Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers That Truly Changed the Internet

blogs and bloggers that truly changed the world
Written by Oana Schneider

Over the past decade, the Internet has changed our lives in ways we did not even think that were possible. And the blogging world is a big part of the changes that occurred into the life of anyone who uses the Internet. Sure, the online world is full of blogs – some with a theme, other mere ramblings on random topics. And yet, there are certain bloggers out there that have managed to make a huge name out of themselves.

What are the top 10 bloggers, what topics do they write on and why should you read them too? Read on and find out more.

Although not a blog proper (more of a blog and a news aggregate), The Huffington Post is a name you cannot ignore when it comes to how information is spread online. On this blog, you will find bits of information on anything you can imagine from politics to economy, travel, finances, lifestyle and much, much more. The blog was started Adrianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, Jonah Peretti and Andrew Breitbart in 2005 – and it changed the world of blogging forever.

Before the Huffington Post, bloggers did not make as much money and traditional mass-media was almost “afraid” of what would become of them once the online media starts to gain more and more popularity. After the Huffington Post and its success though, both bloggers and the world embraced the idea that the Internet is, well, a marketplace – and that you can make money and use it to your advantage too.

Lifehacker is all about what its name says: hacks that help us get through life much better. As her blog became extremely popular, Gina Trapiani, the woman behind the Lifehacker started to earn more and more money. Nowadays, she is ranked as one of the top-earning and most influential bloggers in the world. As of lately, her influence started to expand not only on Lifehacker, but also on Gizmodo and on the Gawker Blog Empire. A true story of how the Internet can make you famous indeed!

If you have ever thought of boosting your finances or if you want to save money for a bigger purchase, Smart Passive Income is the place to go at. Pat Flynn, the man behind the blog, will provide you with tons of genuinely useful information to help you make money off the Internet, in a passive way (meaning that you create something once and you will earn from it for a longer period of time from now on).

Smart Passive Income is great for just about anyone willing to learn and Pat Flynn’s style is easy to understand and extremely helpful as well. Even if you are not particularly keen on starting a passive income online business, you should still pay this blog a visit because it will be more than worth it.

Initially created to be a source for entrepreneurs who want to create better content for their business’ websites, Copyblogger has soon grown to be something much bigger than that. These days, this is one of the most important online resources for content writers from all around the world and it invites many experts to provide their tips here.

Brial Clark, the person who came up with Copyblogger in the first place, still runs the blog and he is still actively involved in it. Aside from that, he has also leveraged his readers to launch what has come to be known as “Copyblogger Media”, which, in its turn, has created several other companies (such as Scribe, StudioPress and Premise, for example). All in all, Copyblogger is a great source of information for anyone who wants to keep up with the Internet content trends and who wants to make their own blogs and websites more popular as well.

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers That Truly Changed the Internet

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Again, not many of us may realize it, but a lot of the websites we frequently go to today and in whose opinions we trust started off as small blogs. This is also the case for Techcrunch, which was created to provide information about online startups in Sillicone Valley. Soon enough though, it grew into a huge place where information related to all areas of technology was crunched. Michael Arrington, the blogger who came up with the idea, is considered to be one of the top 25 most influential people on the Internet and his website is considered one of the top most popular ones on the Internet too.

Even more than that, after AOL purchased Techcrunch (for the price of no less than $30 million), Arrington became an angel investor and helped even more people build their own businesses too. Although he is not the owner of Techcrunch any longer, Arrington is still considered to be one of the most important people on the Internet.

Tim Ferriss, the man behind The Four Hour Workweek, is a really ingenious guy. His blog is slightly similar to that of Pat Flynn’s in terms of the broader topic it approaches, but it will still provide you with unique, quality information you will love. Basically, the philosophy behind this blog is helping people become online entrepreneurs and work from wherever they are in the world, by using just their laptops. For Tim Ferris, this turned out greatly – so you might want to take a look at his blog if you want to inspire and motivate yourself.

