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Vinegar for Cleaning
I use vinegar by mixing it with water. I create the mixture and then fill in a bottle spray with it, and then do the regular cleaning. It works well on porcelain, ceramics and kitchen equipment. Spray some of the...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Home & Garden - 13 minutes ago
How do you find Dr. Pepper?
---Quote (Originally by mythman)--- I feel like posting a bit of a warning here: Keep it rare! It's a wonderful drink, don't get me wrong; but there's such-a-thing as "too much of a good thing." I don't know if it's...
Posted by: DreekLass in Food & Drink - 18 minutes ago
Best Phone / Tablet Browser
The default browser for my phones should be sufficient. For BlackBerry, I just directly type in the web address and the browser would take me there. I don't even know what the default browser for BlackBerry is. For...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Mobile Apps & Games - 20 minutes ago
Visit Only Tourist Spots In Countries You Visit?
When I visit other countries, I like to take the path that is less traveled. Therefore, I stay away from most of the tourist spots because I really want to get to know the country for what it truly is and I really want...
Posted by: Serena in Travel - 23 minutes ago
House maid: a luxury?
I think that when it's just a couple it doesn't make much sense unless we can afford it, but when both parents are working and have kids it can be really exhausting. Usually I come from work and I don't stop until they...
Posted by: Peninha in Home & Garden - 32 minutes ago
So What Do YOU *HATE* about Facebook?
---Quote (Originally by ohiotom76)--- I know I shouldn't get so worked up over it, but I hate it when I am having discussions with others on an active thread, and it may be a controversial topic, and then I will see my...
Posted by: DreekLass in Product Reviews - 33 minutes ago
Drugs dependence
That is true Dora, but at the same time I feel that ignorance is behind many cases of dependence. Like you say, people are afraid, they don't get informed and follow blindly the advice of doctors that in some cases...
Posted by: Peninha in Health & Beauty - 36 minutes ago
Generic drugs
LOL, gotta love the dis-attachment with which you speak the drugs sold in pharmacies. I wish I could be like that, but sadly I have breathing problems that aren't solved unless with those drugs, but I try to use them...
Posted by: Peninha in Health & Beauty - 37 minutes ago
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