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So What Do YOU *HATE* about Facebook?
There is no reasons to hate facebook if you use it properly. I mean, personally, I used facebook to get to know updates from my relatives, connect to people that I used to work with or old classmates and friends (you...
Posted by: owesem75 in Product Reviews - 25 minutes ago
Learning a new language
I tried learning FRENCH and ARABIC and I am using softwares like rosetta and the talk to me which greatly help my learning process as it is modular. Also, now that there are so many other phone application that you can...
Posted by: owesem75 in Misc & Others - 35 minutes ago
Aren't Divorcees Asking for Death?
life will throw us lemons from time to time and we just have to turn it into lemonade or at least try to. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it is not final as we know of the changing nature of man, though we took the...
Posted by: Nikkishea21 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 52 minutes ago
Studying ONLINE
I have recently come across both Coursera as well as Alison websites, these sites offer free and almost free In the case of Alison) educational material. I am a learning fanatic and just want to learn as much as i can...
Posted by: Nikkishea21 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
Do you think this is rude to post on FB? (Money Related)
Personally i would not post something of that nature on Facebook but i am a conservative person by nature and we are all different. It is a sensitive issue and i do not think that the world needs to know that i was in...
Posted by: Nikkishea21 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
Do you buy a Christmas tree or use an artificial one?
I also have an artificial tree. I think it's better than having to chop down a tree that took years to grow just so you can hang lights and shiny things on it for one week of every year. I feel having an artificial...
Posted by: Nate5 in Seasonal & Holidays - 1 hour ago
Jamaican in the building!
Hi everyone I am a Jamaican, born and bred...never left my island home. My country is nestled in the Caribbean and boast year long sunshiny days and beautiful mountains and beaches. I am a country girl by nature and as...
Posted by: Nikkishea21 in Look Who Found Us! (Introduce Yourself) - 1 hour ago
What's Your Monthly Online Shopping Threshold?
To be honest I don't have a monthly shopping budget. All I ever buy online are ebooks and used DVDs. I only buy them when I need them. So if I have enough movies to watch for a couple of months since I swap DVDs with...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Online Shopping - 1 hour ago
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