• “Life is like riding a bicycle to keep you balance you must keep moving” . It is truth. We have to keep going in order to feed our families.The other way, life is movement. otherwise, we are ill. As we know “Human Involution” .

  • Absolutely! Keep going! Don’t give up. The only way to fail is to stand still. Everything else can be fixed and improved upon. even if you’re moving slowly, you’re still moving! Keep going 🙂

  • That’s a god analogy. Just like biking sometimes you do have to slow down though, or you risk a serious wreck. Never let someone else make you take a pace that you aren’t comfortable with or you’ll likely be the one getting hurt.

  • Very true, I agree with this. We need to keep moving in order to get ahead, make goals, look after ourself and our family. But yes don’t let someone force you into a pace you do not like.

  • This is one advice I definitely agree with. Stagnation can kill you, sometimes even literally. Progress has always been the ideal theme of most people’s lives, as they judge their lives through their progress. No one is ever really contented, although a lot of people say they are. Now there’s a trick to spot potential liars!

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