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By Webene 31 minutes ago in Product Reviews

Favorite Ice Cream brand?

It has to be Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Now it's the only one I can eat because I compare it to everything else. I do like dark chocolate ice cream and as most places offer a sample you can test to see how rich they are. I...

By hayrake 34 minutes ago in Food & Drink

What's Your Favorite Deli Sandwich?

Is a submarine sandwich considered a deli sandwich? Because it is my all time favorite. When I was growing up, whenever we went shopping, we would always stop and buy them and it would be such a treat. So, I have continued to love them until...

By dashboardc33 35 minutes ago in Pets

Living Affordably With Pets

I think the wet food can't be harmful to cats. It's mostly meat and some jelly, so I can't see why would it be bad for them, honestly. From what I've read the thing about dry food being harmful is that it mostly has corn and...

By Zyni 39 minutes ago in Food & Drink

How Do You Throw A Dinner Party Without Spending A Fortune?

I want to come and eat at your house, lol! Is there a recipe section on this forum? My non-vegan/vegetarian guests are always amazed they can enjoy a meal with no meat, let alone tofu, or with just a small amount of seafood.

By SpenserA 45 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Weird Cashier At Walgreens...again...

The thing about my answer is that my mother is a board certified social worker, so she'd likely set the other person straight, lol. It's very difficult to "politely call out" someone in those situations. The best thing is to...

By lindbergh 1 hour ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

Do you still have those bulky encyclopedias in your house?

My household still has a few of them. I remember them being a big part of my childhood. They used to sit in out bookcase, and I'd go through some of them to find the answer to certain things. Some were more useful than others. I know that...

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Bugs In The Packets

Yeah. I saw something like that in some Snicker's bars many years ago when my husband was a store manager for Eckerd's. Snicker's was our favorite candy bar and it just blew us away when all of those bars were recalled because of...

By rares209 1 hour ago in Sports & Fitness

Can Eating Too Much Protein Be Bad?

I think that eating too much of anything can be to your detriment. The body is a system, and just like any other system, balance is needed for it to work in a satisfying pleasing matter. So too much protein - just like anything else - will be a...