10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job
Written by Oana Schneider

Most people don’t realize how important it is to be very good at something and they go by their day complaining about how terrible their job is and so on.

For those of you who are struggling to make the most of their workplace, we have an idea that will change your life for good: find something you’re really good at, become a pro and turn that hobby into a real job. Of course, it might take a while to get everything started, but we’ll tell you what you need to do first.  

1. Sewing

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Be Your Own Fabulous Designer!

This may sound like a woman’s job, but if you’re skilled, why not try it? First of all, you’ll need to purchase some cheap fabric (we recommend that you start with the $1 per yard fabric from and then move on to something more expensive), to download patterns online and to buy a sewing machine. Don’t spend too much money on it, try to get a used one.

It doesn’t matter how old it is, as long as it’s running. You can start by selling your products on if renting a place is too expensive for you!

Online classes:,,

2. Crafting

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Turn Old Items into Pure Gold!

If you think crafting is about gluing glitter to everything you can find, you couldn’t be more wrong! Imagine how many things you could accomplish if only you knew how to use carpentry tools: all those ingenious chairs, tables and benches that are waiting for you to bring them to life!

Plus, you can find out how to become a good crafter online, without spending a lot of money: all you have to do is download an app or watch clips online. It will take you a lot of time and practice to become a real crafter, so be patient: you may ruin a few supplies until then, but it’s all worth it! Wouldn’t you like to have your own little craft store? We bet you would!

Online classes:,,

3. Photography

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Let People See the World Through Your Lens!

The good thing about this is that you don’t even have to have a very expensive camera. After all, the most iconic pictures ever have been taken with rudimentary cameras, so there’s still hope. We suggest that you start with what you have and look for interesting subjects, from your family and pets to weddings you are invited to.

In fact, you can ask a friend to let you take pictures for their ceremony, if you feel confident enough. Plus, you can check out online clips to find out more about exposure, lighting and so on when it comes to photography.

Another idea would be to become a fan of the Bored Panda community and always be up to speed with what other people are taking pictures of. In time, you can specialize and actually do this for a living!

Online classes:,

4. Baking and Cooking

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Delicious Food Will Never Go Out of Business!

Just as a suggestion, you can start small, following our Everyday Food board on Pinterest and go from there. Start with soups, juices, then brownies and cupcakes and move on to the complicated recipes after you’ve mastered the easy ones. Once you’re confident in your skills, send small samples of your work to local companies, markets, salons etc. and tell people you actually take orders.

If you have a teen to help you with the delivery, you’re all set to go! Eventually, you can cut a deal with a relative that’s getting married and actually cook and bake all the goodies for the wedding! Of course, you are going to need some help, so enroll your kids, your husband or your best friends!

Online classes:,,

5. Knitting and Crocheting

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

From Plain Yarn to Creative Sweaters!

Before you roll your eyes and say that this is for old people, just think about how much you love your cozy sweaters during winter or how expensive a certain knitted blanket was at the local store! Imagine that you could create those things yourself! There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to knit, in case you don’t master this skill already.

We suggest that you start sending samples of your work to bloggers and to let them know that you are taking orders, just like we recommended for the food hobby! Sometimes, a blogger can do more for you than a whole stack of fliers, so think about it! Of course, knitting a blanket will probably take you a few months, so you may want to combine that with sewing or choose to use your crochets for furniture decorations. Start a Pinterest account, create boards and pins with your work and let everybody know what you’re capable of!

Online classes:,,

6. Writing

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Who Says Words Don’t Mean Money?

Yes, this is a real possibility! There are many companies who need people to test or write reviews for their products. In fact, you could win a considerable amount of money just by leaving comments on blog posts or writing the blog posts yourself.

Platforms like, and are an incredible source of opportunities for people who need a job and are also very creative when it comes to writing. Not to mention that you can start your own blog and share your life experience with other people. In the meantime, checkout the three websites we recommended and see which one suits best your needs.

Online classes:,,

7. Gardening

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Beautiful Plants for Beautiful People!

And no, we don’t mean you can start mowing your neighbor’s grass! We mean that, if you love flowers and know pretty much everything about daisies, roses, gardenias and so on, you should probably think about turning this into a business. After all, all you have to do is buy some seeds and water the plants regularly.

