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Do You Search For Local Sellers?
No I don't ever look for a local seller. I can see the benefits of doing that but I tend to look for best price and reviews first. I don't mind paying for shipping costs because I don't think I would want to meet up...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Misc & Others - 31 minutes ago
What motivates you to save?
I save it all for a rainy day fund. I really hate my job now and it's starting to take a toll on my health. I am going to hang in as long as I have but watching the balance of my rainy day fund go up is somewhat...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Misc & Others - 36 minutes ago
Do you lend family money?
I will always lend money to family if they need it. Granted it would usually just be a little to my siblings, never more than a few hundred. I would always tell them to not worry about paying me back but they always...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Misc & Others - 38 minutes ago
Do you ever wash your clothes by hand?
I wash my delicates by hand. Anything that has even a remote chance of being damaged in the washer is washed by hand. I do one or two items per night so it never becomes a big deal. I have special detergent for it and a...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Misc & Others - 40 minutes ago
Lipstick as cheek color
This is a great idea and also a way to save money. I tried it once, just for fun, and it didn't translate well for me. Perhaps the finish of the lipstick was too matte but I found I wasn't able to blend it that well. I...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Health & Beauty - 44 minutes ago
Brand name or custom build computers
Our first pc was custom built, but the next one was branded. So far, since 2011 it has not really broken down or had any serious hardware problems, the RAM just needs to be cleaned once in a while when it starts to make...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Would you trust a $120 desktop computer?
Yeah I would trust a computer that cheap, since pc's have become a whole lot affordable these days, just like most cellphones nowadays that have become cheap and affordable over time. $120 for a whole pc set is typical...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Movies That Made You Cry
We do need to cleanse our eyes through tears sometimes. I have not cried out of sadness for a long time. These are my tear jerker movie picks: Hachiko It's a Wonderful Life Ruruoni Kenshin (the 2 OVA films) Grave of...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
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