How to Save Money When Buying New Appliances

How to Save Money When Buying New Appliances
Written by Irina Vasilescu

You’ve been putting off buying a new dishwasher for your kitchen because you’re tight on budget. When a few friends came over for dinner and you had to wash more dishes than usual, it finally gave out on you. Rather than spending the next few days having to manually wash the dirty dishes in your kitchen, it’s more convenient to simply replace the defective dishwasher that you have with a new one.

When buying new appliances for the home, it pays to know which factors to consider so that you can get the best value for your money. In the next sections, we will tell you what these factors are, and dish out tips on how you can save money when buying new appliances.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying New Appliances

Electrical appliances are there to make maintaining a house a lot easier. Heating and cooling appliances make the temperature inside the house comfortable during summer or winter. Light bulbs, lamps and other lighting fixtures serve as illumination for when it gets dark. There are plenty of electrical appliances in the kitchen which are used to store, cook and prepare food.

There are also electrical appliances which are meant to be used for home entertainment. Finally, there are electrical appliances which serve as a useful aid when doing the clean-up in your house, such as vacuum cleaners.

Whether you are buying a new electrical appliance or are looking for a replacement for the existing model that you have, there are a few factors that you should consider including the following:

1. Your budget.

If you have been holding off on buying a new dishwasher because you lack funds, how much should you spend when buying a new one? It’s a good idea to make a comparison of the models available online and from physical stores so that you can decide which one best fits your budget. If brand A is less expensive than brand B which has all the bells and whistles, check on your budget to decide if you can live with the extra features that brand B offers. It’s all a matter of prioritizing which features you really need.

2. The available space.

There’s absolutely no sense in buying a two-door, 8-cubic foot refrigerator if you don’t have the extra space for it in your kitchen. Even if you have the funds to spare in buying a larger model of an electrical appliance, always consider if it will fit the extra space that you have in your home.

3. Energy efficiency.

When buying new appliances, always look for the Energy Star rating. The higher it is, the more energy efficient the electrical appliance would be. Although you might need to spend more initially as compared to a model which is not energy efficient, the cost savings that you will incur in the long run will make the extra cost worth it.

4. Functionality.

If possible, look for electrical appliances which combine one, two, three or even more functionalities. This means that you are getting more value for your money, you’re saving on kitchen counter space, and you would not have to spend as much electricity as you would operating two or three different appliances.

5. Quality.

More importantly, check on the quality of the appliances that you will be purchasing. You really get what you pay for, especially when it comes to the big ticket appliance items for the home. By investing just a bit more on the buying price, you can get a more durable, functional appliance that will last you for a good number of years.

Ways to Save Money when Buying New Appliances

After learning about the factors to consider when buying new appliances for the home, let us take a look at the ways for you to save money when doing so. If you just moved into a new house because your job required you to relocate, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket buying all the electrical appliances needed. So what are the ways for you to save money when buying new appliances for the home? Here are a few tips:

Look for energy efficiency and functionality.

As mentioned earlier, energy efficiency and functionality are a couple of things that you should look for when buying new appliances for the home. If you have to initially invest a couple of hundred dollars for a big ticket appliance which has a high Energy Star rating, you can easily recover that investment through the energy savings that you will incur over the years. Remember that electricity rate constantly increases so having an energy-efficient appliance will go a long way towards cutting back your utility costs.

How about functionality? When you browse through the latest models of appliances, new features are introduced almost every year, but they will really cost you lots of money. But when you consider the extras, they’re simply frills that you can actually do without. Take a refrigerator as an example. Do you really need one with a small screen that has Internet connection? Sometimes, you’d even have to pay extra to purchase a colored refrigerator as compared to a plain, white model. To save money when buying appliances, ditch the unnecessary bells and whistles – and just go with the basics.

Make sure that the appliance is not expensive to maintain.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, there are bagless systems that you can choose over the traditional ones. It may cost you more initially, but consider how much vacuum bags are. If you need to pay $10 for one pack of vacuum bags, how much would that cost you for a year? Compare this with a bagless vacuum cleaner which may be a bit more expensive to buy, but eliminates the costs of buying vacuum bags in the long run.

Other appliances that you should consider the maintenance costs for are humidifiers, air cleaners and air purifiers. Look for models which do not need filter replacements. HEPA filters and vacuum cleaners help clean the indoor air inside your home, so look for these models as well. for cooling appliances like air conditioning units and refrigerators, simply check on the Energy Efficiency Ratio of the appliance.

