Nike Flyknit Air Max – Innovation and Comfort

Nike Flyknit Air Max- Innovation And Comfort
Written by Oana Schneider

Name: Nike Flyknit Air Max
Price: $190- $250
Availability: Men and Women

Why Nike Flyknit Air Max?

This very innovative pair of shoes combines the comfort that could make you walk for miles with the amazing technology provided by NIKE engineers. This is how the Flyknit Air Max was born: no more discomfort for your feet, no more callus, no more sore feet! This new pair of shoes brings full support on top without hurting your toes, holds everything in place thanks to a special fabric and helps you walk on clouds thanks to a durable and soft bottom designed to offer support to any runner without damaging a single cell from your feet!

Nike Flyknit Air Max- Innovation And Comfort

Another thing we love about these shoes: they come in numerous color combinations to match any jogging outfit you could think of. The tip of the shoe is tilted upwards so that there’s less pressure on the bottom of your feet. The Flyknit Air Max shoes have a flexible two-tone bottom that’s airy and made out of special fabric developed by Nike engineers (this one also comes in many colors).

Where to find them?

You can buy them online, from the Nike Store, for any other Nike location or simply enter our GIVEAWAY and win a pair of Flyknit Air Max shoes in the size and color of your choice!

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  • Oh god, they look awesome. I am a sucker for trainers, as I work out a lot, but I like ones that are stylish as well as technical. I haven’t seen this in the UK but I am going to take a look online and see if they are available.

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