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Citrus fruits
I honestly don't like citrus fruits mixing in with most of my savory dishes and I prefer to keep it pure and separate if I can. I like oranges and lemons, but whenever I taste lime squeezed on my meals I'm kind of...
Posted by: DrRipley in Food & Drink - 4 minutes ago
Plastic plates
I live with my daughter. We are a small family so we use china dishes and wash them. The only plastic plates we have are the ones that came with our picnic basket and those are meant to be washed and put back inside the...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Home & Garden - 5 minutes ago
Mixed Healthy & Junk Food Dishes
I prefer to keep my meals separate rather than mix them like you. If I'm hungry I try to avoid fast food because it doesn't fill you up. There are a lot of empty calories in it. If I eat fast food I'll get hungry again...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 18 minutes ago
Will you use real money on PC games?
I'm okay with paying for games upfront but I am a bit hesitant to pay for upgrades within the game. If I liked the game enough and the item or upgrade were good enough and came at a cheap price then I'd consider it, but...
Posted by: DrRipley in Software PC & Mac - 23 minutes ago
Do you like wearing neon colors?
I wouldn't say I hate it since I'd give it a try if I found a piece that I like enough but in general I tend to stick with tamer colors because they are easier to work with. My favorite type is pastel but neon is ok...
Posted by: DrRipley in Fashion & Apparel - 26 minutes ago
What's your egg dish?
I love eggs benedict with a silghtly runny egg and the rich sauce. I don't have it too often. I also can't make it myself that well so it's a nice treat when I'm going out for brunch. One of my favorite restaurants...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 36 minutes ago
Ice tea
They're pretty much as bad as regular soft drinks in terms of sugar content. I would suggest brewing your own tea from teabags/tea leaves, adding a dash of lemon juice/jasmine leaves/rose buds to give it some additional...
Posted by: Squigly in Food & Drink - 37 minutes ago
When food shopping do you prefer quality or quantity?
I go for the quality. I wouldn't want to fill my stomach with tons of unhealthy foods that are cheap that I could by more than what I could consume. Even if the quality foods are that expensive and that I don't have...
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 46 minutes ago
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