Most Popular Black Friday Deals

Best Black Friday Deals
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Held every year the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is one of the most highly-anticipated shopping holidays. It’s something that shoppers look forward to because despite the long lines, the much-awaited openings and the chaos inside stores, it is the only time when you can grab consumer electronics and other items at low, low prices.

Most practical moms even save up for this holiday because of the huge savings that they can enjoy. In the next sections, we will be dishing out tips on how you can make the most out of Black Friday deals, and which stores, in particular, offer the best rates during the shopping holiday.

Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Black Friday Deals

Before counting down the stores which offer the best Black Friday deals, let us first dish out tips on how you can make the most out of them. Just because this shopping holiday is dubbed by retailers as the best day when you can get the lowest prices for so and so items, it does not necessarily mean that every item has a lower-than-usual sticker price.

When stores like Walmart or Target publish ads for 50% to 70% off on all their products, there are usually a limited number of stocks. Once they are all sold out, the prices would more or less go back to normal. What you can do as a shopper is to know what the regular prices are in the first place.

If you are looking for a specific brand and model of a Smart TV, for example, and you see that it is on sale on Black Friday at $500 lower than the usual price – then that is definitely a great deal. On the other hand, if you see that the price tag is just a few dollars off, you might want to save your money for other items that will give you more savings.

If your goal while doing your Black Friday shopping is to complete your gifts list for Christmas, do make a list. Write down the names of individuals whom you will give Christmas presents to. Opposite their names, write down an idea of the item that you will give. Is it a book, electronics, clothes, accessories, knickknacks, etc.? In order for you not to go over budget, it also pays to set a limit amount for each present.

It would not do to start the New Year in debt, no matter how great those Black Friday deals are. Check out the online ads in advance and think beyond the holiday gifts. If you have a home office, you may want to purchase new office supplies, furniture and equipment during Black Friday when the prices are lower. Aside from giving you great deals, this step will also give you tax advantages come April 15.

Perhaps the most important tip to remember if you would like to make the most out of Black Friday deals is that you should check out what the other stores have in store for you. Again, go comparison shopping because it is highly likely that Store A offers better rates for electronic items than Store B or vice versa. Doing your research in advance will help you a lot in deciding whether to go for a particular purchase or not.

Counting Down the Most Popular Black Friday Deals

Now, here is a list of the most popular Black Friday deals that you may want to check out:


AmazonIncluded in the top ten worldwide websites, is the leading online retailer where you can get almost everything – from e-books to computers, television sets to washing machines, or clothes to exercise equipment.

For Black Friday this year, the site offers great deals from the third week of November all the way to Thanksgiving. They have sales on electronics, DVDs at a steal, toy bargains, magazine subscriptions, clothes, shoes, jewelry and a lot more.

Aside from the low, low prices that you can enjoy on goods during Black Friday which lasts for practically the whole month, they did the same thing for Cyber Monday which extends to an entire week of sales and discounts.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday week begins on November 28th. Amazon is an excellent store for those who want a one-stop-shop for sales, while quickly taking advantage of fast-selling Lightning Deals.

Best Buy

Best BuySpecializing in consumer electronics, Best Buy is perfect for shoppers who like seeing Black Friday ads in advance so that they can take advantage of door buster deals. For the previous years, the hottest deals offered by Best Buy include the newest Samsung Galaxy phones HDs, Smart TV’s, an entire Apple shopping event and ultra-cheap laptop computers.

For this year, some of their Black Friday doorbusters include up to 50% off select Polk audio and Sony speakers, the Insignia 32″ Class LED HDTV for only $90, and the Ilumi – A19 Bluetooth LED Smartbulb – Multicolor for only $34.99.

Their online sale starts from Thanksgiving and the next day, while their brick-and-mortar shops open at 5 pm Thursday and 8 am Thursday for Thanksgiving 2016.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bad, Bath & BeyondAs you may already know, Bed, Bath & Beyond sells goods which are mainly used for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room.

For their 2016 Black Friday ad, the company revealed that it offers free shipping on orders over $29, up to 15% off in the furniture department and up to $100 off sitewide! In addition, you can shop in the stores directly with 20% off everything! Doors open at 6 am.


eBaySure, eBay may not necessarily be qualified as a retailer – but this bidding/shopping site is an excellent place to check out great deals for Black Friday.

There are going to be huge discounts for Black Friday, up to 50% off  electronics, gadgets, and clothes. The site has a great selection of low-priced stuff that you can take advantage of, and the sale goes well into Cyber Monday.

Fred Meyer

Fred MeyerThe recently-released Fred Meyer Black Friday ad consists of 50% off socks for your entire family and other more sweet deals and door busters.

Stores open at 5 am but you need to be fast because most items are only available with limited stocks. Clothes, couches with $400 off and the BOGO sale for all board and card games are the best items that you can buy from this store.


GameStopThe Black Friday deals from GameStop are available online and for a limited time only, so time your purchases fast & properly.

When you go in-store, they are sold on a first come, first served basis. They are going to give to the first 100 customers a Yo-Kai Watch Serie One, T-shirts for only $2 and a great selection of video games for only $9.99. This is why this store is a favorite among gamers and those who are looking for gifts for gaming addicts!

