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Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations from Around the World

Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations from Around the World
Written by Oana Schneider

If you plan to put some money aside, yet don’t completely give up your passion for traveling, you have come to the right place! In the following sections, we will introduce you to the best 10 cheap destinations from all over the world, so you can pick your favorites and start planning your trip right away! If you are new to the money-saving world, check out what our friends at WellKeptWallethave to say or read our other articles.

Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations from Around the World

Since your vacation is set cash-saver style, maybe you should keep in mind some of the billcutterz.com advice on how to plan a cheap get-away. And don’t forget that just a few miles away from popular destinations there replaces where you have access to the same facilities and pay a lot less; also, statistics show that in terms of accommodation and food expenses, Southeast Asia is about 30% cheaper that Europe or the Caribbean!

The main point is to skip the most talked-about travel destination (until your savings are done, at least) and choose less known ones which nevertheless can offer you spectacular sights and decent facilities. Take a look to some of these fabulous destinations on a budget for 2015!

1. Bolivia

Because it’s one of the South American countries with the lowest income per capita, Bolivia’s touristic offers are incredibly cheap: it is not at all unrealistic to say that you will most likely not spend more than $30 a day! In fact, independent travelers guarantee that you will get more for your money here than anywhere else on this continent.

And Bolivia is quite a place for backpackers, being recommended especially to those who care more to see amazing sites, like the ancient Inca trails, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon, than having all-inclusive treats inside their hotel.


2. Bali, Indonesia

Even if the average expenses for a short-stay tourist in Bali are no longer as cheap as they used to be ten years ago, you would agree that it is still more than reasonable to pay $15 per night for a guesthouse room and $7 for a moped that will provide you with enough mobility to explore the amazingly picturesque local villages and temples.

Of course, there are some other great attractions that will not cost you a dime: Bali’s white beaches and public landscape gardens are waiting for you!

Bali, Indonesia

3. Ecuador, Ecuador

Well, if you decide that this year you can’t afford a trip to the Galapagos Islands, head for Ecuador instead! Here, you will need no more than $35 for a comfortable stay; seafood is a bargain (you won’t see those prices elsewhere in the world!), and you can get some nice local crafts for very low prices, too.

The capital’s tiled roofs and numerous church spires make Quito look a lot like an exotic and ever-sunny Prague! As you may already know, it is the second highest capital worldwide, and it accounts for a thrilling visual experience because of its perfectly balanced mix of urban and ancient indigenous cultures.

Through the villages in the central highlands, a very popular sightseeing spot is a surreal green crater lake – make sure you put Laguna Quilotoa to your must-see list!


4. Dominican Republic

You may have heard of this destination because it is often associated with mass-market resort tourism. However, if you take a step back from the all-inclusive travel packages, you will discover that in fact the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer to independent tourists as well. A good idea for saving some money is to have your meals in the local spots, which are easily accessible because public transportation is incredibly cheap.

While you’re busy saving money, don’t forget about the main sightseeing spots, such as the lagoons all over the northern coast and the incredible Barahona National Parks – they are truly inspiring!

Dominican Republic

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely one of the bargain destinations in Southeast Asia for the year to come; enjoy it while it lasts, though, because recent market research in tourism show that its popularity is steadily increasing. What you will be particularly delighted with is the famously good and cheap traditional food. Note that, for example, most of the dishes come for as much as $2, while a full meal in a local restaurant will not cost you more than $5.

For transportation, we recommend you to get local rates in order to avoid paying touristic prices for services like bus trips and motorbike rental. Once you get there, explore the traditional villages and take a visit or two to the ethnic minorities’ markets – travelers who have been there mostly agree that you shouldn’t miss the markets in Can Cau and Bac Ha.

If you’re in for some exuberant dragon dancers, colorful fairs, and great fireworks, then make sure you will get there for Tet, the largest festival in the country. Also, you will surely enjoy Vietnam’s great diversity of temple and pagodas which are a great reflection of the wide variety of religions in the country.


6. Serbia

Now that the war is over, Serbia is investing a lot in its tourism. Even if you don’t find there the famous Croatian beaches or the amazing scenery from Montenegro, you can be sure of one thing: Serbia beats its neighbors hands-down when it comes to wallet-friendly food and drink.

