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The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

In case you are looking to buy a present for someone and are tired of the same old things, how about you read this article and check out some really cool gadgets? We love technology, especially when it’s designed to make our lives happier and a lot easier, which is why we dedicate a whole board to this kind of items (follow us on Pinterest to see all the pictures!).

Plus, instead of buying clothes that you’re not going to wear anyway, how about something to brighten up your day? And did we mention you can buy these gadgets online and use our coupons to purchase them at a lower price? Good, let’s start our countdown and find out which are the cutest household items!

1. Creative post-its

Here’s something cute to remind you that milk and bread need to be purchased. Plus, some of these post-its come in shape of fruits, leaves or even a balding man. We’ve put together a collection of cool posts-its that could definitely make your day.

the cutest 20 household gadgets

Your Notice Have Never Been This Cute Before!

2. Inventive Clocks

Time will fly by in a more fashionable way with these interesting clocks! You can either gift them as a wedding present or just purchase them for your own home in order to give it an edgier look. If that is the case, we took the liberty to list our favorites down below. Which one do you like the most?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Time Passes by a Lot Faster with These Clocks!

3. Toaster with a Twist

Toasting bread has never been this much fun! Yes, it’s time to throw away that old bread toaster that you were ashamed to display in your kitchen anyway. Can we interest you in a laser toaster, for example? No? Then we have other ideas in store for you: just take a look!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Never Skip Breakfast Again!

4. Pizza Cutter

Everybody needs a pizza cutter because everybody loves pizza! Plus, if throwing pizza parties is something you’re known for, you definitely have to purchase a cool pizza cutter and impress your guests. Here are a few cool ideas to choose from:

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Cute and Precise Slicing!

5. Colorful Shower

Your mornings will never be the same again! And we mean literally! Imagine rainbows dripping down the shower head in an explosion of color and steam! Plus, if you have a child that hates taking baths, try this and the situation will change in an instant! Just check it out, isn’t it cool?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

There’s Nothing Like a Colorful Shower!

6. Sleepy Mug

Yes, we know how difficult it is to wake up in the morning. Now you can buy a mug that’s just as sleepy as you are, but gets pumped up as soon as you fill it up with coffee. Does that sound familiar?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Morning Coffee? Don’t Mind If We Do!

7. Night Light

For those of you who bang their pinky toe on the furniture in the middle of the night while trying to find the bathroom in the dark. Your prayers have been answered in a very chic way: your pinky toe will be so grateful!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

So Cute and Useful!

8. Cool Can and Bottle Opener

Party time! And seriously now, you need a nice bottle opener to impress your friends, especially since it doesn’t cost a lot of money! Just take a look at these openers and you’ll know what we’re talking about! Which one is your favorite?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

How Cool Is This?

9. Fashionable USB Sticks

If you want to store your important data in a fun and quirky way, wish granted! From piglets to lipstick USB gadgets, we got you covered! Plus, you can always show off your new tech toys or gift them in case you get bored of them (although we don’t think that will happen very soon).

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

What a Cute Way to Store Your Data!

10. Space Heaters

Not only these gadgets are cool, but they are also very useful: no more old fashioned charcoal stoves! It’s time for a cool upgrade and we have a few ideas! Would any of them fit in your home?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Warm Up Your Home in a Cute Way!

11. Taco Holders

There is something about tacos and Chihuahuas, admit it! The delicious food and the cute puppies originating from Mexico can now be combined into one funny taco holder, as you can see below. Of course, if you’re not a taco lover this would probably not be a good investment, but it would definitely be a funny one!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Taco and Chihuahuas? Yes, Please!

12. Soup Spoons

Fancy up your soups with this cute monster that sits on the bottom on your pans and only leaves his head above the soup. Your kids will love this, you will like its precious look and your friends will be jealous. Mission accomplished, don’t you think?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Tasty Soup!

13. Egg Baskets

Egg baskets don’t have to be boring to begin with! As a matter of fact, quite the opposite: try being creative in everything you do and in everything you purchase. If you feel like your kitchen looks fairly unattractive, add a hint of cuteness with the help of a cool egg basket like the ones we listed below!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

What a Great Kitchen Item!

