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How to Save Money Using the Internet

How to Save Money Using the Internet
Written by Irina Vasilescu

The parents of today’s kids can probably relate to this scenario. There’s a major appliance that you would like to buy but you don’t want to pay too high a price for it. So you scour the stores near your area and list down the prices, choose which one is the lowest, and go back to that store to purchase the item. If you don’t have the time to go from one store to another, you simply keep your fingers crossed to hope that you are getting a good deal.

Another situation is experiencing buyer’s remorse. You see an item that you absolutely must have right then and there, so you buy it. But when you’re browsing another store later on, you realize that the exact item you bought is available for a much lower price. This is the life of a shopper prior to the Internet.

Thanks to the proliferation of online stores and mobiles apps which allow consumers to immediately see and even compare the prices of items, it’s now easier to get the best value for your money. With the help of online stores and price comparison web sites, you can lay out as many buying options as you can before choosing which one you would like to put your money on.

Use the Internet to Save Money!

Aside from saving money when shopping for goods, you can also save money when taking advantage of Internet service, using the Internet. There are additional ways for you to save money when using the Internet, which we will learn more about here.

First, how can you save when subscribing to broadband services or when you’re looking for an Internet Service Provider? Take a look at the following tips:

Determine which kind of Internet service you need

What are you using your Internet connection at home for? If you’re using it for work and you need speedy connection to get in touch with your slew of clients, you may want to get a premium Internet service.

On the other hand, if your goal is to only have Internet which the kids can use when researching for their homework or for you to check your social networking sites and work e-mail, a regular broadband connection should do.

Now, there are a couple of types of Internet service that you can take advantage of. There’s home broadband which is a type of connection that is hard-wired into your house. Also called ADSL, a phone line or DSL line is used to bring Internet connection to your home.

Your second option is to have mobile broadband installed. As compared to home broadband, mobile broadband is less reliable – although you can get it bundled with your existing mobile phone plan for calls and text messages.

If you do need fast connection, do not believe everything that the providers advertise. It is best to conduct a broadband speed test first to determine what you are really getting. Factors such as the equipment used in the exchange, how close you are to the exchange and uptime affect the real speed that you will get from the provider.

You can also perform some do-it-yourself steps to boost the signal and increase the speed of your broadband connection.

Learn about your data limit

When signing up for ISP plans, ask about their data limitations first. Most companies implement download limits and if you do not have an unlimited plan, the cost of your monthly Internet bills will skyrocket.

Let’s say that you are watching one episode of “Game of Thrones” in HD. That is around 1GB worth of download. If you only have a 10GB limit and you are finishing seasons 1, 2 and 3, just imagine how much you would have to pay for the extra charges! If one provider cannot offer you unlimited data limit, look for a different ISP – there are plenty to be found especially if you live in a major city.

Ditch your landline and cable, then look for bundled services

In the US, there are plenty of companies which offer bundled services. If you cannot do without a landline phone, cable TV and Internet, the solution to bring down your monthly bills is to look for bundled services.

If you are paying $10 each for cable, Internet and landline, for example, that is a total of $30 per month in subscription fees. When you take advantage of bundled services, they will usually cost you $5 to $30 less per month. In one year, that amounts to $60 to $360 which is a lot in terms of savings. If you do not need landline, look for bundled packages with only the specific service that you need.

Another thing that you may want to consider is superfast connections of fiber optic services – but they will really cost you. In the end, choosing one is all a matter of what your Internet usage is on a monthly basis. If you do online gaming, if you stream HD movies and videos or if you download large files on a regular basis, the extra cost might be worth it.

Use local Wi-Fi

If you live near or have easy access to a commercial are which is a Wi-Fi hotspot, is there really a need for you to have Internet connection at home? You can simply bring your laptop or tablet computer to the area where there’s free Wi-Fi and connect from there. This way, you can consider going home as a break from the digital world so you can completely relax.

There are many libraries, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants which have free Wi-Fi as well. If you want to know which area is a free Wi-Fi spot or is an open Wi-Fi spot near your home or office, visit WifiFreeSpot or OpenWifiSpots.

Just remember that free Wi-Fi can be a bit slow, it will not let you download large files, and it is not safe to transmit personal information like your bank details over a public network. For these transactions, it is better to have a secure, private connection.

Other Ways to Save Money Using the Internet

Now that you already have an idea about how to save money when subscribing to Internet service, what other ways can you use to save money while using the Internet? Take a look at the following list:

Use the Internet to save money when shopping

As mentioned earlier, the Internet is a godsend when it comes to giving you shopping options. Even if you plan to purchase items from an actual store, the fact that you can use the Internet to have an idea about what the on-going prices are will turn you into a smart shopper.

If you see that a designer dress is cheaper to buy from an online store than its tag price on a mannequin, you can haggle with the sales staff to give you its online price. 

Otherwise, you can simply make your purchase online. There are also plenty of sites which offer discount codes, promo codes and coupons. All these will give you a significant percentage off the items that you wish to purchase – be it online or from physical stores.

Use the Internet to save money when subscribing to services

Aside from Internet, TV and landline services, you can also go online to have an idea about the rates of other types of services. If you are planning a move and you would like to know how much mover A charges as compared to mover B, you can simply go online to get basic price quotations. If you need to switch mobile phone service providers, go online and look for the options that telecommunications companies provide for subscribers like yourself.

