Top Money Saving Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Top Money Saving Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow
Written by Oana Schneider

We’d like to start by saying that, when struggling with financial problems, most people forget to look for solutions online before buying self-improvement books. If that is the case for you, and we have a hunch it is, we prepared a list on people you need to follow on Twitter: saving money has never been more fun!

Real Money @RealMoneyLife

Number of followers: 7.2K
Topics: Financial News, Money-saving Tips, Personal Finance
Overview: This Twitter page focuses on the latest news regarding the financial sector of the US economy, so if you are interested in being up to speed with what’s going on in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find out things like: how much we spend on our household items every year, how many people are unemployed, which are the most looked-for jobs on the market and so on. Our advice would be to follow Real Money and be up to speed with all the financial info you need.

Emily’s Frugal Tips @EmilysFrugalTps

Number of followers: 12K
Topics: How to save money, Coupons, Discounts, Online Offers
Overview: Those of you looking for a way to save money at home, without feeling deprived, should definitely follow Emily’s Frugal Tips: she has the inside scoop on the best online deals, discounts and coupons. Plus, if you have questions or a bit of help, she’ll get back to you in no time. We like the fact that she is very active and creates buzz around each and every money-saving idea!

Money Saving Mom @MoneySavingMom

Number of followers: 123K
Topics: Family Life, Saving Money, Discounts and Deals
Overview: If you just have a baby or are struggling with your financial situation, you definitely need to follow Money Saving Mom. Crystal Paine, the owner of Money Saving Mom blog, is focused on finding new ways to improve a family’s life without breaking the bank which, in today’s economy, is a great thing. We love the fact that she posts discounts very often and aims to help young mothers: we really like your Amazon news! Follow Money Saving Mom and see what you can find!

Frugal Girls  @FrugalGirls

Number of followers: 106K
Topics: Money Saving, Living off the Grid, DIY
Overview: We think that if you are interested in saving money and also having a great family life, Frugal Girls is the Twitter account to follow. First of all, you’ll get info on how to create household items, amazing cooking recipes and all the deals and discounts you can find online. The interesting thing about Frugal Girls is that they never post false information or unverified facts. Plus, if you have questions or a looking for a certain tutorial on how to braid your hair, for example, you’ll get an answer in no time! With over 100 000 followers, Frugal Girls is a wonderful source of info, tips and tricks on how to save money and still fully enjoy your life!

Top Money Saving Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Cheapskate Blog @CheapskateBlog

Number of followers: 16.9K
Topics: Frugal ideas, Cheapskate Lifestyle, News, Discounts and Sales
Overview: With a motto that says “I’m so cheap, I won’t even tip my hat.” Rick Broida makes cheapskates around the world proud. If you’re into penny-pinching, re-purposing, DIY projects that cost next to nothing, you may want to follow Rick today. Aside from getting all the scoop on an extreme lifestyle, you’ll also be up to speed with every discount and deal you can find! If you like electronics, even better!

Bargain Briana @BargainBriana

Number of followers: 73.2K
Topics: Couponing, Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money, DIY, Discounts
Overview: Briana started using coupons as a joke at first but fell in love with it immediately. In fact, she loved it so much that she even started blogging about it. Now, she is proud to be a mom, wife and brand advocate, teaching people around the country how to make the most of their income, which is a remarkable thing to do. There are two things we advise you to do: follow her Twitter and also read her blog for the complete picture. She is probably the living proof that saving money doesn’t have to be frustrating or feel depriving: it can also be extremely fun and rewarding!

5 Dollar Dinners @5DollarDinners

Number of followers: 24.2K
Topics: Cooking, DIY, Money-saving Ideas, Family Life
Overview: If you don’t know who Erin Chase is or haven’t seen any of her cooking shows on TV, you must be a newbie among other penny-pinchers. We feel that what she does is perfect for today’s financial situation in the US. While a lot of people crowd up the fast food restaurants, Erin teaches Americans to cook their own meals for only $5! And no, it doesn’t mean that all she cooks is potatoes! Follow her Twitter, write down some recipes and give them a go in your kitchen! Isn’t it better to enjoy your time at home rather than eating unhealthy food in a greasy place? We think it is!

Wise Bread @WiseBread

Number of followers: 51.8K
Topics: How to Save Money, DIY Projects, Food Recipes, News
Overview: All you need to know about money-saving, DIY projects, good food and family life is right here! With over 43 000 followers, Ashley Jacobs is in charge of all the content on and the Twitter page. Follow her to find out about the latest discounts and coupons, as well as her take on home cooking, DIY, and shopping, investment and family life. Wise Bread is the actual proof that having a happy family it’s really not about how wealthy you are, but about how much you can accomplish with the little money that you have.

