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Have you ever started a relationship due to an online purchase and now its too late?
A couple of years ago I had commented on a girl's picture on Facebook, then we started to talk via direct message. We followed each other on Twitter soon after, and the conversations continued (and sometimes went on for...
Posted by: LitoLawless in Misc & Others - 9 minutes ago
Gifts For The Holidays
Happy holidays everyone! What are you getting your loved ones for the holidays? I'm getting my mom a new pots and pans set, and maybe this spice rack that she's had her eye on for some time. I'm also going to see if I...
Posted by: LitoLawless in Gifts & Flowers - 17 minutes ago
heritage hotel in shimla
Ashlee, which places of Shimla you have been visited during your trip? Also tell me in which season of the year you like to go there? My favorite is winter.
Posted by: Maxwell in Travel - 22 minutes ago
Chinese Garden
---Quote (Originally by Ashlee)--- Please tell me the name of its any nearest accommodation? which has the family friendly atmosphere and i can stay there with my family. ---End Quote--- I think Mount Yandang Lotus...
Posted by: Maxwell in Travel - 26 minutes ago
Favorite Asian Destinations
Chapora Beach is not an extra ordinary beach but it is a nice place to visit. I visited this destination about a year ago with my few friends. I don't have good experience of this spot. Basically it is a coastal village...
Posted by: Maxwell in Travel - 32 minutes ago
What is your hobby?
---Quote (Originally by Kylrey)--- Would you like to share some details about that place??? ---End Quote--- Why not my friend! It is a well known shopping destination that is located in Lower Manhattan, New York...
Posted by: Maxwell in Travel - 40 minutes ago
Yellowstone National Park
---Quote (Originally by Kylrey)--- What are your plans Maxwell??? ---End Quote--- I have a plan to enjoy a bus trips from nyc to niagara falls on coming Christmas with my family. I think we can enjoy a lot of...
Posted by: Maxwell in Travel - 46 minutes ago
Amazon real reviews
Unfortunately, false reviews or vouches are just a fact of life. As a whole, I don't really take much notice of reviews to begin with. I've always had unique tastes my entire life, and few people seem to be able to...
Posted by: DreekLass in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
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