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$1000 DontPayFull Annual Student Scholarship

Our objective is to help people save money, providing them with the best deals and discount coupons for online shopping.

Now, we want to invest in students who need financial help. This is why we are glad to announce the third edition of the "DontPayFull Annual Student Scholarship", sponsored exclusively by DontPayFull. We offer $1000 every year to one eligible student across each institution type (High School, College or University) in the United States.

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

Eligibility: You must be a current or future (next year) student to be eligible for the $1000 DontPayFull Annual Student Scholarship.

The application process will end in:


Application Requirements

  • All content must be original, any form of plagiarism would be disqualified
  • In total, your answer must not exceed 5000 words
  • The language used in the essay should be English
  • Applicants must specify their choice of institution for the scholarship
  • Please complete all the boxes provided below regarding your personal information
  • All submissions must be received by October 31, 2019


  • Applicants must currently be in High School, College or University education in a US institution
  • Applicants must provide a copy of their proof of enrollment, FAFSA award letter or acceptance letter

Scholarship Winners

  • The winners will be decided by DontPayFull’s expert panel of judges by November 30, 2019
  • The winners of the DontPayFull Scholarship will be announced first via e-mail and posted on our website and social media pages
  • The funds will be awarded directly to the institutions and may be used for tuition or other educational expenses.
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DontPayFull Annual Student Scholarship

Share with us a never to be forgotten type of story when a discount, an online or offline coupon, a price negotiation or in other words when you just didn't pay the full price, made a big difference as in maybe it saved your life or perhaps thanks to that deal you've met your soon-to-be best friend or life partner, etc.

0 Goal: strike a chord with the audience with regard to the beautiful years of adolescence when even a single dollar was of significant importance. Essays will be graded on emotion, creativity, authenticity and must be written with correct punctuation and grammar.
Benjamin Pfeifer

The Winner of the 2018 Annual Student Scholarship

Benjamin Pfeifer, University of Dayton, MBA Science in Business Administration

“ I'm an MBA student and the University of Dayton, where I have also graduated from in May with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Administration. My majors were International Business and Entrepreneurship and my minor was Spanish. I'm currently working on a couple of startups and would like to live in Spain within the next few years. ”

Benjamin's Application Form
Preston Rodrigues

The Winner of the 2017 Annual Student Scholarship

Preston Rodrigues, Ashford University, Bachelor's in International Business

“ Throughout my life I have valued the benefit of continuous learning and building personally. I currently am in my senior year at Ashford University, seeking my Bachelor's in International Business. During this time I have helped develop multiple businesses, including my current business iHeart Gaming, which creates gaming and esports events. We're currently expanding to develop the first esports Arena in San Diego, and I'm very excited to complete this goal alongside finishing my degree. When I'm not working on both of these, in my free time, I enjoy working out, cooking, and spending time with friends & family. ”

Preston's Application Form