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How to Make and Save Money Playing Pokémon Go

How to Make and Save Money Playing Pokémon Go
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Pokémon Go is all the latest gaming rage that is taking players out of their seats and out onto the streets to “catch” Pokémon characters. With so many people playing, surely there must be ways to make money or save money with the help of Pokémon. We did a little digging and found out how you can make and save money while riding out the craze.

One thing is for sure, if you are a Pokémon Go enthusiast, you are probably getting more exercise than you ordinarily would, and that’s already a potential saving. Perhaps you could even discontinue your gym membership and get all your exercise through Pokémon hunting – and if you get a little fitter as a result of chasing elusive little Pokémon’s, you may cut down on medical fees. But there are other ways to make and save money.

Look out for Pokemon themed special offers

Some businesses are cashing in by offering discounts to people who can show they’ve caught a certain Pokémon. If you were going to spend money at a similar business anyway, that could be a nice little saving, and all in return for playing your current favorite game!

Lure Pokemon to your business for new customers

You seldom know how effective your advertising bucks are at attracting customers to your business, but by buying iTunes “lures”, you could find yourself swamped with potential clients. A pancake parlor in Australia was overwhelmed with new business after buying 20 lures at $8 each.

As far as we can see, this only works if your business location is near a designated PokeStop, but if it is, marketers say that lures are well worthwhile. They suggest that you let everyone know you’re luring Pokémon’s via social media so that you can attract even more possible customers.

Using PokeGyms to get discounts or boost business

Apart from offering specials to clients who have captured a certain Pokémon, you can also find special offers from shops near Pokémon Gyms. Gyms are managed by one of the three factions that players join, and the gym can level up. As a result, businesses are using this aspect of the game to offer discounts that will attract players.

Sales opportunity up for grabs

As we have seen, players gather around certain nodes (not always to the delight of nearby residents). While the craze is still at fever pitch, print ‘Pokémon Master’ tees and sell them to the crowd. If you offer local businesses the chance to get their logo on the shirts, they may pay you for every shirt you get out there, creating a dual income stream for every tee shirt you sell.

By the way, that’s also a great opportunity for mobile businesses like snack and refreshment stands. As long as your business is mobile, you can take it to where the buzz is happening.

Sell your account

Latecomers to Pokémon Go are eager to buy up accounts that will give them a head start. Finding a buyer may be easier than you thought. The Wall Street Journal reports that people are selling up their accounts on Craigslist and e-Bay, and we’re sure that online Pokémon Go forums will be just as fruitful.

How much should you charge? A report we found said a level 12 account could sell for $100 and a level 21 account with five powerful Pokémon caught is selling for around $600. But journalist warns that getting caught selling your account could result in your account being suspended.

Take others out hunting

A New York bus owner is taking passengers from PokeStop to PokeStop, helping them to hatch eggs and offering charging stations for those who are in need of a little extra power to keep playing. Of course, he charges for the service. Perhaps you could start a PokeRide service of your own?

Trends don’t last forever

If you decide to cash in on the Pokémon fad, remember that you will need to keep your finger on the pulse. Pokémon is today’s trend. It may last for a few months and even have faithful disciples a couple of years from now, but we think that by then, some other fad will be making the headlines. Be ready to spot the next trend in real time, and don’t be too dependent on Pokémon Go – you’ll be just fine, and you may make a few savvy bucks.

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How to Make and Save Money Playing Pokémon Go

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