save money on prenatal vitamins, you can also ask your doctor to specify generic on your prescription. Similar to other medications, generic prenatal vitamins are way cheaper than branded ones. You may also want to check out pharmacies in your area which offer free generic prescriptions. There are online stores like PuritansPride which offer lower-priced prenatal vitamins as compared to other shops, which you may also want to check out.

Other ways to save money on prenatal vitamins include checking out drugstore deals, taking advantage of ‘Buy 1, get 1 free’ offers, using online or physical coupons, looking for discounted products or voucher codes, signing up for drugstore reward points, or even asking your Ob-Gyn for free prenatal vitamin samples.

One thing to take note of, however, is that you should check with your doctor first if the brand or kind of prenatal vitamins that you are planning to buy is safe for you and your baby. Also combine taking the prenatal vitamins with proper nutrition, enough rest, avoiding stress and following the doctor’s orders.

With enough resourcefulness, you can save money on prenatal vitamins to keep yourself and your baby healthy throughout the pregnancy.

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  • I actually save more on vitamins by not buying vitamins. Okay I do, maybe a bottle each month but for the most part I get those vitamins that I need from the fruits and veggies I eat. Vitamin A and C are my main deals so it’s not hard to find their natural counterpart.

  • I save money on my multivitamin by skipping a day that I know I’ll have balanced meals. If I have a good breakfast and good plans for dinner, I know I’m getting most of my nutrients from my food and don’t need extra. I usually only take them on a day that I know I’ll be eating poorly or on the run a lot.

  • I only buy the vitamins recommended to me by my doctor. These tips are useful because I do spend regularly on them–generic if I can. If I find a good deal I’ll buy a couple of bottles. One thing I can add is to take them as directed. For most vitamins if you consume too much per day your body will just cycle it out.

  • I think the most important point here is to live healthy and eat healthy so you do not have to take vitamins. Michael Polan always writes that you should act like a person who takes vitamins then just skip the vitamins!

  • Some very good tips here! Prevention is certainly better than cure. And a lot of us just buy vitamins simply because we think we should do, without really knowing what it’s for and what it’s meant to be making up for. A healthy diet with a good dose of fruit and vegetables will certainly go some way to providing all that we need. Beyond that, get some advice before blindly just buying.

  • I have found the absolute best deals on vitamins online. I found one site that has just incredible bargains. Not sure if I should post a link here, let me know if you want me to share it. Chances are you will find it if you are googling for discount vitamins.

  • Don’t overbuy is a highly underrated tip. Many people don’t realize that overtaking supplements don’t do anything good for your body, you just end up excreting them. You’re literally flushing money down the toilet. However, if you’re buying vitamins, definitely make sure they’re safe. Your life is not more important than the few dollars you will save, and that goes with everything.

  • Great article. nearly everyone I know takes some sort of vitamin or supplement and they can be so very expensive. If they are something that you know you will be taking for an extended period definitely consider purchasing in bulk and possible from a reliable online vendor as this can definitely save you money over buying small quantities retail.

  • It is important to check and compare labels before buying vitamins. It is often the case that the value brands contain just as much nutrients as the famous brands. In some cases, they are even made in the same factories. There are certainly savings to be made by taking a little time to compare brands.

  • I don’t really buy vitamins apart from fish oil. I’ve got all the vitamins I need through my diet. Vegetables and fruits can give you all the vitamin requirements you need every day. Take a test to see if you are deficient in something. If not, you’re probably eating a healthy diet.

  • I’m a pure vegetarian, so I don’t get all the vitamins and minerals I need to get from food. In particular, B12 or Methylcobalamin is something vegetarians don’t get from their food. Also, we don’t eat fish, so omega-3 fatty acids are missing again. So, I buy supplements for an all round nutrition. However, people who eat everything, should try to get all nutrients from fresh organic sources as far as possible.

    Because, synthetic vitamins are not only expensive but are not properly absorbed by the body as is from organic sources.

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