The Frugal Traveler @FrugalTraveler

Number of followers: 502K
Topics: Travel, Personal Finance, Cheap Destinations
Overview: Well, if you read The New York Times, you know what we’re talking about. The renowned newspaper had this amazing idea to send someone on a trip with as little money as possible as see what happens. This is how Frugal Traveler started. Now, millions of Americans are advised to spend as little money as possible on their adventures. Plus, they are given all the information they need, from hotels to stay at to food and entertainment. Did we mention that The Frugal Traveler posts great stories from their trips around the globe? Follow their Twitter and enter a world of priceless yet incredibly cheap experiences!

Don’t Pay Full @DontPayFull

Number of followers: 54K
Topics: Coupons, Deals, Discounts, Offers, Family Life, Personal Finance, DIY
Overview: Not to brag too much about our team, but if everybody would be as determined as them, the world would be a much better place. Our Twitter is like a penny-pinching festival, plus we always practice what we preach. This means that we truly believe that saving money should be a fact of life, not just a random activity. We make the most of every penny ourselves and have great lives, frustration-free. We enjoy tweeting about coupons, saving, ways to cut down expenses and costless ideas to have fun at any hour. Follow us and let’s get in touch. We answer all questions and are pretty open to social interaction.

Top Money Saving Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Frugal Rules @FrugalRules

Number of followers: 30.9K
Topics: Family Life, Personal Finance, Frugal Lifestyle
Overview: We are so in love with Frugal Rules and their good advice! There are a number of reasons why you should follow them on Twitter right now: first of all, they created a concise guide on what to do in order to save your money and still live a happy life. We are very inspired by Brian Fourman from Frugal Rules and his story and actually think that he could be an example for everyone. If you’re looking for ideas on how to invest your money wisely and how to determine how much money is enough for your family, you can ask Brian on Twitter and you’ll get a reply ASAP. Have fun saving money and enjoy life to the fullest!

All You @AllYou

Number of followers: 40.5K
Topics: DIY Projects, Home-cooked Meals, Family Life, Crafts, Money-saving Tips
Overview: We can’t get enough of All You! We love their tips and tricks to a happy life, their amazing ideas on how to save money and their interesting and very curious followers, who ask the best questions ever! You need to follow All You on Twitter if you: want to get the best recipes, are interested in crafting, are looking for a fresh and vibrant source of information, are ready to hear about some really cool life-hacks and enjoy social media more than waiting in line at the supermarket, for example (nobody likes that, so this should be an easy choice).

Follow all these interesting people on Twitter and learn from the beast! You’ll see that saving money could actually be a very interesting and fun activity when you’re well-guided! Have fun and have a great life!

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Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • Surprisingly enough, I do follow All You, and I do like the coupons that are available in their actual magazine. They have printable coupons on their actual website, and their Twitter account often announces great coupons and deals. I’d have to recommend All You to anyone that doesn’t know about them already.

    • I have also seen a lot these coupons on there website. Also it good when your looking through twitter to get some good deals. I would recommend these sites to anyone out there looking for a great deal.

  • One of the things that I like the most about Twitter is the fact that you can see so much at your fingertips, meaning that you have a lot of hints and tips available to you. I already follow some of the accounts that are suggested here, and in the past I have certainly got a lot out of it. Saving money is very important to me, and I have to admit that it is sort of a hobby for me as well, so following these accounts on Twitter is great for me as it makes things very easy.

  • When I started reading this I initially thought that it would be a waste of time because I’m a man and I was so sure that all the Twitter accounts you were going to list would be aimed at women. I must hold my hands up and say I was VERY wrong!

    While some are aimed at women there were a few that I have eagerly followed and can’t wait to see what they offer to help me save a few more bucks a month. 🙂

  • Thanks for this great list. I have heard of some these and am already following those blogs. It is great to know though that is for sure. I am going to probably sign into Twitter and start following all of these ASAP. 🙂

  • These twitter accounts are a gold mine for coupons, seriously. I think I got Twitter myself just so I could follow accounts like these and get discounts, as well as money saving tips.

  • I’ve followed most of them, it looks as if they post lots of great deals and information on how to save money. I love seeing coupons come across my twittersphere, and I’m looking forward to seeing the $5 recipes, as well!

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