Navy Exchange

Navy ExchangeIf you’re looking for reasonably-priced luxury gifts for your family, Navy Exchange is the store to visit. For Black Friday 2016, they offer $223  off on Samsung LED HDTVs, designer handbags, chocolates, boots for only $14 and even toys.



Selling gadgets, computer hardware/software, consumer electronics and similar goods, Newegg is the perfect shopping destination for those who cannot click on those Amazon flash deals enough.

For 2016, the Black Friday event consists more of powerful deals. They have the newest LG 4K Smart TV on sale for $399.99, for gamers, there is the Think Centre Desktop Computer for $399.99 and the Dell monitor is 50% off.  

Instead of having customers camp out of their local department store’s grounds for several days just to find the best bargains, they can simply go online to get great deals. Newegg sells low-priced computers, laptops, tablet computers, TVs and similar gadgets on their site.

Sam’s Club

Sam's ClubBlack Friday starts early at Sam’s club on Thanksgiving Day! Offering free shipping as part of the sweet deal, Sam’s Club’s Black Friday deals are pretty sweet. Check out their low-priced goods like TVs, Christmas decor, toys for the kids, gadgets and items for the home. You can either shop online or in-store – doors open at 7 am.

Tiger Direct

TigerDirectIs your husband looking forward to replacing your tiny television set in the bedroom with a huge Smart TV? Tiger Direct is the best place to visit because they have excellent rebates for consumer electronic purchases.

You can also take a look at the other deals they have, including ones for mobiles phones, tablet computers, cameras, laptops with a great discount and other types of gadgets. If you want to shop at Tiger Direct you need to be an early bird, because the door will open at 5 am!


WalmartIf you’re the type of shopper who usually cannot be bothered checking out the sales during Cyber Monday, then shopping at Walmart is definitely for you. They will start Black Friday earlier by a day, on Thanksgiving, and promise you huge discounts on thousands of products!

Some of the items that they sell include apparel, footwear and almost everything that you can find from hypermarkets, supercenters, superstores, and supermarkets.

The other perks they offer for this shopping holiday include free shipping and free in-store pickup. If you’re looking forward to scoring a sweet deal on Smart TVs, iPads and smartphones, you should definitely check out what Walmart has to offer.

Specialty Stores Offering Black Friday Deals

Modell’s is offering up to 50% off this Black Friday, Pier 1 is packed full of great deals on gifts and home décor, Toys’R US are going to give also 50% off a great selection of toys for early Christmas present gifts, and Ashley HomeStore celebrates being home with you with 50% off home décor.

BOSE is taking the lead this Black Friday offering huge discounts of up to 50% off everything and Sears will give you up to 49% off big appliances.

All the retail establishments in the US have some sort of sale on-going for Black Friday. As long as you know what to look for and by doing your research in advance, you can have an armful of shopping bags purchased at low, low prices during the big Black Friday sale.

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Most Popular Black Friday Deals

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  • Black Friday is a great time to grab deals on electronics! I end up doing a ton of my Christmas shopping each year around this time and leverage these sales to grab some good deals on the big ticket items like mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

    There are some sites that pull sale information and compile it so you can get the lowest price on a particular product at a glance. I’m in Canada, so I use something like which lets me find the best price quickly and then from there I can compare for price matching and what not. It’s saved me plenty of money in the past – I’m sure with a bit of searching there are US options available as well.

    • I agree that Black Friday is the best time to get electronic deals. There are so many great deals online and in stores out there. I particularly had a good experience when buying video games and systems, they pretty much have great deals out there for a certain amount of time. In past Black Friday’s, when they were actual Black Fridays, I would get up and be at the store at 5 or 6 a.m. shop for a few hours and then head off to work.

  • I feel like Black Friday shopping online is definitely a better experience. I’m not a big fan of crowds, and I am most certainly not a fan of shoving people around just for some cheap material good. I’m really glad that most places, like the ones you posted such as Amazon and Best Buy, offer online alternatives. These items are the same wherever you buy them (maybe even cheaper in person), so you might as well buy them online. Sure, there is shipping and what not, but it’s essentially the same as you would pay for gas or parking.

    • Amazon is perhaps the only retailer that offers great Black Friday shopping deals online. For regular stores like Walmart and Best Buy, you’ll never find deals that are as great as the bigger doorbuster deals. Cyber Monday offers won’t even match such deals in some cases, although the doorbusters for in store purchases are so great because people are more likely to buy more items in the store right then and there.

      • You can typically find some retailers that do great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday online, but you’ll be looking at specialized retailers that only sell a particular type of product. In the case of electronics, Newegg does some pretty great deals, as does NCIX. I think Dell has some pretty amazing deals too.

        You’re right though, for the most part, the larger retailers that carry a large variety of items won’t have amazing deals, but you can sometimes find something lurking if you check out their sale pages.

  • I do like some of the deals on televisions for Black Friday, but the main issue is that the ones that are like, “40” LCD TV for $199″ are actually for lesser brands rather than the top brands. The true value for Black Friday TVs comes from the 40-50″ options that cost $500 to $700 because you’ll get a brand name television, and this is one of those instances where brand definitely matters more often than not.

  • I honestly think that online black friday shopping is the best way to go – I have a newborn and I obviously cannot take her into those busy crowded stores so it’s much easier to do my shopping in my pjs when she is taking her afternoon nap.

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