WIN Jawbone UP24 Fitness Tracker GIVEAWAY!

Jawbone UP24 Fitness Tracker GIVEAWAY
Written by DontPayFull

WIN Jawbone UP24 Fitness Tracker GIVEAWAY!



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  • What a cool little gadget! I would love to win one of these and will share on Facebook to try and get some extra entries.

  • Thanks for the link, it was so easy to enter. I’ve been looking at these fitness bands, but just couldn’t justify the cost – what I nice surprise it would be to win one. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Even if you don’t win this one, I’d recommend paying the price to get a Jawbone anyways. They’re great fitness trackers. One of the best and most simple gadgets you’ll find on the market. It might cost a lot upfront, but the device pays dividends throughout its entire lifetime of use.

  • I wouldn’t use a fitness tracker myself, but this is a great opportunity for someone that would. If you like tracking such things, then the Jawbone is one of the best options on the market. Some people would say it’s expensive, but they’re priced according to what the market is willing to pay. Then again, it’s always better to get something for free!

    • I am the same way. I wouldn’t want a fitness tracker either, however, it can be extremely beneficial to some people. A strict regime tracking one’s progress can be the motivation needed to reach a goal. Plus, a nifty gadget such as this makes it fun to do. I tend to get discouraged when I am regularly checking my progress, though. I’m better off not thinking about it and after some time see how I’m doing.

  • I would love to win one as well. It is so neat how companies are coming up with all these neat little gadgets to make your every day life that much easier!

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