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What special things do you do when you have guests staying in your home?
I am not used to have guests in my home. But whenever I do, I make sure that they'd feel at home by directly saying to them to feel at home and allowing them to use everything in the house. I also make it a point to be...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 10 minutes ago
Do You Tip The Delivery Person When Shopping Online?
Tipping delivery men and women aren't common in my country, so I never really tip them. I only give a tip to the hairstylist that happens to cut my hair.
Posted by: sidney in Misc & Others - 33 minutes ago
USB Electric Plug Adapters
You get what you pay for, so if you go for cheap you'll get a cheaply made product! Also, it's how often are you using the product and how well it's maintain highly determines it's longevity in usability - even high-end...
Posted by: valiantx in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 37 minutes ago
Paying bills
We pay the bills manually. I have no credit card or any subscription to a company, so technically, I have no bills of my own, since I still live with my parents.
Posted by: sidney in Misc & Others - 42 minutes ago
Recycling clothes
I do recycle clothes. When I couldn't give them away, when they are no longer usable, I don't just throw them, I make them as rags. Why would I throw them if I know I could still use them with something else, right?...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 46 minutes ago
When do you spend most of your time in your house?
Mine is in the study area. I rarely spend some quality time with the living room, relax and drown myself to pleasure of entertainment. Most of the time I am in the study area, though I am not studying at all. I have...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 48 minutes ago
Do You Have A Favorite Breading For Frying Fish?
Although I don't eat fried fish too much and like to make my own breading most of the time, my to go breading mix for fishes are Zatarain's and McCormick's Golden Dipt Beer Batter. Zatarain's is a all around good mix...
Posted by: valiantx in Food & Drink - 52 minutes ago
Do you have friends/family who brag about how much money spend??
I don't recall being engaged in such a conversation lately, but I do know some people who are arrogant. If I were you, just daydream while looking interested in what she's saying, at least you'll spare her feelings. And...
Posted by: sidney in Misc & Others - 52 minutes ago
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