Money Saving Ideas for Workout People

Money Saving Ideas for Workout People
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Losing weight can not only make you lose your mind but also lose your hard earned cash. In an effort to trim your waistline, you may end up trimming your wealth more, leaving your waistline chubby. Here are a few money saving tips that can help you save money while you lose weight.

With rising health consciousness it may be trendy to invest into your body shape, but make sure you are not burning away your dollars instead on calories in your weight loss program. But do not lose heart because overspending is not the key to losing the extra pounds. In fact it is just the opposite.

Being moderate in your spending can, in fact, make you more in tune with nature and make you lose your unwanted flab slowly but surely. Here are a few tips that can help you save money while you are on a weight loss program. Check out these money saving ideas for work out people:

1. Invest in understanding your root cause of weight gain

The first basic step to get best results is to understand the root cause of your weighty issue. It could be a sedentary lifestyle, your poor diet or it could be your hormones that have slowed down your metabolism..

Only after understanding the core reason behind your weight gain with the help of medical tests advised by a physician or a nutritionist, decide on signing up for a relevant weight loss program. Throwing shots in the dark may make you lose a few pounds initially, but the bounce back may put you down not only in your spirit but also your bank balance.

2. Invest in a program that is sustainable

It is tempting to follow fads and sign up for every new weight loss program in town. This would only make you lose weight from your wallet.

Save yourself the pain of investing into harsh workouts and crash diets that are not sustainable in the longer run. Weight loss requires a lifestyle change and a change in approach towards food and physical exercise for a lifetime. These extreme steps will only make you waste away your dollars.

3. Deciding on your gym

Many people get lured by expensive gyms with flashy equipment, uniformed trainers and facilities, but keep in mind these money saving ideas and change your life for ever! However what good is the state-of-the art gym is you do turn up there as often as you are required to.

A healthy money saving tip is to choose a gym closer to your home or office where you can walk down. So you no longer have the excuse of missing the gym due to lack of time and you also end up saving on you gas bill

Another good tip is to join a gym where your healthy friends workout. Being in their company would keep you motivated and these gym buddies could also split the gas bill with you.

Generally bigger gyms encourage you hire personal trainers for personal attention after signing up. These trainers charge exorbitant fees on hourly basis or per session basis. A smart tip is to invest your time and money in your friendly neighbourhood gym that maybe small but the floor trainers give your sufficient attention to get you results at no extra cost.

4. Use home videos for a personalized workout session

If you are tight on both time and money, you can use home videos for personalized workout sessions. Instead of buying these videos, you can also watch various workout videos on YouTube and get a variety of workout routines that can help you get results at no or little cost.

5. Best things come for free

Instead of investing into a treadmill or a gym, enjoy free nature walks that invigorate you. Join running, cycling or walking clubs or communities. The interaction with like-minded focused people would not only save you many dollars but would also pep up your social calendar leaving your little time to gorge.

6. Don’t change your wardrobe as soon as you drop a size

You may be tempted to go out for wardrobe shopping the minute you drop a jean size. But these new pieces may go waste as you are likely to drop more jean sizes soon. To avoid this wasteful expenditure one of the coolest money saving ideas would be to borrow clothes from your like sized friends or family, till you reach your desired shape.

7. Use free internet apps to track your program

Many walkers and runners like to invest into pedometers and other such equipment to count their steps and speed while walking or running. You may not longer do so as many free applications on Google Play and Apple store help you do just that for free.

Some of these free applications also help you maintain a food journal and monitor your weight loss progress.

8. Do your own chores

Are you lazy and like to hire people to do your household chores? It is time to kick some serious butt and do your own chores instead of using hired services that eat into your monthly budget. List down all the hired services that you spend on. These could be car wash, home painting, gardening etc. take up some of these tasks and work off that extra flab.

9. Eat less and eat right

When it comes to eating, there are many money saving ideas, but make sure you pick the best ones. Budgeting and planning your meals and groceries can not only help you save dollars but can also cut off extra calories from your plate. Make a few replacements in your diet with options that are cheaper as well as healthier.

Use healthy eggs instead of high cholesterol meat for breakfast. Replace your social drinks with water instead of alcohol. End your day with a hearty soup for dinner.

Practice portion control as eating too much of a good thing is also not good for your physical and financial health. Invest in weights to be very sure of your portions and calorie intake. Use smaller plates to cut down portions for yourself.

Maintaining a food journal is known to be a great way to measured eating.

A great money saving tip is to make your own vegetable garden, which not only gives you the best seasonal vegetables at the best price, but also helps you lose calories by digging the dirt.

10. Budget your grocery shopping

Use cash for grocery shopping and keep different stashes of cash for different categories of you daily supplies like vegetables, oil, milk, cereal etc. this will prevent you from getting tempted to pick up alluring items like cookies, chocolates and ice-cream.

Some think that investing into an expensive weight loss program would drive them to make it work, but industry statistics prove other wise. So invest into a lifestyle change for your family, don’t give in to alluring fads and make your dollar run a mile! Try these money saving ideas and enjoy the wonderful results!

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  • “Invest in understanding the root of your weight gain.” What a great point. It is so important to me personally because at times I gain a lot of weight and then other times I will go back up. I have thrown out a lot of nice pants because I thought I would never wear them again, just to go back down a size and not have anything to wear since I tossed everything. I am an emotional eater, so I really do need to take note of why the weight gain comes and goes. Good article.

  • This is a post that has a lot of great tips. I am in the process of losing weight and I can use these tips. I am guilty of buying clothes when I go down a size, gaining back the weight, and then not being able to fit into my new clothes. When I do lose weight I will be going to a thrift store for clothing until I get down to a weight I am comfortable with.

  • Home gym was one of my best investments, and I don’t even really need a lot considering most of the exercise I do is body weight. I bought a set of used dumbbells online, and it was so much cheaper than a monthly gym membership. I’ve also started to eat less, and not only do I feel healthier, but I’m also saving money without starving myself. Love this article!

  • This article is really opportune for me right now because losing weight is my number one New Year’s resolution and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do so in the most cost-effective way possible. I especially love the ideas of using home work out videos and exercising outside instead of automatically rushing to a gym. There are even free workout videos you can use online now and this is a reminder to me to take advantage of those! The tips about incorporating a budget into your grocery shopping are also very useful- thanks!

  • I do not go to a gym period. We have an exercise bike which helps. But I also just go for walks, we have a walking track about 5 minutes from here. I also just use youtube. On youtube you can find some good and free workout videos and resources.

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