Important Changes You Have to Make for Spring

Important Changes You Have to Make for Spring
Written by Oana Schneider

Believe it or not, all those greasy and disgusting dishes you’ve been eating all winter long have protected your body from cold, so not all is lost. However, now that spring is here, there are a few changes you have to make in order to get in shape for summer, have a healthy body and raise your energy level.

If that is the case, sausages, ham and bacon are not going to help much, which is why you better pay attention. Plus, unhealthy food, aside from making you gain weight, can lead to elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, cellulite and many other health complications. Make a few changes in your life and you’ll feel and look a lot better within a week!

Eat more fruit

Don’t think this is just a whim: fruit contain a series of nutrients that your body just cannot live without. First of all, there’s vitamin C: as it turns out, strawberries are richer in this important substance than lemons! Bananas are rich in potassium and iron, and so are green leaves life spinach, Brussels sprouts or kale.

Instead of eating ice cream, try an apple or a peach! Plus, if you are trying to lose weight, your new best friend should be grapefruit. Studies revealed that smelling the skin on this fruit alone can make you lose weight, so better stock up on it! However, there are a few things you should keep in mind: avoid citric fruits if you’re suffering from irritable bowel, gastritis or sore throat.

Important Changes You Have to Make for Spring

Spring Salads Are Fresh And Full Of Vitamins!

Drink more water

When it comes to drinking more water, most people are worried that they would have to use the bathroom more often, like that’s a problem! Your body needs liquids to eliminate the unnecessary toxins in your body. This is why our sweat smells bad: we don’t drink enough water, forcing our body to concentrate as much toxins as possible in a little amount of liquid.

Plus, the weather is getting warmer, which means that dehydration is going to be a real problem from now on. The heat causes your body to sweat a lot more often, which means that the other internal mechanisms are put on hold: you need water to be able to move your muscles, to pump fresh blood, to irrigate your lungs and to keep your brain in top shape. A glass of water every hour could do wonders for a weakened body!

Avoid alcohol and coffee

We know that there are many coffee lovers out there. We are not saying you’re on the wrong path or anything, but if you like drinking coffee and alcohol, you have to be prepared for a series of health problems, especially during the warm season: fainting, dehydration, heart problems, headaches and so on.

In case you didn’t know, both coffee and alcohol behave like a permanent combustion for your organism, burning all your water supplies. That’s why almost everybody who orders coffee also buys a bottle of water. Just to be safe, avoid these two substances at all cost and you’re feel a lot better in a short time.

Eat Red Meat Every Now and Then

Yes, everybody thinks that red meat is the absolute evil when it comes to foods, but that’s not true unless you dream of pork chopsticks every night and eat them every day! We all need animal protein to give us strength and to ensure proper reflexes from our body. Without this protein, you’ll feel lazy and moody most of your time.

We don’t judge people who choose to be vegetarians or avoid red meat for good, we’re simply saying that, medically speaking, red meat is good for your body. A thin slice of barbecued pork once a week is really not a bad idea!

Consider Fish Dishes

For some reason, people eat less and less fish, when this is probably the best kind of meat (yes, it is meat!) you could consume. It may not contain a lot of vitamins, but what about the iron, the antioxidants and all the good fats in it? They are perfect for your body! Most people don’t like buying fish and preparing it at home because there are too many bones, they don’t want their kitchen to smell like fish and so on!

Like making it smell like beef is better! Plus, you can buy it file, but it’s quite expensive. This is why we present to you a tutorial on how to skin and debone a fish, courtesy of famous chef Gordon Ramsay:

Forget all about carbs!

OK, maybe you really enjoy those greasy burgers and chunky wedges, but they are so bad for you! First of all, unlike other food compounds, aren’t easily absorbed by your organism, which means that you eat more carbs than your body can process, which can only lead to weight gain. Other than that, your body uses many good vitamins to process carbs, which means that, while trying to assimilate them, a lot of water and crucial nutrients are being wasted.

