10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween

10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive! All you need is a strict budget and a few good tips to help you avoid overpriced seasonal items like costumes, candy and decorations. Fortunately, we are here to help and give you all the right ideas when it comes to really cheap ways to save money on Halloween!

10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween
10 Really Cheap Ways to Save Money on Halloween

#1 Let’s talk about candy!

According to PopSugar, the best place to buy candy is Oriental Trading Company, because you can order items in bulk and store them for a long period of time. The prices are also very affordable, plus the candy tastes really good, so it’s a win-win-win situation.

The biggest mistake people make when buying candy is to go for those big Halloween-marked packages that are 50% full of air and really don’t taste very well. If you are expecting carolers, you can also buy M&Ms to add a little color and a different texture to your treats.

And here’s another tip: make small treat bags for every child to make sure everyone gets the same amount of candy and you don’t reward a cute costume with more candy than you should!

#2 Never ever buy chocolate sweets!

Candy Blog says that chocolate candy is on average 20% more expensive than hard candy and although you may like chocolate a lot, it’s probably best to only buy it every now and then for your guilty pleasure and rewards the kids with store brand hard candy.

Plus, storing chocolate candy requires a lower temperature than the one in your home, whereas the hard candy will do just fine even if you’re located in the Mojave Desert! Also, the kids won’t smear the chocolate all over their costumes, which we’re sure the parents would appreciate! 

#3 Prepare now for next year’s Halloween

If you are new to this money saving game, you probably didn’t know that you can buy your next year’s Halloween costume right now! Well, not right now, but during the first week of November at least!

That’s when all the leftover costumes go for up to a tenth of the original price, which means a saving of 90%! You can order your costume a size bigger in case you are worried about not fitting it. Other than that, let your next year’s Halloween preparation begin!

#4 Swap costumes with someone else!

Here’s a very fun and interesting idea for you and your family! You can even start a Facebook group with people in your community willing to trade their old costumes with other people. This way, everyone gets a new costume, gets to experiment a different perspective and nobody spends a dime!

But it doesn’t have to be this much work if you already have a family you get along with. Trade costumes and try being in each other’s…costumes for one night! Would you be interested in doing that knowing that it will save you 100% on Halloween outfits?

#5 Visit the dollar store!

Bargain Babe says that hard candy should only be purchased from the Dollar Store. In fact, they have a selection on big candy bags that go for $1 each, which should be a great deal from anybody! If your goal is to save as much money on candy as possible, then this is the way to do it.

However, these candies are said to not be very healthy and parents usually forbid their children to eat it. But then again, if you are concerned about their health, you could hand out raisins and pieces of carrots, but I doubt kids would eat that.

#6 Organize your own treasure h(a)unt

The average price of a haunted house ticket for Halloween is around $20 and although some people believe in paranormal activities, it’s all smokes and mirrors. Believe it or not, this is an industry and needs to make money, so don’t fall for that.

A good alternative would be to organize your own treasure haunt (pun intended!). You can start by hiding clues and candies around the house and even bury some of them if you want. Remember to reward the winner with a nice batch of Halloween cookies (check out our recipes for inspiration) or a super scary red velvet brain cake (check out this awesome recipe on Bored Panda).

Talk about a show stopper, don’t forget to put on your makeup for this challenge and here are 10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials to help you out!

#7 Use lots of coupons

You can save lots of money by taking advantage of seasonal discounts and offers and, of course, by using coupons. On average, most companies have sales on clothes, Halloween candy and decorations or household items, which is great if you want to buy a toaster, for example.

#8 Sew your own costume

Your costume doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you have some fabric around the house and also happen to not be stranger to sewing, there are thousands of free patterns online that you can try. We look up a few good ideas for you and came up with four websites just right for your needs: AllFreeSewingSo Sew Easy, All Crafts, and CraftBits.

From a crafter to another, it takes an average of 6 hours to finish a Halloween costume when you have the whole day to yourself and about two days when you also have to work and do chores. In the end, it’s all worth it: you get to save money and be proud of your creation!

#9 Budget and write down the costs

Before you start shopping for Halloween supplies, here’s what you need to do: write down each and every single item you are going to purchase and a price that you are willing to pay. Then, go online or in-store are try to find an offer that beats the original price. Or, better yet, use coupons!

Once Halloween is over and there’s nothing more to buy, sit down for a second, look at your budget sheet and see how much money you managed to save! If it’s more than $200, give yourself a high five and a cup of self-brewed coffee: you’ve earned it!

#10 Create your own Halloween cards

Sending Halloween cards to your friends, family and neighbors is a very cheap and nostalgic thing to do! The problem is that Halloween cards don’t come cheap, so you’ll have to get crafty! You can use anything to make them, from recycled wrapping paper to walnut shells, glitter, chili pepper seeds, buttons, thread and glue.

You can decorate each card differently, with pumpkins, brains, witches or black cats! The point is to be creative, original and come up with a cool wish! We’re sure you’ll come up with something funny!

How much money do you usually spend on Halloween parties and supplies? Is there a money-saving trick you have for us? Is there a Halloween tradition that your family has every year?

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  • It is definitely a good idea to try and save money at Halloween if you can, because this means that you don’t have to waste as much. Some sweets can be very expensive to buy, so you should always to try to find the ones that aren’t going to cost you as much money. As you say, jelly sweets are less expensive than chocolate sweets, so you should buy those instead. And make sure you don’t give each child too much. They will be going to many houses, so you only really to give them one thing each.

  • These are excellent tips. I will put some of these into practice because as a mother of 3 these holidays are usually not very cost friendly. Thanks for the tips. I can already see where I can cut some corners and make this year be even less expensive than it usually is for me.

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