Also, a basic hotel room can be booked for no more than $25. The people in the Balkans are known as really energetic party people – so do your homework in advance and get some advice on the best clubs and bars if you are feeling like it!

In Serbia, all the roads go to Belgrade (which translates as “The White City”); actually, the capital city has just been nominated by Rough Guides among the 10 must-visit cities of the world in 2015 thanks to its spectacular scenery and new bohemian neighborhoods! The city will also provide you with a busy schedule of live music performances and jazz or traditional music festivals all throughout the year.


7. Spain

Another great vacation pick that will not drain your bank account is the country of Picasso and Don Quixote! Journals may be full of stories about the country’s financial concerns, but tourism is just as competitive as before the crisis began, only at many affordable prices; and yes, this includes the world-renowned flamenco classes in Seville!

Local fiestas on the coast, the surreal architecture of Barcelona, climbing in the high Pyrenees, or a city break in Madrid – there is plenty of choice for all kinds of travelers all throughout the year. And if you are here for the first time, keep in mind that this is a country that will create an addiction and a permanent long to return!


8. Antalya, Turkey

There is no excuse to miss the Turkish Riviera, even if you are traveling on a budget! This beautiful place comes without expensive price tags and, as elsewhere in Turkey, the cost of every item is pretty much negotiable.  Being located on the south-western coast, this fairy-tale-ish place will provide you with the best things to do and see.

It is famous for its crystal clear waters bathing the Mediterranean beaches, for ancient ruins filled with legend, but also for all-inclusive five-star waterfront resorts still much budget-pleasing than in other places in the world.

Antalya, Turkey

9. Nepal

Kathmandu and Pokhara are Nepal’s tourist capitals – both find their places in top 5 cheapest cities to travel to, and they certainly do live up to the hype! The serene and picturesque towns down the Himalayas can provide you with decent rooms for less than $20 a night.

Trekking can add significantly to the cost, but if you’re not a passionate trekker you can have a great time in the dozens of restaurants serving non-expensive, but tasty local foods. Pubs and bars are packed with delicious cocktails using the local rums obtained through centuries-old recipes.


10. Greece

The Greek archipelago has plenty to offer to all kinds of budgets. A tour of the 17 monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites will guide your explorations and enrich you culturally, and you can customize it in order to best suit your preferences and budget.

The Greek cuisine won’t let you down either: local specialties are sensorial cruises among tastes and aromas; the Greeks have an ancient knowledge of combining exquisite aromatic herbs and spices in wise simplicity.

You will find yourself in front of a wide variety of ingredients for a perfect holiday, without paying an arm and a leg for it. Sun-kissed beaches, amazing food in cheap local tavernas, mythology, culture, vibrant resorts, and all-night parties – find them all in Greece! Among its 6 000 islands and islets, you can be sure you will find one with a character and a vibe that is just what you are looking for.


Besides, with one of the hottest and driest summers in all the Mediterranean, Greece guarantees to send you back home with a resistant natural tan that will make everyone jealous!

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Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations from Around the World

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  • I have visited both Greece and Turkey and can confirm that they are very cheap indeed. The beaches are fantastic and both dining and public transport are more than reasonable.

    • I’ve had friends who have been through that region and said that the food is very hit and miss in terms of sanitation. It all tastes and looks amazing, but depending on your stomach, you may encounter some intestinal distress in some of the more rural areas. That being said, it’s an extremely culture rich area that has a lot of history. Definitely somewhere I want to eventually visit.

  • I love the idea of international travel to places where the expenses are lower as a way to maximize your vacation budget. I’m going to start comparing the prices of airfares to these locations and see if the lower price of lodging and activities will balance out the price of the flights. I’m also kind of wondering if I could move to one of those places but still earn american dollars and rates online. If I could do that, I might be able to live ‘better’ on less.

    • It’s not that hard to earn USD while working through the Internet instead of earning the currency of the place you’re living in. It can get a little annoying to deal with conversion rates for currencies, and you’ll lose a few bucks here and there in doing so. Still, it’s always smart to move somewhere where the currency is weak against the dollar to maximize your own spending power.

