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Ah, I see you changed churches! It's good to see that you have found a place that suits you more than that one you were going to before. :D Anyway, that's a way of thinking about things that I hadn't considered at the...
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How many meatless dishes do you cook a week?
I have meatless dishes everyday. It's not really hard for me because I'm not too big on meat anyway. It's not because of political reasons but I'm just someone who doesn't indulge a lot in meat. Some days all I eat are...
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Multiple pizza package
I haven't seen this in my area as of yet. This option is certainly cost effective. You'll have to pay a few more bucks, but it's nothing compare to what you'll actually pay for 3 separate pizzas, plus taxes. I love...
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Lovers- Meant to be or just crazy?!
So many issues in the world can be resolved through open non-judgmental conversation without rancor where compromises are reached and solutions are worked on together. If your two friends are going to stay together...
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Why Do Christians Keep Their Treasure So Far Away?
Well, that is true that someone who has a hangup about one thing may do the same as one who has a different hangup but on the same subject. All I meant by that is that we should take all evidence into account before...
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Books or ebooks?
I really can't choose one over the other. I buy the majority of my books used so they are very inexpensive compared to ebooks. Plus, I like the feeling of physically turning the pages of a book and the battery never...
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DIY projects are so inexpensive and fun. I often have this debate with a close friend of mine. It does not matter how large or small the task is, she immediately wants to hire someone. Although she has money, she is...
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Tide Pods
I have not tried the Tide Pods yet but I have used the All Mighty Pacs. They worked fine. I don't think they are anything exceptional but they did the job and I didn't detect any unpleasant odor with them. I would...
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