Top 10 Retailers to Work for This Year

top 10 retailers to work for this year
Written by Oana Schneider

Working in the retail industry has gotten a bad name in the past few decades – and while the disadvantages of working in this industry could put one off, the truth is that things are not always that “non-beneficial” for those who choose to enroll in such jobs.

In fact, there are many retail companies that offer amazing benefits to those who choose to work with them. What are the top such companies and why exactly are they considered to be such great employers? Read on and find out more about these companies.

1. CustomInk

CustomInk is a company focused on printing customized T-shirts – and as of the previous year, they have more than 1,100 employees spread across their six locations. Of all the retailers in the United States, they are considered to be among the best to work for – and truth be told, they do offer a series of advantages you will not very likely encounter with other companies.

For starters, this company genuinely believes in keeping its employees happy and healthy. All of the offices come with game rooms and fitness rooms (which contain treadmills, yoga mats and many other tools to help you keep your body fit). Extra weekend hours are paid (and sometimes the payment reaches up to $300 a day aside from the regular, planned overtime). On top of this, employees get up to 99% of their health insurance premiums paid by their employer as well. Last, but definitely not least, meals are catered weekly for the team members and, when the employees are requested to work late at night, the meals are ordered in as well.

2. Build-a-Bear Workshop

The Build-a-Bear Workshop is another great company to work for. They have more than 4,200 employees and they are headquartered in St. Louis. Furthermore, they can be found in no less than 242 location spread across the entire country.

Employees at this company get bonuses in the busy holiday season (most of the times consisting of company items, drinks and some small cash bonuses). Furthermore, they can all take one paid day off for their birthday as well. On every anniversary with the company, each employee receives a Collectibear (aside from other gifts offered with each milestone). Even more, all staffers can take advantage of the concierge services offered by the company (and this can help them with dry cleaning, oil changes and so on). Even dogs brought at the headquarters reap a tremendous number of benefits (including discounted grooming and day care, as well as a bus to take them there too!).

3. Nugget Market

Nugget Market is one of the best grocery store chains in the U.S. At the moment, they can be found in 14 locations and they have more than 1,200 people hired for all of these locations. Furthermore, their revenue of $275 million shows that they are a steady company on the market.

Employees here reap a series of benefits from working with Nugget Market. For starters, they get 100% of their insurance premiums paid by the company (and their dependents get 82%). Furthermore, all employees have a 10% discount on their groceries as well. Each store monthly names one associate of the month (who will have to spin the wheel for a cash prize) and an associate of the year (who will win a cash prize). Also, it is worth noting that the company regularly organizes parties for their employees too.

top 10 retailers to work for this year

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4. Wegmans Food Markets

Another very popular grocery store chain in the United States, Wegmans Food Markets is considered to be extremely expanded (with 85 locations all across the U.S. and with more than 43,000 employees too). Even more than that though, they are considered to be one of the best employers in America as well.

Most of the people who work at Wegmans are students – and for this reason, the company has created a list of benefits to fit students’ needs. For starters, they are allowed to schedule their work hours however they want to, which allows them to earn a college degree. Secondly, the company pays 50% of their employees’ tuition fee (with a maximum of $1,100/semester for the full-time employees and a maximum of $750/semester for the part-time employees). Ever since they started the program (in 1984), the company has awarded more than $90 million in tuition fees alone.

5. The Container Store

Although a fast growing company with more than 6,000 employees in their 68 locations, The Container Store is considered to be quite difficult when it comes to actually landing a job there. It is estimated that no more than 3% of the applicants are actually hired to work here. In general, employees receive a salary of around $50,000. If you want to get hired here as well, you should keep in mind that they plan on opening 3 new stores in Arizona and one location in Overland Park, Kansas (and that they hire about 40-50 people for each store they open).

6. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is also considered to be a good company to work for. They have about 50 locations open all across the United States and they have hired nearly 5,000 people for all these locations. Furthermore, they have a very special program to reward the employees who go above and beyond (Bean’s Best). The program has managers and co-workers parade through the office or retail location until it stops in front of the employee who won the Bean’s Best. He/she will receive a catered reception, a personalized video tribute and gifts as well.

Aside from this, all of the employees at L.L. Bean are encouraged to go on the company-planned outdoor excursions (camping, cycling, kayaking and so on). Furthermore, all of the employees can lend gear from the Employee Use Room for a very small fee and they can all participate in a company lottery to win discounted stays at one of the 7 camps and 10 tent sites owned by L.L. Bean.

7. Zappos is an online shoe retailer that is owned by Amazon. All employees here are provided with a long list of services and conveniences, such as on site laundry cleaning,  lunch, educational seminars and so on. Furthermore, new parents with adopted children can get a reimbursement of $6,000 from the company and people who want to adopt pets can do it without any kind of fee as well.

top 10 retailers to work for this year

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8. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market, this rapidly spreading grocer has more than 76,000 employees in their 422 locations and they are considered to be among the best companies to work for. To get hired here, you will have to be approved by your future co-workers who will submit their feedback on the job candidates. Furthermore, all employees here get a 20% off discount on their purchases in the store and those who are health-conscious can get a 30% off discount. Also, the company provides its employees with health benefits and they also pay between $300 to $1,800 to full time employees (and the money can be used to cover for a variety of health care expenses, including co-pays).

9. Pro Athlete

This retail company works in the sporting goods industry – so you would naturally expect it to encourage its employees’ health. And that’s precisely what they do: all employees at Pro Athlete have access to an onsite pool, weight room, to the physical trainer and to the yoga teacher, to the sauna, hot tub, basketball courts and even to a chef that cooks healthy meals for all employees (and this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Even more than this, all employees are rewarded for their years of service within the company with special bonuses. For instance, the five-year mark is rewarded with a trip to Orlando for four and tickets to Disney World as well.

10. Etsy

Etsy is an online retailer focusing on handmade goods created by people from all over the world (and who sell them on the Etsy website, similarly to how other people sell items on Amazon). Employees working at Etsy get catered lunches every Tuesday and Thursday, receive a $100 to design their work spaces and can learn different skills from each other at the onsite Etsy School (where you can learn anything from cooking to hacking electronics).

Furthermore, the company organizes a yearly ski trip for all employees (and it is known as “EtSki”) and they also organize a yearly Hack Week where employees collaborate across teams on a variety of projects.

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  • I’ll need to be getting a job after this summer to help pay for college and whatnot, so I’ll be looking into these companies when the time comes. I know it’s not a retailer, but I’ve heard Starbucks is also a good company to work for.

  • Excellent information! I had no idea Build A Bear was such a fantastic place to work. My daughter will be sixteen this summer and she loves her Build A Bear bears! I can’t wait to tell her about this place. Thank you for such intriguing information, I may even look up some of these companies since I am a stay at home mom and am in the market for a little extra income.

  • What do you know! Not one of hose companies has a location anywhere near me. Yet again where I live eliminates more possible great opportunities. *sighs*. I still would rather be here than in a big city where I don’t feel safe and its always noisy.

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