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Story versus Technicalities, which is better?
I can occasionally spot a typo in a book I'm reading something that never ceases to surprise me since a horde of editors read the book before it's published. But I never mind the typos since I actually love books whose...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 7 minutes ago
Do you like wearing neon colors?
No, I would never wear a neon colored clothes, nor posses something that is neon colored. It doesn't fit my skin tone. I tried ones and I really looked funny. Even more embarrassing is that it didn't come from me, but...
Posted by: 003 in Fashion & Apparel - 8 minutes ago
Do you try before it before you buy it?
Sometimes, but there are more times that I just take it and pay for it, without double checking on the possible unnoticed damages and fitting it, because I am always in a hurry, and I often find trying out really...
Posted by: 003 in Fashion & Apparel - 11 minutes ago
Does changing room restrictions annoy you?
Why would it bother, if it were for the sake of the majority and even for myself, then I couldn't complain. Besides, I don't find it big deal at all. Restrictions that they commonly pose aren't that hard to comply and...
Posted by: 003 in Fashion & Apparel - 13 minutes ago
Do You Make a List When Shopping For Clothes?
No, I don't make a list when I am shopping for my clothes. When I do my shopping, I just go out the house, go to the mall, bring my money and make the most of the amount that I have. I would surely spend them all no...
Posted by: 003 in Fashion & Apparel - 15 minutes ago
Ebook/Book Cover Design
Most E-books I've read had a plain cover. Except for the title, and author's name, there was nothing else on them. So, for me, covers won't make me grab a book and read it unless it's been recommended by someone who's...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 16 minutes ago
Weird Way To Save Money?
In terms of clothes, all that you would need to save money is creativity. The more creative you are, the weirder other people will look at what you're doing. If you are just as weird as you could pull through cutting...
Posted by: 003 in Fashion & Apparel - 17 minutes ago
Kitchen Makeover
Well, to learn from this. If you are really up to making your kitchen always presentable not just to your eyes, but also to the eyes of your visitors and relatives, then you should probably have it always maintained....
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 21 minutes ago
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