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    discount code "WILL CALL" for 5% off under $100 and 15% over $100 for will call pickups

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    dogdays Get Coupon Code

    10% OFF ALL D'Addario Strings and Planet Waves Accessories

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Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates to win
Attachment 1252 ( Be one of the 1000 lucky people to receive a goodie back from Elizabeth Shaw. The recipe is the same for more than 70 years and you'll...
Posted by: Carla LaBrie in Freebies and Giveaways - 6 minutes ago
Retirement Thoughts
I'm 28 with a baby on the way and I'm definitely feeling that anxiety as well - If I didn't save for retirement until now, how will I manage to now that my expenses will go into overdrive? It's definitely a weird...
Posted by: Strykstar in Retirement Plans - 16 minutes ago
Baby talk to your pets?
I think the policy for when it's acceptable to baby talk to your pets is that is not too weird when they are little puppies or kittens. After they grow up it's just weird to see people doing it, and I know a few people...
Posted by: Strykstar in Pets - 47 minutes ago
Re-Gifting - Do you think it's acceptable?
It is acceptable, but not for close friends and family who can tell if it a personal gift or not. If there is no one to give it to, then I give to a friend or goodwill. One does have to be careful, so only re gift...
Posted by: Theo in Seasonal & Holidays - 1 hour ago
Benifits of using a travel agent vs free online travel sites
I think travel agents are good for companies who have complicated itineraries and is convenient for them rather than getting a PA to do it or if you are doing around the world trip and need advice. Most people using...
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What do you feel after an intense workout?
Same here! ---Quote (Originally by Parker)--- I feel proud of myself after a great run. I don't always feel like running, but I love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I also feel energized for a little...
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Work from Home Scams?
One way to reduce the risk to some extent is to work through freelance websites having escrow facility.
Posted by: Forall in Scams = To Good To Be True - 1 hour ago
Coupon Dates
Would you have remembered the person so well if he/she hadn't used coupons? Maybe not! :)
Posted by: Forall in Coupons - 1 hour ago
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