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Money-Saving Secrets You Need to Know Before Shopping at Kohl’s

Kohl's Shopping Strategies
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Kohl’s: the store where you never have to pay the full price for ANYTHING. That’s right, with multiple ways to save at Kohl’s, you are almost sure of some pretty deep discounts, but before you go crazy and hit Kohl’s for a spree, check out all the money saving tips. The more you save, the better it gets, right?

Let’s begin with the basics before moving on to some little-known secrets that only the smartest shoppers know!

1. Before You Shop, Visit the Website for Promo Codes and Scope the Deals

Get this: just visiting Kohl’s website could set you up with a promo code that will score you a discount. For example, Kohl’s recently offered a 20 percent discount to anyone, paying using any method, as long as they had the promo code.

Kohl's Shopping Strategies

2. Use Mail-In Rebates for Discounts and Free Stuff

How would you like to buy something and then get a rebate check in the mail – or even something extra for free? Again, staying in touch with the store and checking out its website will help you to plan your purchases and check out all the offers. Choose the one that gives you the most value.

3. Planning a Spree? Sign Up for the Newsletter!

As long as you live in the US, you can get 15 percent off your next purchase at Kohl’s. How will you do that? Simply sign up for the newsletter. And by the way, that newsletter will keep you alerted to all the special offers. That alone should be incentive enough, but that 15 percent off anything and everything you buy next time you’re shopping at Kohl’s is a super-cool bonus.

4. Seriously. Use your Kohl’s Cash!

Kohl’s cash is probably one of the biggest shopping incentives out. You get it in exchange for every purchase of $48 to $50 during special Kohl’s cash collecting periods. And guess what? If you shop twice for a total of $48 to $50 dollars, you can combine your receipts and still get your Kohl’s cash. After all, $10 is worth getting.

5. Buy Online and Collect at the Store

You can redeem coupon codes for online purchases at Kohl’s – but what about the shipping? No problem! Simply collect your goods and you get the discount without having to pay for shipping. Sweet deal.

Kohl's Shopping Strategies

6. Get a Kohl’s Card, but Be Disciplined

Kohl’s has its own credit card. You can only use it at Kohl’s, but a lot of the best offers are only available to card holders. There are even bonus discounts just because you applied for a card, so give it a whirl. Now, the trick is to have your card, but pay down your balance before the end of the billing cycle. If you don’t, the very high APR will kick in. Be warned!

7. Remember the Price Match Deal

If you find something identical to what’s offered at Kohls for a lower price elsewhere (but not online), Kohl’s will match it. Be sure to bring proof such as an advertisement along. There are some limitations such as not matching buy one get one free offers or clearance sale prices.

If you find a price for Kohl’s to match, you can still use a coupon for extra discount, but the discount value is capped at 15 percent.

8. Buy at Full Price, Get the Marked Down Offer

You’re kicking yourself because you bought an item at full price at Kohl’s only to find it marked down a week later. Nasty! Not necessarily. If you still have your receipt, you can go and claim your discount even though you bought the product before it was marked down.

9. Get Crazy Clearance Offers and a Discount

Clearance starts at 60 percent off and is then continuously marked down up to a crazy 90 percent off! Sounds nice? It gets better! If you have a coupon or Kohl’s cash, you can use it to make your purchase even cheaper.

10. Watch the Tags for Genius Savings

Kohl's Shopping Strategies

Those digital tags that Kohl’s uses to show prices have an added piece of info for those in the know. Look in the top right hand corner. If there’s a square shape there, that’s as low as the price is going to get. “GV” at the top right means this offer is only available for a short period, while “S” means its on sale and will be for one or two weeks. “NM” means that by tomorrow, that price may have dropped even further!

11. Use Coupons Plus Kohl’s Cash (or Just the Coupon)

Kohl’s offers some very worthwhile coupons, but be sure to check all the terms and conditions. While you can use your Kohl’s cash on absolutely anything you buy, Kohl’s does put exclusions on its coupons. Did you use your coupon? If you have Kohl’s cash, you can add it into the purchase.

12. Stack Four Coupons at Once

Not all stores are open to stacking, but Kohl’s is  – as long as you stick to the recipe. Here’s how it works for online shoppers:

  • Use a sitewide coupon code. That means it covers everything you buy.
  • Add your department-specific coupons to the equation. Kohl’s will accept coupons for up to four DIFFERENT departments with one purchase.
  • Now add your Kohl’s cash or Yes2You rewards.
  • Put the cherry on the top with your free shipping code.

13. Yes2You

Store loyalty cards are always worth having and Kohl’s Yes2You card is no exception. OK, so it’s only 5 percent cash back in the end, but this goes onto every dollar you spend whether you pay cash or use a credit or debit card. But (as they say in all the ads) there’s more. Having your loyalty card qualifies you for a whole bunch of extra offers. That includes your special birthday discount. Yay! Spoil yourself.

Kohl's Shopping Strategies

14. Use Kohl’s WiFi in Store

Just using the WiFi could get you some extra discounts, so give it a try. It could be well worth the little effort it takes.

15. Check Competitor Prices on Electronics and Shoes

Kohl’s has great clothing and kitchen appliance prices, but its electronics and shoes may not be the best deal. However, you could get lucky with a price match, so be sure to check ads. Remember, you get the price match AND you can get store card bonuses or use Kohl’s cash.

16. Use Your Gift Registry Option

Getting married? About to throw a baby shower? Take a closer look at Kohl’s. You’ll get cool benefits when your friends buy your favorite things as gifts for you at Kohl’s. Oh, and if your friends don’t buy everything on the list, you can qualify for a discount if you decide to buy them for yourself.

17. Time Your Purchases

Kohl's Shopping Strategies

The very best bargains of the week are available from 3 pm on Fridays to 1 pm on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. If you shop online, shopping hours are extended.

18. Shop on Wednesdays if You’re 55 or Better

Older adults get special discounts on Wednesdays. It’s a nice, quiet time to shop, so if you like avoiding crowds and qualify, then that’s your day to shop at Kohl’s.

19. Ship Gifts for Free

Did you know that buying at the kiosks in store means you can get free shipping? There is absolutely no reason to pay for postage on a gift you buy for a friend or family member!

20. Watch Out for Returns – You Could Lose Your Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s has a very liberal returns policy, but there’s just one problem: you could lose your Kohl’s cash if your purchase goes below the threshold. Before you return, be sure that it’s going to be worth your while to do so.

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Kohl's Shopping Strategies

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