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Iphone 6 or Newer Samsung Device?
I have been really thinking about this Christmas because right now I need a new phone and I have been thinking about getting the new Iphone but I have a Samsung right now and I really like it. I have been hearing some...
Posted by: teabwoi in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 14 minutes ago
How Much Do You Spend On Gift Wrapping?
Honestly, I reuse a lot of gift bags but that being said, I still do enjoy picking out wrapping supplies. I know they can be pricey, but I just think it adds that extra special touch. Target always has a great...
Posted by: dandeliion in Seasonal & Holidays - 20 minutes ago
Have you switched from incandescent to LED Christmas Lights?
I haven't really thought about it before. I would always to go WalMart or some place like that and just pick up some lights. Sometimes, I would even pick up a tree (but I really prefer all-natural trees). I think LED...
Posted by: LitoLawless in Seasonal & Holidays - 22 minutes ago
Where Do You Get Cheap Jewelry?
Most of my cheap jewelry I buy at Forever 21. It's not always the best quality, but all of the pieces are super cheap so it doesn't really matter. Seriously, you can find jewelry there from like $2 to larger pieces...
Posted by: dandeliion in Fashion & Apparel - 23 minutes ago
Amazon real reviews
People pay for reviews all the time. There are even ads for people willing to pay for reviews all over Craigslist. I think the ratio between real and fake reviews are about 10 to 1. Sometimes, people would will send the...
Posted by: LitoLawless in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 58 minutes ago
Thoughts on T-Mobile?
I have been with T-Mobile for over 12 years. I was with them when they were Voicestream. I was very happy with them for about the first 9 or 10 years other than the fact that their coverage was not as good as some...
Posted by: chelessweeps in Phone, Internet & TV - 2 hours ago
WhatsApp Rumored To Become Available in Browsers Soon
Excellent! With the trend of multi-platform on the market, this is good news. Even if only a small segment adopts the web as a platform for using whatsapp, traditional users will benefit by being able to interact with...
Posted by: oldwriter in Mobile Apps & Games - 2 hours ago
Octa-core phone right now?
Applications used by the average mobile user still demand less resources than those a quad-core phone can provide. In fact, it's still common to see people satisfied with the same dual-core phone they bought some years...
Posted by: oldwriter in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 2 hours ago
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