Top 10 Great Pet Care Items

great pet care items
Written by Oana Schneider

Having a pet can be truly blissful. For most of us, our pets are more than just animals – they are our best friends, our companions and our solace in those days that things just don’t go as they should be. It comes as natural thus that most pet owners want to take care of their furry (or feather-y) friends as well as possible.

How to do that and which are the top 10 articles that help you take care of your pet the proper way? Read on and find out more.

1. Organic Food

We all know “organic” very frequently means “more expensive” too. However, we all know that “organic” also means “much healthier”. As more and more people are turning towards fresher, less harmful foods it has come as natural that many pet food manufacturers started to create their own “organic food” lines for kittens, dogs and other types of pets.

What are the advantages of using this kind of food instead of the non-organic one? The same as in the case of humans: better health, more nutrients, fitness. Same as we need to take our nutrients from quality foods, our pets need it too – so make sure to provide your pooch with the best organic food out there. It may be a bit more expensive, but it will be worth it, especially if you take into consideration the fact that you can prevent a lot of diseases too.

2. Specialty Foods

Over the past few decades, we have seen how more and more people started to eat in a more health-conscious way. And that can only be good news for us all! However, keep in mind that your furry friend may have special dietary needs as well. Sure, your pup or kitten may not choose to go on an all “gluten-free diet”, but if you know he/she has health issues, feed him/her accordingly.

From pet food designed for animals with diabetes and that suffer from obesity to pet food designed for animals that suffer from urinary health issues and food designed to help hairball control in the case of cats, there’s something for everyone. Invest in these products if you want your fluffy friend to live a longer, healthier and happier life – and he/she will be more than thankful for having taken such great care of him as well!

great pet care items

Always Take Care Of Your Little Buddy!

3. Medication and Supplements

Your doggy may not be able to tell you when he/she has a headache or when he/she is not getting enough vitamins from his/her daily meals – but you can definitely make sure that he doesn’t lack anything in terms of medication and supplements. These days, more and more companies manufacture medication created especially for the special needs of every kind of pet – and this does not only include medication meant to heal and treat but also medication meant to prevent a variety of health issues (such as vitamins needed for healthy bones or vitamins for a healthier skin and fur). Again, invest in such supplements and your pet will live happier, healthier and longer too!

4. Organic accessories

The organic pet industry is not just about food. Again, investing in organic accessories for your furry friend may be a bit more expensive, but trust us when we say that it will be more than worth it too. Organic collars, leashes and clothing lines are very much popular for our pets too and they are better for your little friend from many points of view. First and foremost, they are excellent for those pups and kittens that have sensitive skin. Secondly, they are excellent for the environment as well – and as a pet owner, you are most likely interested in keeping nature as healthy as possible too.

5. Water

This may come as obvious for many of you, but stocking up on water for your pet is absolutely essential – both for daily basis use and for use in case of natural disasters/emergencies as well. After all, you don’t drink tap water either – so why should you give it to your pet? Tap water contains just as many harmful elements for our pets as it does for us. Buying some extra water for your cat or dog will not cost that much – but it can definitely mean the world for your pooch’s health.

6. Cosmetic Products

You most likely don’t use your normal soap to wash your hair – why would you do the same for your pet? If there’s something that’s absolutely precious about a dog’s or a cat’s “look”, that’s definitely their fur – so make sure to take proper care of it. Invest in products that are suitable for your pet’s type of hair.

Also, keep in mind that pet cosmetics go far beyond shampoos these days. There are special soaps and moisturizers available out there too – and investing in them will give your pet a healthier and better-looking fur. Even if you don’t want to train your doggy for contests, investing in his/her furry “treasure” will surely be worth it!

7. Brushes

If your dog or cat has longer hair, you should absolutely make sure to brush him/her regularly. Sure, he/she may not be able to get a regular treatment in a professional salon, but there are a lot of things you can do at home too. Aside from the cosmetic products mentioned above, you should invest in quality brushes too.

Bear in mind that your dog’s or cat’s breed may determine what type of brush you need for his/her fur’s care so make sure to inform yourself before you make any purchase. These days, many of the pet brushes are designed to provide excellent results, to make things easier for you during the grooming process and to be easy to clean up as well – so make sure to invest in the right brush if you want your pet’s fur to be happy.

Furthermore, keep in mind that these days, you can find a lot of products to help your pet shed less fur as possible. This will be beneficial both for you as his/her “parent” and for your pet as well. Depending on what type of pet you owe, there are many products you can choose from so don’t be afraid to inquire and inform yourself before making a purchase.

great pet care items

A Goodnight Sleep Is Sometimes The Best Idea!

8. Grooming

Again, your pup will not need a professional nail treatment in a pet salon, but he/she will most likely need you to take care of his/her paws. Some breeds grow very long nails – and they are not only very painful for the owners, strangers and your furniture’s tapestry, but they are extremely uncomfortable for the little pooch as well. Invest in a good clipper that provides you with great results and makes it as easy as possible to go through the grooming process too. Again, it may cost a bit more than a regular “human” clipper, but every cent will be worth it.