It’s like trying to burn to ashes a rock by using a handful of matches. Plus, carbs only clog your system in the warm season by consuming your vitamins and therefore your energy. Replace burgers, potatoes, pasta, rice with vegetables, fruits, flavored water and different types of seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.).

Find fresh herbs and add them to your diet

Spring would be nothing without all its delicious herbs, so go looking for them! If you live in the country side or just happen to own a property by the woods, even better!

You can pick them yourself or buy them from a trusted provider, just to make sure there’s no health risk! But let’s start with the beginning: there are herbs that you can find in the road cracks, like dandelion, which can be used to prepare a delicious salad (it tastes a lot like rucola). Other herbs can be used for tea infusions or to prepare soap: chamomile, lavender etc.

However, if you haven’t lived around herbs, it’s best to purchase them from a trusted provider in order to eliminate any risks. Also, you can drive up to a farm and ask someone to point out the good herbs around the area. If you trust them enough and can really rely on their expertise, label everything and take them with you.

Although the weather is getting warmer and you feel like a cold drink would be more appropriate, that’s not true: the hotter the better, so you might be drinking more tea than you expected!

Start jogging

Every morning, no excuses! Put on a pair of running shoes, take your music with you and make sure to wear a pair of comfy pants (preferably yoga pants, 100% cotton, no polyester!).

Start jogging early in the morning, before people start going to work: this way, you’ll have the road to yourself, you don’t have to worry about people making fun of the way you walk, you revitalize your entire body before the most exhausting part of the day, which is your work, and you give your lungs a good chance to breathe the fresh air, not to mention pump really clean blood to all your veins.

You should avoid jogging at night, when you are still tired and the whole process will only make things worse. If you have a good friend that’s willing to tag along, even better! 

Important Changes You Have to Make for Spring

Spring Is The Best Time To Start Jogging Again!

Replace generic sweets with homemade goodies

There is a reason generic cookies taste so good: not only they contain a lot of preservatives and unnatural ingredients, but they are also very rich in sugar. Any ideas why that is? Well, aside from all the chemicals added to make sure the product doesn’t go bad, the extra sugar is there to make sure the cookie tastes good no matter what.

If homemade goods go bad when you leave them in the sun, for example, factory-made sweets still taste better because they are about 90% sugar! Imagine what that does to your body! Plus, you can choose how much sugar to add to your cookies and so on. No need to eat more sugar than your body needs! Besides, who said you can’t get your sugar intake from fruit? Be smart about your food choices!

Eat a small plate of food 5 times a day

Yes, that’s how big your meals need to be! You may not know this, but it takes your brain 30 min to realize that the stomach is full, which means that, in this half an hour you’ll keep eating until you feel like you’re stuffed. The golden rule is this: eat diverse, eat little and more often, sleep well, drink a lot of water and be active! Plus, you don’t have to beat yourself over every single extra pound that you have.

Treat everything in a relaxed way and results will show up shortly! Enjoy spring and a healthier lifestyle!

About the author

Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • Definitely include more healthy fish into your diet, perhaps every meal of the day besides breakfast. Avoid fish that are known to be packed with more mercury than is considered safe to eat on a regular basis. As spring comes along, the fish are only going to start tasting better and more fresh, so you’ll want to throw these healthy items into your meals whenever possible!

  • I really make it a point to eat at least three different kinds of fruits everyday. Mostly apples, bananas, oranges, the more common ones. I also agree about drinking a lot of water; it’s the only way to counter most our diets’ high sodium intake. As for exercise, it’s best if we do it everyday, but pace yourselves.

  • Fruits are so cleansing, plus they help curb cravings for less healthy forms of sugar, like those generic sweets. I also try to eat a few daily servings, not just in spring but year-round. They are especially refreshing during the warm periods of the year, so my intake does go up.

    I personally choose not to eat red meat, but I agree that it can be okay in moderation. I do enjoy fish, though, and I find my body does function better when I eat animal proteins a few times a week. Though if I did want to eliminate meats of any kind, I would replace them with eggs.

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