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10 Ways to Express Your Love without Spending Anything

10 Ways to Express Your Love without Spending Anything

When Valentine’s Day comes, your eyes will usually get bombarded with red items – flowers, chocolates, hearts, cards, or balloons which are sold in almost all business establishments. Despite the romance which is supposedly associated with the occasion, commercialism is involved, too.

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, you’re supposed to bring your significant other to a date at a fancy restaurant and give her expensive gifts. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your love, but you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money for it. There are plenty of ways for you to do so without spending anything, which we will be counting down in the next section.  

10 Costless Ways to Say “I Love You”

Before dishing out tips on how you can express your love without spending anything, why is it important to make such an expression in the first place? When you’re in a relationship, you should never take your partner for granted. Considering every moment that you spend together as precious is the best way to strengthen the bond that you have for each other. There’s no guarantee about how long the relationship will last – even solid unions like marriages usually end up in a messy divorce. So while you’re still in that relationship, it is best to express your love for each other.

Now, what are the top ten ways for you to express your love without spending anything? Here’s our top ten list:

1. Express your love through small, everyday gestures

There are times when a grand gesture seems hollow or even empty, and it’s the small, everyday gestures that count. You really do not need to spend so much when expressing your love to your significant other. If your wife is complaining that you’re putting too much time at work, for example, devote an entire day to her.

Treat her to a romantic day at the park where you can have a picnic without the kids. If she’s always the one doing household chores, tell her that you are more than willing to help out. Be generous with your touch, kisses, hugs, and other ways to express your affection. Do whatever comes naturally. By showering your loved one with time and attention, you don’t even have to spend anything and that is already a way to express your love.

10 Ways to Express Your Love without Spending Anything

2. Treat your significant other to a massage

If you have no idea about how to give a massage, go online and watch an instructional video on YouTube. Look for how-to videos for back rubs, foot rubs, a back massage or a full body massage. Before you go to sleep, set the mood in the bedroom by lighting scented candles or dimming the lights, and playing music.

Use body lotion or oil, then ask your partner to lie down on the bed. A thirty minute to one-hour full body massage, a back rub or even just a simple foot rub is an excellent treat to give your partner, which also doubles as a way to express your love. If you see that your spouse had a long day at work, a foot rub, a quick back massage or a head massage will also do wonders.

3. Be at your lover’s beck and call for one day

Fun should always be incorporated in a relationship, and what better way is there for you to both have fun than taking turns being at each other’s beck and call? Let’s say that you are nearing your anniversary and you are looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. For day one, you can be at your lover’s beck and call for an entire day.

You have to do whatever it is that your partner commands – be it in or out of the bedroom. For day two, it will be your turn and you can have fun outdoing your partner’s commands. The service can be as simple as serving breakfast in bed, or as naughty as caressing your partner’s body in the shower. Use your imagination and you will find plenty of ways to have fun while strengthening your intimate bond at the same time.

4. Work your way through his/her stomach

You’ve already heard the cliché that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re a man, you can always follow the same mantra and cook for your significant other. Serve her breakfast in bed, or free your wife from chores and cook a nice dinner for her.

The dishes do not even have to be complex if you really have no cooking skills. Look for simple recipes online that you can follow. Even if the dishes do not turn out to be as tasty, it’s the effort behind the gesture that your partner will surely appreciate.

5. Create something handmade

If you’re good at drawing, why not make a handmade card with a sweet note for your partner? Even if there’s no special occasion, he or she will surely appreciate the spontaneity of the gesture. If you have skills at knitting, sewing or crocheting, create something handmade for your significant other.

Even if a scarf only cost you the price of one roll of yarn, it’s the effort behind the knitting and the time that you spent finishing the task which will express your love without words.

6. Do something spontaneous or fun together

When was the last time that you and your partner did something fun and spontaneous together? If it’s been ages since you went out for a walk, put on your jogging outfit and work out together. Explore the local greenery in your area and go out for a walk. Pack a couple of sandwiches and drinks in your backpack and surprise your partner with a spontaneous picnic after a hike.

Check out the calendar of activities in your area where you can check out farmer’s markets, amusements parks or art exhibitions together. To save money, consider the time that you can get in for free or with discounted entrance fees.

10 Ways to Express Your Love without Spending Anything

7. Shower your partner with compliments

When was the last time that you gave your partner a compliment? While your husband is dressing up for work, give him a hug from behind and tell him how handsome you think he looks. Husbands should always shower their wives with compliments. Not only is this a great way to boost her self-esteem, but it’s also an excellent way to express your love.

The more spontaneous and sincere the compliment is, the better. You can even take things one step further by surprising your loved one with a note inserted at his briefcase or inside her bag with a cute or naughty compliment in it.

8. Grant a wish

If it’s your significant other’s birthday and you have no budget for a lavish gift, make a handmade coupon indicating that you can serve as your partner’s genie for a day – and grant one wish. It could be a sexual position that you know your partner has always wanted to try. It could be just spending an entire day together without either of you checking on your mobile phone or laptop computer.

It could be a quick getaway at a cabin in the forest, where you can simply enjoy each other’s company. In this fast-paced world, what’s really lacking in relationships is the time that the couple actually spend with each other. Even if you are cuddling together, your attentions might be on a tiny screen instead of at each other. Granting a wish is something simple that you can do for each other which serves as a good way to express your love, without even having to spend anything.

9. Organize a game night with your partner’s friends

If you know that it’s been ages since your boyfriend has spent time with his closest guy friends, surprise him by organizing a game night at your place. Tell your boyfriend that you just want to spend a quiet night together, but discreetly get in touch with the boys and tell them that you are organizing a game night.

Prepare an area in the house where they can get together and ask the guys to bring booze, cigarettes, and munchies. All you have to do is make sure that there’s a room that they can use as a gaming area – which you can stock with decks of cards that they can use for poker night. He will surely be surprised and touched by the gesture.

10. Be extra sweet

Finally, being extra sweet to your significant other is probably the best yet least expensive way for you to express your love. Aside from showering your partner with compliments, be extra touchy-feely. If you’re uncomfortable with public displays of affection, surprise your partner by giving him a quick kiss on the lips once you see each other out on the streets. At home, be generous with your touch, hugs and kisses. Be spontaneous, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company.

With these costless ways to express your love to each other, your bond as a couple will surely be strengthened.