If you have a big backyard that doesn’t look very good, you can turn it into your perfumed laboratory! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the unaesthetic look of your backyard! Start sending samples of these flowers to local restaurants, companies, and event rooms and so on. Let them know you are available for collaboration and your clients will soon show up!

Online classes:,,

8. Home Design

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Remodeling Homes Has Never Been More Fun!

We’re sure you thought about this at least once in your life! Mixing and matching pieces of furniture is no easy task, but if you feel up for it, why not! Just to boost your confidence, we recommend that you watch Dear Genevieve, a TV show about home decoration that will take your breath away! Plus, you can actually get an online diploma if you attend classes. Not all of them are for free, but we really think education is something you should invest in!

With your new-found knowledge, start designing your own fabric and furniture, if this is what you want, or simply ask your friends to let you do some work on their homes, just to give you a solid start. Ask them to be very honest when giving you their feedback, and if everything is going well, move on to decorating wedding venues and corporate buildings!

If would help to have your own website, a professional email address and a blog to tell people more about your work. But let’s start small: decorate a room of your choice in your own home and write down all the issues that you’ve ran into. You’ll know for sure if you are truly meant for this or not!

Online classes:,,

9. Storytelling

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Encourage Everybody to Follow Their Dreams!

If you think being a published author really isn’t for you because you are not talented enough, you should probably test that theory before knocking down a valid opportunity. You could start a blog and publish bedtime stories, for example.

Or you could look into public speaking (there are a few YouTubers everyone loves just because of their ability to tell a story, which is no little thing). Why not try to make that creative side of yours known to the entire world?

Online classes and inspiration:,,

10. Spending Time with Kids

10 Hobbies to Turn into a Full Time Job

Having Fun with the Little Ones Could Bring You Serious Money!

Start simple, by baby-sitting kids, read books to prepare for the task and in time you’ll be able to open a day care! Also, you could become a teacher, although that will only allow you to teach them and not really connect with them. We believe that every hobby can be turned into a very profitable business or at least a long term job.

Online classes:,

Follow your dreams, educate yourself and always look online for help. There are many sites willing to give you a hand, so what are you waiting for?

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Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois and was part of our team as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget and has a degree in Communications.


  • Excellent ideas! I’ve been getting into gardening but never considered turning it into a job. What’s really cool is that I’m in Costa Rica which has two growing seasons. I’ll have to look in to what kind of business licenses are required but my wife and I have a business already… Even still we’ve got the time and land to do it… Thanks for the tip!

  • I know a lot of people who started out being casual writers, and it ended up with them constantly doing it, even when money wasn’t involved. It made them happy though, so I was supportive of it.

  • I do a lot of freelance writing myself. It did start out as a hobby but over time it started to pay the bills. The key to freelance writing is consistency. Most online platforms for this stuff have rating systems that you don’t want to get on the bad side of. They essentially determine your clients and the amount you get paid.

  • It has always been a dream of mine to turn my hobby into a job! As a teenage girl I would look through fashion magazines and I started sewing as a result. I loved it so much, and I decided to start pursuing fashion design as a career. The nice thing about having a job you absolutely love is that money becomes secondary. As long as you have your basic necessities, it is more important and more fun to have a great job than having a miserable, high paying job.

  • For a while I was writing on some revenue share sites but they sort of went down hill. I enjoy crafts and stuff but not sure if I would sell it. I have a friend good at crochet though. Its good to have fun talents in which a person could make some side cash.

  • I’ve always considered myself to be fairly untalented as I can’t sew and crafts usually leave me underwhelmed. I never thought for a moment that my gift for gab or my use of words could actually be turned into something useful and profitable. Even a small amount of extra income every month would help. I am going to check out some of those links you posted in the writing section. Maybe it will be worth my while. I don’t have a ton of time on my hands as I already have a full time job but maybe I can find some side work. Thanks!

  • None of these are relevant to me but the writing one might be something I might look into. I’m already writing so much, and plan on getting more into it on my free time. Turning a hobby into a job seems like a great idea, but seems hard as well.

