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Powdered Juice Drinks
I've never actually seen a product like this. Perhaps it's because it's not available where I live. How exactly do they taste? When it says powdered I'm always under the impression that it uses artificial coloring and...
Posted by: daimashin in Food & Drink - 11 minutes ago
Do you have a paying account with any MMORPG?
Nope, never had a single MMO where I have to pay a subscription fee. All the MMOs that I've played are free to play games. There are micro-transactions in them but I never bothered with them either. Usually I get bored...
Posted by: daimashin in Movies, Music & Games - 19 minutes ago
Resident Evil Remake
It's actually a good idea for this remake. It was a Nintendo exclusive game when it was released and many people wanted to play but didn't own a Nintendo console. I think it's also a great way to gauge gamers'...
Posted by: daimashin in Movies, Music & Games - 22 minutes ago
Do you like to travel during Fall?
No, I prefer traveling in the winter or summer. However, money-wise, the fall is the best choice. Since people don't tend to go places during this time period, there's lots of sales. Plan tickets aren't nearly as...
Posted by: True2marie in Travel - 55 minutes ago
Do you mod your computer?
I no longer have a desktop computer. I purely use a laptop for all my processing needs. Anyways, I have never tried modding any computer before because I don't know how to. Haha. Some of my friends know how to mod...
Posted by: lindbergh in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Is Rap music destroying our youth?
No, rap music isn't destroying our youth. Here's a list (in my humble opinion) of what's hurting them. Absentee parents Poorly run schools Drugs/Alcohol Molestation Whenever you see a destroyed adult,...
Posted by: True2marie in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
(Men) Do you like wearing skinny jeans?
When I first saw skinny jeans, I hated them. To me, they made the wearer look feminine. However, now, after a few years, I am so used to seeing males in skinny jeans that it seems 'normal'. I just had to get used to...
Posted by: True2marie in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
Would You Be Embarassed To Use Food Stamps?
I would probably feel somewhat embarrassed only because food stamps are associated with poverty. And who wants everyone else to know they are broke? However, I would use them if I had to. There's nothing wrong with...
Posted by: True2marie in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
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