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Simple Ways to Save Money on Social Media

Ways Social Media Can Save You Money
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Social media is more than just a way to stay in touch with old friends and family. You can actually use it to save money! So if you’re one of those people who thinks social media are just platforms for wasting time, think again!

Follow favorite brands and stores to get great deals

A lot of businesses don’t even bother with print advertising when they’re offering a discount or planning to run a special offer. Why should they when they can advertise for free on social media? This applies especially to smaller businesses such as restaurants, so be sure to check their updates regularly if you’re planning a night out.

Flash sales are also a social media phenomenon. You could find a sudden surprise offer on everything from your favorite clothing brand to consumer electronics – just don’t allow yourself to be tempted with something you don’t really need.

Search hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags are a great way to track down deals ‘#Sale’, ‘#SpecialOffer’, ‘#Coupon’, ‘#Deal’, or ‘#Discount’ are great hashtags to search when you’ve got a spare moment to go bargain hunting with your smartphone. Don’t forget to try ‘#Freebies’ – you may be in luck!

Follow other bargain-hunters

The twitter ID @DontPayFull will keep you updated on the latest deals without you having to go hunting on your own account.


Companies want to know if people are really paying attention to their posts, and they’re hoping to extend their reach. Some will offer discounts or run competitions in exchange for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Others may be interested in your opinion and offer you a small discount for completing a survey.


Just telling a store manager you aren’t too happy with the service or the product you bought may get you short shrift, but if you complain publicly on social media, they’ll be eager to be seen as the heroes of the day. After all, thousands could be seeing your complaint, and they don’t want a public relations disaster. You could get replacement goods, discounts or refunds, or even a combination of these, so venting your frustrations can pay off.

Refer friends for rewards

We usually tell our friends about good buys and great products as a matter of course, but some online stores will offer you discounts in exchange for referrals. Obviously, you’re only going to do that when you’re onto something good, so your friends won’t mind.

Get Foursquare

This app will let you know when there are great deals and special offers. It alerts you by sending a message to your phone and your Facebook account so that you won’t miss out. Get deals on everything from retail stores to flights and collect coupons for free.

You can download it from here.

Borrow money interest-free

Obviously, you shouldn’t try this too often, but if you’re in dire straits, a friend might be willing to give you a short-term, interest-free loan to tide you over. Just post your need on social media and see what comes up.

Get a ride

Looking for a shared ride to work or to another city? Once again, posting on Facebook could be the solution to your problem. Anyone who is offering you a ride won’t be looking to make a profit, so you could get a free ride or just pay your share of the gas.

Get new ideas

Pinterest is a great place for getting and sharing money-saving ideas. From home crafts and gift ideas to money saving recipes or creative ways to keep your kids busy, you can get plenty of cost-saving ideas for free.

You can check out our Pinterest account @DontPayFull for more money tips.

Read reviews

See what other people are saying about the businesses you’re considering doing business with by using social media. If everyone thinks they’re overpriced or give poor quality or service, you might want to go elsewhere.

Tweet what you spend

Set up a new Twitter account using a pseudonym and track your budget with ‘tweet what you spend’. It’s an easy way to track your spending on the go, and that helps you to see if you’ve been wasting money on things you haven’t budgeted for.

Get financial advice from the experts

Follow the big names to get great tips for managing your finances. @JeanChatzky, @JaneBryantQuinn are just two of the Twitter accounts you might like to follow. Find out how they think you should be saving, investing or making money.

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Simple Ways to Save Money on Social Media

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  • I follow a number of freebies pages on social media, and I have to say that I have indeed been very successful with regards to actually getting free things out of it, which is great. It doesn’t take any time at all to simply have a look around at the pages that you can follow, yet there is always the chance that you would be able to get a lot of it, so it certainly more than worth taking the time to do this.

  • Interesting tips, other than the one about asking on social media for money. I wouldn’t be inclined to share any financial woes I might be experiencing in public – personal finances should be just that in my humble opinion – personal.

    • I agree. It’s not just about borrowing money, but also about any other possible financial info, for a matter of both reputation and safety, as well. Still, asking a friend or a relative privately is a nice idea, as long as you know said person well enough to know how he/she might react.

  • The hashtags is a really good idea on Twitter. Another tip I follow Twitter accounts of interest and have been able to find some good ones to follow thanks to hashtags from brands and people. Sometimes too you can find giveaways, freebies and coupons by following Twitter and Facebook brand accounts of stuff you like so its an excellent idea! Awesome post and great ideas.

  • My daughter introduced me to Facebook BSS- Buy, Swap and Sell. I have sold several items there (my daughter posted and sold them for me :-)) . And now looking at QB bedroom suite for good bargains. There are a lot posted, they come and go very quickly. I’ve considered searching for a second hand car at a nearby suburb. It’s amazing!

  • I love the idea to use hashtags in that way. I’m definitely going to try that tip out.However, I would never ask to borrow from a friend, either on social media or face-to-face. If I ever have to borrow I will ask my bank for an overdraft – it doesn’t cost much and it certainly doesn’t potentially cost a friendship.

    My aunty in the UK is a fanatical Facebook user – there is a group for her local area and people list things they have but don’t want and/or things that they want. In this way goods are exchanged without money changing hands – but also without money being spent. AND it builds community connections.

  • I have been using social media for deals for years now. I have sold items on Facebook as well as bought items. Many people view social media as just a way to socialize but you can save money as well as make money.

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