  • I’m a part-time writer and I won’t mind quitting my job for full time writing. Writing is a creative art and it always gives me satisfaction when readers comment on my blog.

    After a long day at work I always try to come up with an article for my blog and when I’m finally done I always feel like I have conquered the day.

  • Oh so true on hand crafts! I cannot stand to just sit and do nothing, it does not matter if it is on a bus or in a waiting room. I like to have my hands moving so i started knitting. I have no idea how to knit using needles so I got a small loom that you can use to make socks or scarves and I have had so much luck with selling these socks. At first I thought I would just make me a few pair, because it is so cold I like to wear two pair at once, Someone saw what they were like and offered to pay me to make them some and it went wild from there. Easy to do, yarn is often on sale or in discount bins and you get so you can bang out a pair of socks in no time.

  • I’ve been trying to think of a way to make my hobbies into jobs, and online writing is something I have a fair amount of experience with. However, I’ve come to notice that the online jobs I do best are the ones that are just busywork — transcription, data entry… It makes me less stressed trying to monitize things I love and instead spend my downtime doing work that relaxes me.

    • Transcription and data entry don’t yield nearly as much as freelance writing, though. That’s true in every capacity, and you’re limiting your earnings potential. I’d have to say that you should consider freelance writing exclusively because you can earn exponentially more through this avenue compared to transcription and data entry.

  • Some of these ideas are great. I am actually making money from writing on like you mentioned there, and I am finding so far that it is actually a wonderful thing to do, and something that I am very much enjoying at the moment. I wish that I had some kind of creative talent, though, as I feel that there is much more money to be made there. For example, I have a friend who makes cakes, and she charges $100 each time and has probably 5 or 6 cake orders each week. She absolutely loves it, so it’s not like a job to her, yet she can pay all of her bills with it, which is just great!

  • I’d have to recommend against trying to turn photography skills into a job. Literally everyone can take a decent picture these days, and, beyond that, thousands of people can still take a great picture with all of the proper techniques. It’s far too difficult for the average person to make a name for themselves in photography, even if they’re simply trying to compete with others for local gigs.

  • I enjoy writing many hours a day on different topics. I recently helped a complete stranger in Canada online with their essay for college and received $25 for 1 hour of writing. Anybody can start a small writing business at home especially if you want to make more money on the side for your work and helping others.

  • Great ideas! Some of which I have already been putting into practice for a while. I just started setting up an Etsy store and I hope to have it going soon. I am crafting Spell Jars, wands, poppets and other similar things. (Hey, my user name should have been a clue. LOL) I live on a fixed income and it’s not looking good down the road for anyone on Social Security. So, me hubby and I are starting up our own online shop. Hoodoo Haven.

    Also, I have been a freelance writer for several years. Due to the issues with osteoarthitis and R.A., however, writing is sometimes a lot more difficult than painting, gluing, gathering ingredients and so on. Either way, all of these are GREAT suggestions for making a good living.

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  • I’ve dipped my toes into freelance writing and while it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated, I’m enjoying it. Finishing a piece makes me feel so accomplished, and being able to sell all these words I’ve put together is so fulfilling. I’m still in the experience-gaining phase, but this post has encouraged me to keep on going.

  • That’s absolutely awesome. I really love the fact that once a job becomes a hobby, it is no longer a job, you would feel it entertaining. I guess it’s something inward that we can change perspectives and come to actually realize that a lot of things we can look at it in a different fascinating way and make it look more interesting.

  • My father turned his hobby of watching and reviewing films into a business that earned him millions. He started exhibiting art films in his college town of Berkeley, California in rented halls in the early 50’s. This proved so popular he rented a storefront and it quickly became a locus for bohemians and the intelligentsia. His programming and critiques were his creative outlet and he became known as a tastemaker. Unfortunately, repertory cinema (also called second run houses) had its heyday. It came and went, as all industries are subject to such market forces. When considering churning yr passion and talents, it is essential to consider the state of the market. What is emerging as a trend, what is becoming passé? What is there a need for that has not yet been creatively explored? If you know how to position yourself you will be less at the mercy of not only these market forces but also platforms which make your offerings into a grind subject to low bidding. the best platforms are merely promotional and you’ll need to consider yourself an entrepreneur to make serious money.

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