14. Self Defense Items

It may not be legal to carry your kitchen knives with you (plus, that’s not something you would want to do anyway!), so how about a cute replacement that could also be a functional key chain, for example? This thing shouldn’t be treated lightly: all women need to carry something like this in their purses for protection reasons.

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

What Do You Think?

15. Yolkr

Yes, now you can separate the yolk from the egg white with this ingenious device, especially if you’re a kitchen noob. It’s OK, one day you’ll master all the baking and cooking techniques, but until then try not to make a mess in the kitchen every time you break an egg. Plus, we’ve never been a huge fan of using egg shells to separate the yolks anyway.

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Separating Yolks Like a Boss!

16. Chip and Dip Bowl

You don’t have to take two bowls when you have friends over anymore! Just purchase these cute bowls and you’ll have both items in one: easier to refill, easier to hold, easier to wash, easier to everything! Your movie nights will be a lot better with this cool gadget!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Snack Time!

17. Pineapple Slicer

Good luck peeling a pineapple with a kitchen knife! Now you can actually get to the juicy part of the pineapple by using one of these cool gadgets! It may not seem important, but few people know that pineapple melts unnecessary fats and improve your health! So eat more pineapple and use these gadgets to peel it!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Just Brilliant!

18. Key Holder

Tired of spending 5 minutes every morning looking for your keys? Well, how about a key-home? Save 5 minutes every morning and a handful of brain cells ruined trying to figure out where you put them last time. And let’s not overlook the cuteness, OK?

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Never Lose Your Keys Again!

19. Cleaning Slippers

Walk around the house while also cleaning the floors? Check! These slippers may not look very fashionable, but they are definitely practical! When they get dirty, all you have to do is throw them in the washer and you’re good to go!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Time To Clean The Floors!

20. Knife Holder

Kitchen knives are not meant to be hidden, but displayed in an interesting way! If you are on the same page with us, you’ll love our ideas! If you have small children at the house, you may want to postpone this, however. Other than that, nothing is keeping your from purchasing one of these lovely holders!

The Cutest 20 Household Gadgets

Organizing Your Knives in a Cool Way

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  • What a cute list!

    I’m a huge fan of cute post it notes and have quite the collection of animal post its. I really like the playing cards and tv ones that you had on your list though! This is tempting me to get so many things, like a yolkr and some of those adorable USBs. The guitar one looks amazing and who wouldn’t love the toast USB sticks?

    Who knew that colourful showers existed? I certainly didn’t, I could see kids really loving that though.

    I would thank you for this list but now I’m so tempted to go etsy and look for some of these amazing gadgets and I’m not sure my wallet really appreciates that!

  • Some of these are very clever! I especially like the band aid memo notes. What a great way to remember something that you need to do or a number that you need to call. I have thought about the clock that says, “Whatever, I’m late anyways”. However, I don’t know too many people that are actually late all the time where it would really apply. Very cute household gadgets though that I could definitely see being in my house!

    • You don’t know many people that are late? I know tons of people that are late every time no matter what! I should buy them that very alarm clock, although I think they would probably get a little upset towards me, and I probably don’t want that to happen. I might even hang that clock in my room for no real reason! :]

  • I ABSOLUTELY love those post-it notes. Those are pretty creative, and I’m sure that you could come up with even more creative notes. I love the food-based ones, although you could make them from just about everything. It surprises me what people can come up with, and I’ll have to go get some of these unique post-its for my office later today!

  • To be fair all of these are pretty cute, despite them being perfectly functional. you often don’t see that with most trinket items. My favorite would have to be the cheese slice post-its. A close second is the bologne one.

    • The bologne one is pretty incredible! The fact is that trinkets are often designed to serve no function other than an aesthetic appeal, and that’s a waste for obvious reasons. These gadgets are functional while looking like trinkets at first glance. It’s always better to own something that’s functional!