    • If you’re earning money abroad you need to be mindful of tax laws in your local jurisdiction as well as how it affects your income tax in your origin country. It can get complicated when both countries want a piece of the pie, especially if you’re making substantial amounts (private contractor for example).

      It’s an interesting experience to do a work exchange though, as it’s a great way to integrate with a foreign culture for a relatively small period of time without leaving your job behind, which can be very stressful.

  • What an awesome article! I love travelling but haven’t been able to travel abroad in quite a while due to the high prices. While airfare is still going to be expensive, I’d never even considered a lot of these places, and they sound awesome. I’m especially interested in Vietnam and Bolivia. I always imagined Vietnam being really really expensive for some reason. It’s great to know that’s not the case.

    • Now is the time to go because oil costs are dropping worldwide, which is making travel by various means even cheaper than before. You’ll find prices dropping around the world, especially if you’re using the dollar as you main currency, considering it’s strengthening against other currencies, giving Americans more spending power, if you happen to be American, that is.

    • Vietnam is very inexpensive! I recommend browsing through Lonely Planet’s Vietnam travel guide, it’ll tell you how to live on $10/day. You can pretty much make it through any Southeast Asian country for that price, without compromising too much comfort. Airfare can still be very expensive, but try booking in Sept. or Oct – and I’ve heard that Tuesdays – Thursdays are the best days of the weeks to fly (cheapest). There are so many resources on cheap travel, you can do it so frugally now. I’m on my way to explore Southeast Asia in May!

  • I’m originally from Ecuador and can say it’s definitely a beautiful and low-cost place to visit. Definitely check out the equator — it’s beautiful in some areas with some amazing picture opportunities, and the architecture is stunning. If you’re into climbing on hiking, there’s some beautiful places for all skill levels around the mountains as well.

    • Ecuador is one place that I haven’t been to but would love to visit one da. I’ve seen some amazing photos of parts of the country, and they’re so intriguing. I’d love to hike around there and just take in some of the scenery. I’m a little jealous that you’re from there and lived there!

  • Some parts of Mexico are pretty cheap to travel to, also. I’ve been to some of these destinations, and they’re great overall. I didn’t enjoy Spain as much as most people would, but that was a long trip. I’m also not much of a traveler until I actually get to the destination, and then I tend to love the experience!

  • What a wide array of choice! I’ve been to some of these places before, and it cost me even less than you described in the article. As for Vietnam, when my cousin wanted to go there in 2010, a two weeks stay could cost as little as 20 bucks in an inclusive resort and 10 in a small more isolated place. Some places are just crazy cheap!

    And anywhere in Asia that isn’t Japan, meals can be found for around 2$. In Greece, for 1 euro you used to get a nice gyros!

    • Traveling throughout much of Asia is indeed pretty darn cheap. I remember a few visits to Vietnam and even Taiwan. I’d recommend both locations for anyone else that hasn’t already been there. Those are two places where you can really stretch your money and get the most out of it as a traveler.

      • I can’t speak for Vietnam, as I haven’t been there before but as someone who has been to Taiwan on several occasions – it isn’t that cheap. Airfare to/from Taiwan is pretty expensive to begin with (depending on your origin of course), but food, housing and shopping isn’t that much cheaper than you’d find in North America or Western Europe.

        It’s slightly cheaper, but for the most part you should still be expecting to spend around $50USD/day on food/activities and maybe around $10-50USD/day on housing depending on location and quality of the place you’re staying.

        It can be had much cheaper if you opt for a hostel/backpacking type experience though..

  • I sure hope to see some of the places in this list. I have not traveled out of Canada yet as I have no passport currently. I would need a lot of money saved up though as well, so yeah. Hopefully by the time I am 50 I can travel.

    • Travelling even within Canada offers you to opportunity to see an extremely varied landscape and to experience a wide variety of cultures. On the west coast, the climate is pretty mild and our coastal mountains are absolutely gorgeous. The culture is very laid back and there’s a strong green/hippy undertone to a lot of things. Out east, our maritime provinces offer an unique look at the pseudo-Celtic seaside culture and beautiful scenery.

  • From reading this article, I am definitely excited. I know now I will be able to afford a nice vacation this summer. I haven’t been outside of the United States yet but, I look forward to researching further to explore the options I have. I love to travel, especially during the spring and summer. I’ve been all over the U.S. from Florida, New York, and even California. The only expensive objective is affording airfare.

