10 Dangerous Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

Dangerous Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

Economists always say: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” By that, they mean that there is no such thing as free money floating around just waiting to be picked up. You always have to work hard for the money. One alternative to working like crazy to make a lot of money is to risk your life.

If you don’t mind standing a chance of getting killed on the job, you can make some pretty good bucks. We explore the jobs that no-one would ordinarily want, but that some people will take, simply because the pay is so good.

#1 Driving heavy vehicles with dangerous cargos

The life of a trucker is a hard one. Long roads, long hours and few nights spent at home are among the drawbacks. The pay isn’t fantastic either, but if you’re willing to drive hazardous cargoes, you get “danger money” – as much as $64,900, according to sources – and you earn it!

Trucking is dangerous enough already. Even if you’re the best driver in the world, you could have a blowout or a brake failure on a steep downhill. If you’re willing to take these risks with a cargo that might explode on impact, you can take home a nice paycheck. Good luck!

#2 Hit the world’s war zones

An army doesn’t keep going by brute force alone. Bases are kept running by electricians, plumbers, mechanics, food service workers and more. And, of course, there are also reasons why private enterprises continue in war zones or unstable countries. They need workers too.

If you are willing to head off to a strange country where you will automatically be a target just because of your nationality, you can make excellent money.

Did you mention that you may even end up living in a tent with several strangers and without access to anything but the most basic of amenities? But you will earn $70,000 to $100,000 depending on how risky your particular job is.

#3 Oil rig worker

At first, the job looks very attractive. The pay is ridiculously high, and the vacations are long. Then again, so are the tours of duty. Expect to be away from your family for long periods at a time, and be aware that your job is also plenty dangerous. That’s why a driller can earn over $100,000 a year.

Storms at sea and industrial accidents are among the risks you run. If things go wrong, you and your workmates are pretty much on your own. Deal with it.

#4 Literally working at the top

Working high up can be dangerous too. Transmission tower climbers and other people who work high up take risks. One source says you can get as much as $73,000 a year doing this kind of job. So if you’ve got a good head for heights, you can do pretty well for yourself.

Ironworkers who don’t mind tackling tasks on New York skyscrapers are said to earn up to $100,000 a year. It isn’t what most people would call a comfortable job, but the pay’s not bad.

#5 Become an FBI agent

You’ll be up against a fair amount of competition to secure a job with the FBI, and you have to have a degree. You’ll also have to undergo a year’s training with the FBI. Don’t expect to be in the line of fire as much as the FBI agents you see in movies and on TV, but your job comes with a gun, so shooting and getting shot at isn’t off the agenda.

You get to earn around about $77,000 a year. That’s more than you’d get as a bomb squad expert.

#6 Stunt double

Have you got a movie-star body? Are you happy to jump from great heights, fall off galloping horses, get set alight, and perform athletic feats that might end up with you breaking your neck? You might enjoy a career in Hollywood, doing all the things directors don’t want actors to risk doing.

If you don’t mind being considered at least slightly expandable by your employer, you could earn $880 a day. That is, provided you survive your workday.

#7 Commercial diver

Does this sound like a glamorous job? Think again. You probably won’t be cruising around in the water off coral reefs admiring the fish or looking for lost treasure. Instead, you’ll be working in a very inhospitable and dangerous environment doing vital work that only a diver can do.

You have to be on the alert for a wide variety of dangers all the time, but you will get up to $93,000 a year depending on how unpleasant your particular job is.

#8 Become a nurse practitioner

After working and studying for several years, you can earn between $65,000 and $100,000 a year doing highly stressful labor and some heavy lifting. Although most people don’t think of nursing as a dangerous job, the grueling conditions make nurses susceptible to mental trauma and stress-related illnesses, and the number of physical injuries on the job per thousand workers is higher than it is for most jobs.

#9 Become a farm or ranch manager

Although lower level agricultural jobs have low pay, managers earn up to $70,000 per year. What’s so dangerous? Heavy machinery, poisonous snakes and uncooperative animals, and long hours that reduce alertness account for a large number of fatalities in the agricultural industry every year.

Did you think an outdoor job must be pleasant? Heat stroke and hypothermia are among the things you will have to guard against when spending long hours outdoors – and doctors are far away.

#10 Electrical power line workers

Did you know that some electrical jobs have to be done without shutting off the power supply first? People who work on live high-tension cables get lots of moolah. They also risk being fried to a crisp, so fair’s fair! Interested? You can earn 65K, but you will need to have some qualifications and experience first!

Thank goodness for people who are willing to take risks!

A lot of the people doing these jobs aren’t really in it just for the money. They actually care about what they do. Many of them undergo long, hard training processes that are nearly as dangerous as actually doing the real job. Once they’re qualified, they jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to keep others safe, healthy and well-supplied with the things they need. If you’re considering taking a risky job to earn more money, being willing to take risks isn’t necessarily enough. Are you prepared to learn the skills you’ll need to become one of these rugged go-getters?

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Dangerous Jobs That Pay Extremely Well