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Do you buy socks in bulk?
Although I do buy panyhose in bulk, I definitely don't buy socks in bulk. I hardly ever wear socks at all, and when I do, they are normally novelty socks (like for a holiday or something). I still have a pack of ankle...
Posted by: Mochaisis in Fashion & Apparel - 27 minutes ago
Do you price check before going to a clothing sale?
I didn't used to check before shopping a sale, but I have certainly learned my lesson. Last year, I bought a beautiful pair of over-the-knee boots at the mall for $216.55, originally marked down from $475. I thought...
Posted by: Mochaisis in Fashion & Apparel - 33 minutes ago
Extra Tips When Buying A New or Used Car
you just look for the genuine validation...
Posted by: Simon08 in Auto & Moto - 36 minutes ago
Best vacation?
I would say my favorite vacation to date was one I made to Los Angeles in 2012. I was there only for 5 days, but it was out of this world. I went to Universal studios, Rodeo drive, The Groove and I even saw a premiere...
Posted by: isabbbela in Travel - 39 minutes ago
What do you use to store leftovers in?
I usually use plastic containers, like Tupperware. I have several different sizer and shapes and I use those both to store food on the fridge and the freezer.
Posted by: isabbbela in Food & Drink - 42 minutes ago
Lipstick as cheek color
It's a good tip, but as someone mentioned in a reply, matte colors don't blend in very well and if you use a matte and dry lipstick it will not look good as you will have marks where you dabbed the lipstick on your...
Posted by: isabbbela in Health & Beauty - 47 minutes ago
Do you insure your pets?
I have been thinking of getting an insurance for my dog, I made some quotes in two or three companies to see which one is worth it. Turns out the only one I would think would be worth it is the absolute more expensive...
Posted by: isabbbela in Pets - 1 hour ago
What sites do you use?
Unbelievable. This is a thread about what coupon and money saving sites people use and people are still posting about Facebook and Tumblr. Here's a useful blog that I found about learning Target's markdown schedule....
Posted by: ACSAPA in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
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