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Tankless water heaters?
I just came across a tank less water heater by browsing the internet. Has anyone ever heard of this product like myself or does anyone here already know of or use one? I suppose it is a good idea for a product but the...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Home & Garden - 59 minutes ago
Do you have insurance that covers gas and water lines?
:-) If we really examine Insurance, there can be insurance for practically anything "capable of being owned" by man and that extends to, anything that we buy, and anything that we own by virtue of buying something else....
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Foil or plastic wrap (cling film)?
I prefer cling wrap. But I think the foil is easier to manage and to fold, unlike with the cling wrap that you'd really have to be careful. I don't use foil in small things, I use for larger ones and when I can't use...
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Power line vs generator
I think it's still more advisable to use a power line that to use a generator. When you use a generator, you'd have to spend more on gas which is more expensive as compared with the power line. Also, there is more...
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Washing dishes with running water?
I wash the dishes with the running water. I exhaust all the possible ways in which I can save. And I think that I am able to save a lot if I only wash my dishes with running water. I don't think that it would really...
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Renewing the air in the house?
I don't open my windows. Rarely that I do, I think only when I have to let a scent shift away faster. That's the only time that I open my windows. I don't think that for it's a good way to get a new circulation of air...
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Non-stick pan
Honestly, it's the truth and also the secret to real savings. Even if the quality ones are expensive, they are still worth their price. Because if you buy the ones that are cheap but of low quality, you'd just end up...
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Gas Discounts
Although gas prices are dropping right now, it is still one of my biggest expenses because I use my personal vehicle for my job. While gassing up, I sometimes see discounts on gas for opening a gas credit card. It got...
Posted by: missbee23 in Auto & Moto - 2 hours ago
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