  • Tropical destinations are just the best aren’t they? I went to Bali last year and it was great–the food, the people, and white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see! It’s also a very developed tourist destination so there’s no need to worry about the scene getting too ‘authentic’ for your tastes. The prices have gone up since last year though. Not that it wasn’t expensive before.
    Anyway, you’ll never run out of things to do, or places to visit. If you’re planning to go there, try to visit their nature reserve. It’s only an hour from most hotels.

    • I have travelled different countries in Southeast Asia and I do think there are cheaper destinations than Bali. I found Bali a bit expensive compared to the rest of the countries I visited, although expensive is relative in this area. For me, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are cheaper. I have never been, but I hear that Nepal is the cheapest country in Asia.

      I really want to go to South America one day and Ecuador and Bolivia are on the list!

  • I always want to go travel but cost seem expensive. I really enjoy this list and my family from Vietnam. I would love to travel there as well as the other locations on the list. I heard about Bali before and that picture of the beach look so magnificent.

  • Bali has been one of my favorite destinations since long. It’s beaches are awesome. Located in Indonesia, it’s a pretty cheap destination. Nepal too is very cheap but has been devastated by a killer quake. Even Bali was rocked by a quake earlier. The article did not provide enough security details on various destinations above.

  • It’s funny to see that most of these destinations are on my list, and it’s even better to know they are affordable too! I’ve visited Ecuador and found it to be affordable, beautiful, and full of wonderful food and people. Can’t wait to go back!

  • There are some great ideas here! I would not have expected the Dominican Republic to be on this list. I’m currently trying to save as much as possible whilst I’m still in my 9-5, and planning to travel long term, but don’t want to give up travelling in the mean time. This post has definitely given me some food for thought 🙂

  • Great list and I have been to Spain and Bolivia and sure prices are cheap. On the other hand we spent more than expected in Nepal.

  • Excellent list of places to visit, while keeping money saving in mind. There are some countries I have always wanted to visit on this list.

  • I love this list of cheap places and I can totally agree when it comes to Serbia,Greece and Spain since I visited them. The other places I will definitely put in my bucket list. I come from Serbia nd I highly recommend everyone to visit us.. it is truly an amazing country and no need to worry about safety cuz the war was over more then 20years ago…the Serbian ppl party hard and u will have the best fun here.. clubs are open till 8am and u can party all the time.. I recommend visiting during summer especially July because it’s the time of exit festival, the oldest and one of the best music festivals in Europe (look on YouTube).Serbia also has beautiful landscapes and although it doesn’t have a sea we have Danube which is the longest river in Europe. Serbian ppl are very plesant and always happy to show tourist around local places.. u definitely won’t regret. I can also recommend Greece since I’ve been there more than 20 times… It is a beautiful country with enormous places to visit both historic and popular..definitely visit tesalonoki,Athens islands lyk Kavos,Corfu, Zakintos, thasos and others because that beauty is hard to find.

  • I just had a friend get married and they are honeymooning in Bali! I had no idea it was a pretty reasonable vacation destination. I just looked at a map and saw the beaches and just discounted it as a pipe dream. After speaking with the couple and coming across this, I’m shocked at how affordable it really can be. Looks like I may actually be able to go on a vacation next year!

  • I sure hope to see some of the places in this list. I have not traveled out of new york yet as I have no passport currently. I would need a lot of money saved up though as well, so my wish i traveled in new york.

  • Hi Oana, great article. I might consider Greece a good pick for our next blog post in our travel mag.
    Cheers Kat

    • Hi! Thank you for your nice comment! If you want to learn more about money saving travel tips, please check out this helpful link: http://www.dontpayfull.com/blog/8-strategies-save-money-travel-holiday-season. When you finish your post, we would love to read it!

  • I think you have to add my country “EGYPT” to this list , Not because it have the most beautiful beaches ( 2000 kilo beaches )but also the most cheap prices you will find there.
    Like in Sharm el sheikh and Hurghada , you can get 5 stars hotel in $20/night and more less.
    Come and visit EGYPT

  • I don’t worry so much about the in-country expense as much as the air travel expense….that’s where the money get sucked out of your wallet. I want to see an article about that!

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