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How much more would I spend with a cat?
A cat is not that expensive. When I had just one I would buy a good quality sack of food from petsmart for about $16. I can't remember the brand (I switch to another one). I would also feed her half a can of wet food so...
Posted by: mariee in Pets - 1 hour ago
Do you still buy computer parts and acessories in store?
I live near a TigerDirect store so if they have the part in store at a good price I buy it there. I do that so I can save on shipping. Shipping is hardly ever free to PR. We have a couple of specialized small computer...
Posted by: mariee in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
One Touch
I have an older version of this product that worked very well until it wore out. While this one looks essentially identical to the old one, it clearly is not anywhere near the previous one in terms of quality or...
Posted by: askanison in As Seen on TV - 1 hour ago
PSN God Mode game for PS3 ($3) Digital
I thought I'd pass it along. Great game for $3. Retro shooter action and RPG elements are combined in this new downloadable third-person shooter. God Mode combines non-linear gameplay, fast and frantic shooting,...
Posted by: askanison in Hot Deals - 1 hour ago
Amazon's Kindle Unlimited
I would rather just stick with my Amazon prime. I can find e-books and audio books elsewhere for free. Amazon prime is well worth it if you travel a lot or have a job where you have a lot of downtime.
Posted by: askanison in Product Reviews - 1 hour ago
Artificial body enhancements
Oh, yes. I have seen that famous face before. Actually on the cover of some magazine. I had to stop and look at it. At first I thought it was a person who had an accident and needed reconstructive surgery, but then I...
Posted by: Dora M in Health & Beauty - 3 hours ago
Favorite apps
Hmmm let's see... I am really hooked on my iphone! I use the camera all the time and a few different apps for that like Camera+, Flickr uploader and others. For reading, I use an app called Overdrive for checking out...
Posted by: Shoplady in Mobile Apps & Games - 3 hours ago
Credit Card points
Yep, I use my credit card points. Basically, I get one point for every dollar I spend. I frequently cash out these points for cash back. It doesn't add up to much, but it's about a 1% kickback, so it's certainly...
Posted by: Jessi in Credit Cards - 3 hours ago
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