9. Flea and Tick Repellents

Nobody likes fleas and ticks – and your puppy or kitten make absolutely no exception from this rule. Fleas and ticks can not only be terribly uncomfortable for your pet, but they can also be dangerous for his/her health as well (especially the ticks, as they can spread the Lyme disease, which can be fatal for your puppy).

There are a lot of amazing products to help your dog stay away from fleas and ticks (or, better said, the other way around). Most of them are not very expensive and many of them are very efficient too so make sure to invest in something you have researched and that provides actual results.

10. Pet Fashion

You like to dress well, so why wouldn’t you like the same for your pooch? These days, you will find pet clothing items for almost any kind of pet and occasion. From designer jackets to help your dog stay warm through the winter to adorable skirts for the “ladies” and from “casual” clothing to very “formal” clothing (and yes, this includes “wedding dresses” and “tuxedos” too), there’s a huge variety of clothing items you can choose from when it comes to your pet. Keep him/her warm, cozy, comfortable and stylish too!

Of course, these are just some of the items that will help you take care of your pet the best way possible. Keep in mind that every type of pet and every breed has its own “requirements” when it comes to health and care. For instance, very large dogs are more prone to suffer from certain types of bone diseases, whereas small dogs will be prone to different diseases. Keep yourself informed, read as much as you can and you will be able to provide your friend with the best treatment there is.

Make your pet’s life happier and healthier and he/she will be more than thankful for your choice – he/she will offer you the best years of your life, unconditional love and friendship and a huge smile on your face whenever you need it!

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  • Were it that I was that pampered instead. We do have most of these things in our house because our dog Barkley is just the most pampered animal on the planet. I get jealous of him sometimes when my kids play with him all the time, but he know that I’m the man of the house and he always comes to me for a cuddle and my kids follow suit.

    • Hey, sometimes we do indeed pamper our pets and treat them better than we treat ourselves! There’s nothing wrong with that, and pets do deserve a little extra attention now and then. These pet care items are great, and I’m glad that you use most of them on or for your dog!

      • So true. Dog should be treated with respect like humans. We look at them like they are own child so we have to treat them that way

  • When it comes to fleas and ticks, a flea comb can prove vital. It won’t prevent these insects from getting onto animals, but it can help you find and get rid of the stray fleas on your animals. Flea repellents won’t always kill every single flea, so the comb helps you get rid of the stragglers. Using the comb will make your pet more comfortable, too!

  • My dogs are incredibly spoiled but I usually feed them average high quality dog food. Not specialty or organic. For a treat I sometimes mix their food with organic chicken breast or broth. A very good de-shedder comb is necessary in our household of black labs to remove that nasty undercoat that dirties the house up. I also really like to pamper my dogs when it comes to the beds. Both my dogs have plush soft beds for comfort.

    • You don’t need to go specialty or organic with dog food. However, it’s always a good idea to feed them something that doesn’t have a ton of filler (such as corn, wheat, soy, etc.) because those fillers aren’t exactly healthy. Plenty of the organic brands are great, but there are non-organic options that cost a fraction of the price and offer similar health benefits.

  • I completely agree that these are all great pet care items but I believe most of these are products everyone should already have with their pets. Even though some of the things like organic foods are great ideas and not much people purchase them for their pets, things such as treats are things every pet owner should buy their pets.

  • I can barely afford to feed myself organic food, let alone a pet. If I lived in a place that allowed cat’s I might be able to afford a cat, however, if I had to buy organic cat food instead of bags of regular dry food, it would make cat ownership too expensive to even consider.

  • Please be careful with pet fashion! Having your puppy wear sweaters and things all day leads to matting fur and more trips to the groomer. Anyway, I am glad to see attention paid to food. So much dog and cat food is incredibly low quality, and maybe organic isn’t always the answer, but it’s worth checking out the labels.

  • I think that your point about water is a great one, because you’re right, if we don’t think that the water that comes out of the tap is good enough for us then why should we be making our pets drink it? There is much better water that you can get for them. Too many people don’t realise that, just like humans, animals have specific dietary needs, too, and this means that they need to be considered. If you don’t bother to do this, then how can your pet be as healthy as possible? You have to give them the best chance at life, because they cannot do it on their own, and have to rely on you to do it for them.

  • I love this post and although I just came across it now, I have just shared it with my flock of pet lovers. I think these are the ultimate tests for prooving just how much you love your pet. Yes, although most people would argue that organic food is expensive for pets, the same way you struggle to keep organic for you and your family is the same way you should hassle hard for your pet. After all, pet is family. Another thing I think is equally important is excersises for pets. Pets are actually so much like humans and they also succumb to lifestyle diseases like cancers.

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