Coupons: What Will You Get with It – for 1500 Bucks?


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  • Wow, this is a pretty good infographic. I was hoping you can also post what coupons are you using, and what you are comparing to when you do this. Otherwise, I think it’s great. The elliptical would seem to be a great addition to my home, and I could definitely use a new pair of sneakers. The plasma TV as well. I still own a TV from almost 10 years ago, and I think it’s time for a change.. Thanks!

  • Great display! I need to look into the under armor shirts for my husband, he uses those to work out in. We use our fireplace a lot, too, it does heat up the room nicely. I actually keep our thermostat on 70 and we just wear long sleeves when we’re home. I also have portable heaters in the family room and living room, but good ideas, thanks!

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