  • Those household gadgets are all amazingly helpful!!!..i love the way it makes life easier and cleaner. They are a must to have for everyone who wanted to make things just on the right place. The colors and shape of all this stuff makes it more adorable. Got to have them on my own home for my friends to see and my own family to use. This is great! Many thanks!

    • Yep, small household gadgets afford convenience, and these gadgets just happen to look incredible, too. I have a few gadgets around the house that I don’t necessarily need, but they do serve a functional purpose that can help me save a few minutes with each use, so I’m not going to complain about that!

  • Oh my gosh this is the cutest collection ever! They manage to combine creativeness, cleverness, and helpfulness into one awesome gadget. I can’t wait to find some of these.

    I really like the post-it notes in the beginning of the post. I love the one that when you take more notes, you end up giving the guy a haircut. So creative and cool!

    My kids are going to love having the colorful shower. The only problem that I can think of is having to replace the batteries in the lights constantly.

    Those space heaters may not be “cute”, but they’re definitely extremely creative and fashionable! I’ll have to get one of them for myself. I like the one with the shiny sewn-in squares and the flame. So futuristic!

    The key holders are probably the cutest things I’ve seen all day. Love the birdhouse one and the wall socket one!

    My kids are going to love these. I’m thinking about getting them one of these as one of their smaller gifts for Christmas or their birthday. As of now, I’m trying to decide between the bulb nightlight and the colorful shower lights.

    Thanks for the adorable post! Made my day.

  • Wow, these designs are so clever and cute! My kids are definitely going to love these gadgets. Maybe I could give them to some friends, they really like these cool machines and treats! The pineapple one looks so clean and professional, and tasty as well!

  • I’m in love with the self-defense keychains. I’ve been wanting to replace a pocket knife I lost ages ago, but those may be an even better idea. The post-its are adorable as well, and I want that Domo-kun toaster… oh, let’s be real, I want at least half of the items on this list. The keychain, post-its, and toaster would probably get the most use in my household, though.

  • I love those self defense key rings. They are not only well designed to be able to effectively jab someone should the need arise, but they are also very, very cute, especially for a cat person like myself.

    I also love the mopping slippers. I think I could actually make those for myself if I found a cheap washable mop for a large mop stick.

  • Oh my god. I have to say, I had a huge laugh/chuckle upon seeing the “Whatever, I’m late anyway” clock — it really fits me, not to my credit!

    Some of that stuff is very inventive, very cute. I’m in love!

  • I never knew colourful showers existed! I genuinely NEED one of those, they look amazing ! They are so stylish and so cute for little kids to be fascinated by the colours changing and such. Just WOW!
    I also love the mugs that change colour or design when a hot liquid is placed inside. I got a present of one from my mum but she actually put a family photo on it. So when I got it it was just a black mug and I was a little shocked to see it but then she made me a coffee and I saw the photo! It was such a surprise and something completely different. It definitely is a one of a kind mug !

  • If I had the money in my budget I would probably buy one of everything on this list (except maybe the clocks). Everything is adorable and useful at the same time. I would have to say though the most useful thing on this list that I am totally in love with are the key chains that are shaped like plugs that you can plug into the corresponding outlet. That is too freaking cute and I always misplace my keys, so that would be very helpful.
    I also LOVE the dinosaur ladle. I can just imagine its head poking out of my pots now. That’s pretty creative, I would have never thought to make a ladle look like a long-necked dinosaur!

  • I love interesting and unique items and these fit the bill. I can’t choose a favorite because there are so many that I like. Since I like animals, I really liked all the animal gadgets, especially the squirrel key holder and the chicken egg baskets. I also liked the silverware that resembled fish. What I like most about these gadgets is that they’re not only unique, but they’re useful too. Great to buy for one’s self and for gifts. Thanks for sharing these interesting finds.

  • All everything is a perfect tool as a gadget. No doubt! I love all. But usually, I like to cook at the kitchen. So personally like to use an electric knife kitchen tools for chopping anything.

  • For me the mug is something i can’t live without it. The coffee mug every morning is some thing vital!

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