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Have you finished your Christmas Shopping?
It is almost Christmas, and I still have not finished shopping yet. It is because I am waiting for my next pay day, which should be Tuesday. I didn't have a chance to shop early due to other obligations, and the fact...
Posted by: Misslisa in Seasonal & Holidays - 14 minutes ago
Did The Concept Of Santa Ever Confuse You As A Child?
I never got confused about Santa Clause because I was always told that he was not real as apart of every church I ever went to. This was told to the children to affirm their belief in Jesus, and to encourage them to...
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Seasonal Drinks
I love Bailey's Irish cream and eggnog. those two are my favorite drinks around the holidays.
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Have You Had A Flash Drive or Memory Card That Got Corrupted?
---Quote (Originally by ExpertAdvice)--- I have never had a flash drive that became corrupt but I currently have a slightly malfunctioning flash drive. I really don't know why or how the flash drive started to give...
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How do you break down your travel budget?
I divide my budget into the following categories: round trip airfare, lodging (rate per day multiplied by my length of stay), food expenses (usually just for lunch, dinner and random street foods in the event breakfast...
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I almost never use Credit cards
They're great if your careful and responsible and actually the best option with purchases. However they are way to easy to abuse and get yourself in trouble. I love my cards, but I'll be the first person to say they are...
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First Credit Card Question
Hi! Its great that you are thinking ahead about your credit! A really good card to start with is a secured card that has small limits, my preference is the Capital One Secured card. You pay a deposit and receive a...
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Do you have friends/family who brag about how much money spend??
---Quote (Originally by Winnie)--- Yeah, I kinda see your point here, but it almost makes me feel like the friendship is fake and phony if I am always silent about my real feelings just because she can give me money...
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