Use the Internet to earn more money

If you could use a secondary source of income, you can use the Internet to earn more money. Check out the freelancing websites which offer part time job opportunities for writing, web designing, data entry, etc. If you have an idea for an original product or service, you can also establish your very own online business. The possibilities of how you can earn extra money online are practically endless.

Use the Internet as a price comparison tool

No matter which product or service it is that you wish to take advantage of, you can always use the Internet as a price comparison tool. When shopping for auto insurance, for example, there are websites which specifically pool information from different providers so that you can choose which plan suits your needs the best. There are also online calculators that you can use for practically any kind of service that you are looking for.

Use the Internet to save money when planning a trip

Finally, you can use the Internet to save money when planning a trip. If you wish to head off to a tropical vacation destination, you can go online to look for all-inclusive travel packages. You can also visit websites to compare flights, hotel room accommodation rates, and virtually plan your trip so you’d know what to expect once you get to your destination.

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Irina Vasilescu is our money-saving and DIY expert and also the editor-in-chief as she's always on the lookout for the latest online deals.


  • Great tips here! Using local WiFi is always a great alternative to using a paid mobile data service, provided you’re careful when using it. Also, using the internet to earn money is never a bad idea if you want a bit of income on the side!

    • I’m not much in agreement with the use of public Wi-Fi because most them take in too much information from your device, but if you want to check your stuff real quick it’s a good way to cut some costs on data.

    • Yeah for sure but I think public wifi spots are more common elsewhere than here in Sweden so you would probably have a hard time finding them.

      I do think however that 3G here is cheaper so maybe that balances it out. 🙂

  • For the internet is the Holy Grail when it comes to shopping. It gives you so much options when it comes to online shops and services that are fairly cheaper than what you’ll find in the malls and other stores.

  • Another tip I’ve found is that if you’re lucky enough to have a unlimited data plan on your mobile that allows tethering, use it! For example, if you’re staying in a hotel that charges an absolutely ridiculous price for Wi-Fi (which seems to be most of them, from my experience), tether your phone to your laptop instead of paying for it. If you’re in a large city, it’s generally the same speed, anyway.

    Also, when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, it’s a good idea to use a VPN to help keep everything secure (otherwise it’s very easy for random people to spy on your connection). Hotspot Shield’s a great example of one of these, although it’s ad supported unless you’re wiling to buy the ‘Elite’ version. Does anyone know a good, ad free alternative?

  • I love the internet for price comparisons. Sometimes it’s cheaper to order things to be delivered than it is to go to a store. Especially with free shipping, you don’t only save with gas but also any other impulse buys that you might otherwise get sucked into. With shopping online, you can always see your bill racking up so it makes impulse buys more difficult

  • Great stuff here! I save money in general by ditching my cable and using internet for tv. I also take advantage of local wi-fi to save on my phone data plan. I love that the internet gives people a chance to be entrepreneurs with low risk. Anyone can make their own online business.

    • Cable really is unnecessary unless you watch a ton of TV. Like you said, the internet can be utilized in place of television. I hardly watch it anymore. The only times I do is if someone else is. Everything I need is online whether it be news, comedy, educational, documentaries, etc.

  • Some great tips here! I ditched cable and use Netflix and Hulu. It’s save me over $50 a month, and I’ve gotten rid of my contract-cell phone (chose not to renew). I now have a tracfone and

  • it’s still a smartphone. I don’t pay over $100 a month for it anymore, instead I buy prepaid cards am I still have access to the internet with it. I price match on the internet a lot. Looking for items and then seeing if I can find them through price matches.

  • This article makes a lot of great points. Recently my family went down to one income — and while we really couldn’t afford the extra expense of having the internet at home — my husband is taking college classes and it became a necessity. Also, it has come in so handy having the internet because I am now a stay at home mom … and I work online and actually making a decent amount of money online — which helps us pay the bill and keep our expenses down.

  • The internet is truly one of the most personally empowering inventions known to man. It doesn’t matter what you look like or sound like, you can learn, earn and save from the comfort of your own home.

    I still don’t think that a lot of people fully realize how good and empowering the internet can be for your finances!

  • The internet is one thing I won’t be able to disconnect because I work at home. We did cut our cable off in 2010 and have Netflix. Sometimes if you search youtube you can find whole shows there also or broken into parts. Our internet has no cap thankfully so we don’t need to worry about that. My phone is home a lot so I use the WiFi which helps me not eat up my data. I try to only use data if I am elsewhere with no access to internet.

  • It seems as though internet access is vital for most people. Certainly, the task of comparing suppliers becomes more time consuming and just ends up costing you more in phone calls. Having said that, there are plenty of places which provide free access and these could tide you over for a few days in an emergency, for example if you have been cut off for non-payment.

  • I usually use the Internet to compare prices of products that I am planning to buy. If you use your common sense you can figure out hundreds of ways to save money or even make money using the net. I know that doing anything via a public wi-fi can backfire, so beware.

  • You know I’ve found that to be possible just a few months ago. So many of these tips are absolutely amazing and could help a lot. I know for sure they’ve helped me and investment in it does really and truly help.

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