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Favorite Free Apps?
My favorite free app is DV Booster, It's a good app for cleaning and speeding up my phone, the good thing about this app is that it tells you when your phone needs boosting, or you can manually boost it when you want...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Product Reviews - 7 minutes ago
Do You Make a List When Shopping For Clothes?
No, I don't really make a list when I buy clothes, because I don't buy one unless I need it or I happen to see something that I like. I also think that it's not advisable to give clothes as gifts because the recipient...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 11 minutes ago
Getting tired of Facebook
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- Well, I suppose that your way would be considered the negative way to look at it?? Envy maybe??? I am not envious. Why shouldn't people post the happy moments in their lives just...
Posted by: Nickchick in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 14 minutes ago
What are your fall/winter travel plans?
We don't have fall and winter in the Philippines; but we will be experiencing winter in another country this year as we travel to Japan. I'm excited because the winter in Tokyo is not as harsh as compared to the winter...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Travel - 32 minutes ago
Is fax still a thing?
Fax is still very much alive here in the states. As a matter of fact, most company stores fax all their employee info to the main office so that its in file in a few different places. I also know that those that work...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Office Supplies - 42 minutes ago
Obscure Beer Brands
I was introduced to a beer by the name of Angry Seas it was very good. I don;t know much about it.
Posted by: Pat in Food & Drink - 43 minutes ago
If you have kids, you need unlimited text on your mobile phone plan
I agree with the above poster about setting up rules and being a parent. Cell phones aren't a necessity but a cool gadget to have indeed. Limits should be set forth and the said child should follow them. If they break...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Phone, Internet & TV - 52 minutes ago
Spending too much on Internet
Why are you on a business plan? Business plans cost alot more then just a residential plan, at least in my area it does. I pay $24.95 for DSL. I get a great download and upload time and have straight connectivity...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Phone, Internet & TV - 1 hour ago
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