Quote: It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.

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“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.” ~  Charles A. Jaffe

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  • Day in an day out, a time-tested truth continually makes itself known when dealing with money matters. You can’t ever hope to become rich without being financially literate and responsible. A lot or people who’ve gotten easy money have squandered their fortunes because of this reason. Be informed. The internet is resource for everything; start reading up on saving and investing. It will pay dividends (literally) in the long run.

  • It’s both, no? It’s like weight — you can say that it’s about the calorie intake or the calories burned, but in the end, it’s about eating smart and exercising healthily, so that no matter what is done, there is a good balance of in/out — the same as with money!

  • Absolutely. I agree with this because simply having money in your bank or numbers, while not working on spending it and actually getting things that are more of value than numbers and paper, you would actually be wiser to do that.

  • On behalf of my family, I can identify myself with this quote. We got into big debt because we found every “want-to-buy” item an excuse to “need” it even when in reality and necessity, we didn’t. We paid for our huge mistake for allowing ourselves to be into debt.

    Lessons learned. And we feel good to be saving up for something we truly need, for instance, dental treatments. I’m happy to pay out dentist almost $1,500 in cash. We feel rich!

  • I’m going to make this quote my new motto for 2016. When I was working in a high salary paid job I would just ‘spend’, ‘spend’, ‘spend’ whilst my friends who were earning considerably less than me had savings and thus able to book vacations using their ‘hard earned cash’ unlike me who relied on my credit cards.

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