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Spend Less By Buying Fewer Clothes?
I try to buy a few durable pieces in classic cuts that won't go out of style quickly. So, I spend money on coats every five years or so, and every year I buy a couple of nice pairs of jeans, black pants, and khakis....
Posted by: Amanda K in Fashion & Apparel - 6 minutes ago
10 Ways To Blast Away ADULT ACNE
In an effort to cut costs, I had to give up the manufactured products. Instead, I use an exfoliating scrub made from honey (about a tablespoon) and a 1/2 packet of Sugar in the Raw that I lift from Panera or whatever...
Posted by: Amanda K in Product Reviews - 13 minutes ago
[US Only] Win 2,500 dollars for your perfect date
Attachment 1643 ( You want to surprise your beloved partner but you are always low on cash. You want to offer her/him the perfect date ever, yet, the...
Posted by: Carla LaBrie in Freebies and Giveaways - 13 minutes ago
Best Shoe Prices
Plato's Closet has events where their shoes are practically nothing. This past week any shoes marked as clearance were $2. This weekend any clearance that wasn't sold will be sold for only $1! It's an incredible deal...
Posted by: dizzykitsune in Fashion & Apparel - 23 minutes ago
Shaving foam vs shaving gel
I prefer shaving gel, I think one of the misconceptions people have is that it stays as a gel. Once you rub it on your face it turns in a nice foam, not quite as "foamy" as shaving foam, it's a firmer foam, very easy...
Posted by: Strykstar in Health & Beauty - 27 minutes ago
What are some of the things you do not spend money on?
Coffee or anything coffee-related. Fortunately, I'm not a big fan, so I don't have to deal with a Starbucks addiction. I also don't to buy much of anything at full-price. That's pretty generalized, but I prefer...
Posted by: Jessi in Misc & Others - 32 minutes ago
The Worst Apps
We already have a good amount of threads discussing some of the best apps for their particular category or function, so I thought we could make a thread discussing which ones we see as the worst ones we've experienced...
Posted by: DrRipley in Mobile Apps & Games - 32 minutes ago
Are Customer Reward Programs Worth It?
Oh it definitely depends. Some places have really good rewards programs. I would never shop at a store JUST for the rewards savings, though. I see them more as a perk and make my day-to-day spending decisions based on...
Posted by: Jessi in Misc & Others - 33 minutes ago
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