Like most of the blogs presented in this list, ProBlogger did not start with the explicit purpose of becoming a worldwide known website and business at the same time. Darren Rowse was an “amateur” blogger before he started ProBlogger and he wrote about a variety of topics. Eventually, he created ProBlogger to help other writers – and today, this is one of the go-to sources for anyone dealing with online content. Next to Copyblogger, ProBlogger sets the trends when it comes to writing online.

When he started Gothamist, Jake Dobkins thought of creating a blog where he would write about the New York lifestyle. For a while, he covered NYC food, events and art but these days, Gothamist has expanded to 13 other cities. You can now read about the best there is to do (and eat) in worldwide famous cities such as London, Shanghai and Toronto and you can get the best tips on how to make your visit there as pleasant as possible.

Jake Dobkins is believed to be one of the most well-paid bloggers in the world (he is believed to make about $80k-$110k/month out of his blogging) and reading his blog is more than worth it even if you don’t actually plan on visiting one of the cities covered (or at least not in the very near future).

At his Bar Mitzvah, Timothy Sykes received about $12,000 – and, by investing them in trading stocks, he turned this gift into no less than $1 million. So if you want to learn how to trade stocks, if you want to learn the latest bits of information in the field and the latest trends, make sure to visit Timothy’s blog. He writes in an easy to understand way and provides genuinely valuable information for those of you searching for it. Aside from his blog, you can frequently see Timothy on various television shows on CNN, ABC, FOX and so on. A great read that might just turn your life over!

TMZ is believed to me one of the most powerful blogs on the Internet – and although you may not be a particular fan of the “celebrity gossip genre”, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that TMZ is, indeed, a power. Even if you don’t read it regularly, you may still want to take a look at it every once in a while – just to remind yourself that with hard work and ambition you can really get very far.

Harvey Levin, the man behind this blog, is a lawyer by profession, a legal analyst and a celebrity reporter at the same time too – and this proves that nobody has to limit themselves to one passion only. 

Obviously, there are hundreds and hundreds of other blogs that are more than worth reading out there. But these ones are some of the most popular and influential ones. We tried to cover blogs from almost every genre out there so that you can take a look at least at some of them, according to your general interests.

Reading these blogs will surely be very inspiring and it will provide you with information and entertainment at the same time too. From celebrity gossip to blogs that teach people how to earn more money from their laptops, there are a lot of blogs worth investing your time in – but starting with the ones we mentioned in this list will definitely give you a good head start. Keep yourself informed and happy blog reading!

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Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • I think that websites that can show you how to earn money online are very important, because you can find people earning money from the time that they would simply have normally wasted on the internet, and earning a little where they can is clearly a much better idea where possible. I do this myself sometimes, and have picked up some brilliant tips! In fact, I am earning a full time wage online at the moment, and this is something that I never really thought that I would be able to do, so I am certainly very pleased that I have been able to shape my career around things that I truly love to do.

    • Congratulations Gemma on earning a full-time wage online! When I search for various jobs online I often come across people dreaming of what you have accomplished. Well done!

      This post is a great resource. I have the iPhone app for Smart Passive Income and have visited Problogger. Both loaded with great content. However, I have never heard of Timothy Sykes and the Lifehaker blogs. I have watched a few life hack videos on YouTube, which some are just so comical I want to try them but wasn’t aware of the blog. In an age where a college education is so expensive, I think it is wonderful a person can find information online to increase their skill sets from experts in the field.

  • As a frequent Huffpost reader, and also a casual browser of Lifehacker, I can tell you that these sites changed the landscape of the internet in the 2000’s and up. They are very successful, mainly because they are all useful and are extremely interesting.

  • Thank you for this list, I’d heard of and visit a few of these but some I’d never come across . I’ve visited the unknown sites on this list and I’m really enjoying them, particularly Copyblogger and Problogger as I’ve been looking into blogging myself for awhile now and there’s some really great content on there.

    I can definitely see how these have changed blogging over the past few years. Some of these blogs have been around for years and years and really helped people view blogging in a different way. They really helped the idea of blogging grow and become more than a hobby and I’m so glad they’ve all found such success and are still active to this day.

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