Look for coupons or discount codes that you can use.

When you visit the official website of appliance manufacturers, you will usually find great deals on coupons which you can get by signing up for newsletters. Take advantage of this, as well as other discounts and promo codes so that you can save money when buying new appliances. Also look for deals like free shipping or delivery. If you are talking to a sales staff at an appliance store, don’t hesitate to negotiate for free shipping or delivery, something that will allow you to save a few significant dollars.

Resist the temptation to overbuy.

You won’t really need a full-sized washer and dryer if you live in a tiny, cramped apartment. If you love cooking and you saw this gorgeous, high-tech oven/stove, do you have the extra space in your kitchen to store it? Even if you have the funds to buy a larger model than you originally intended, always consider if you have the space for storage. Also, buying a larger model will require the appliance to use more electricity to operate. This will end up costing you more in the long run, so resist the temptation to overbuy, no matter how high-tech the appliance is.

Know when to hit the stores for sales.

If you’ve been eyeing a big ticket appliance at a local appliance store in your area, ask the sales staff when they will be holding a sale. Sometimes, you simply need to wait a couple of weeks or so to get the same item at a 25% discounted rate. The official holidays and the end of the year are other times when you can hit the stores for sales, when most appliances are sold at great discounts. The end of the year is particularly important because this is when stores are trying to dispose of their old model items to make way for the new ones.

How about scratch and dent appliances?

There is such a thing as a scratch and dent appliance which, as the name implies, has minor scratches and dents. If you see an appliance model that you like but there’s a minor scratch or dent which could simply have been caused by an accident during delivery, negotiate for a lower price. Just make sure that the scratch or dent is only superficial, and does not affect the performance of the appliance in any way.

Additional ways to save money when buying new appliances.

Cheap knockoffs or virtually unknown brands may be cheaper, but it does pay to look for trusted appliance manufacturers. If you want to save money, simply go for last year’s model instead of buying the new ones. More often than not, that offer of an extended warranty is something that you won’t really need in the long run so don’t bother paying the extra amount. Take advantage of marked down appliances on stores while the sales staff is clearing inventories. By following these tips, you can save money when buying new appliances for the home.

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  • Also may I add. Don’t buy appliances that you have no solid use for. Most people buy appliances that they thought they would use often or they would use once and then they would just dumb it somewhere in the basement because it has no solid everyday use.

    • I agree. I’ve done that once or twice in the past and I regretted it later. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy it now. I might want a Circus Animal Waffle Maker but that doesn’t mean that I will use it like I think I will.

      • I think in those instances it is worth looking at Craigslist to find a used one. Even if you get one that’s slightly crappy, you’ll know that if you find yourself using it all the time and it’s not up to scratch, you can always buy a good one, knowing it’ll be worth it! If you end up never using it… well you can always put it back on Craigslist and let the next person try!

  • Thank you for the tips. I’ll be in the market for a few of the big ones in a few months. Energy efficiency and quality are the most important to me, followed by how it looks. My biggest obstacle saving money is that I often spend more money than I plan to. Hopefully with these tips I’ll stay within my budget.

    • I’m trying to choose appliances that are more energy efficient as well. I’m currently looking for appliances that are affordable, and I hope that they will save money in the long run. I’m trying to get my electric bill to a very small amount but it is taking a lot of work.

  • I would agree to the tips you had posted. All of these are the things that you must be aware of when purchasing brand new appliances. We must consider these things for us not to regret when you already bought appliances that you are not suppose to buy or maybe you rarely use it.For further review try to check this…For further review check out this…

  • It is very important that you think about what you’re doing before you buy anything new for your home, and one of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that you have to remember that you will need to pay to run the machine when you have bought it for your home. You should always think about the energy efficiency. If you know that you’re going to keep the appliance for a long time, then it makes absolute sense for you to spend a little more upfront if you know that it’s going to cost less in the long term. This is the balance that you need to consider before you buy anything.

  • You can kind of tell the energy efficiency of an appliance by how knowing how old the model is. Older models are usually very energy inefficient compared to their modern counterparts; they make more noise and they’re hotter. These are all good signs to look out for.

  • Great tips, especially about signing up for newsletters, they are a great source of info for sales and discounts. Another tip: some utilities offer discounts/rebates if you are buying a new energy-efficient appliance. Check out the website of your local utility company (gas, electric or water) to see if there is one and how to qualify.

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