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Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

We know you are saving money for the important things in life and we couldn’t agree more that this is very wise of you. However, clothes go out of fashion, household items get broken and appliances need repairing every now and then. Instead of purchasing new items, why not use your creativity and skills and take on a DIY project?

As some of these articles will show you, creating a new bedroom lamp or adding bling to your boring shoes couldn’t be easier. If you can draw, just imagine the possibilities: you can basically decorate anything, from your walls to your toenails, so keep reading and take notes! Tune in for these DIY articles you should read and find out how to craft a series of interesting items!

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

I’m sure you’ve all spent time on Bored Panda before, so you know what to expect. Well, this article caught my attention right away, when I saw the pop tabs bag! Believe it or not, with a little patience and a lot of pop tabs, this beautiful purse could be yours one day.

If you want to try something a bit different, how about a new bedroom lamp made out of a plastic bottle and a handful of plastic spoons? Plus, if you have a toddler, why don’t you turn a glove into a chipmunk? Don’t know how? Bored Panda will tell you all about it!

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

We are now stepping on the land of genius DIY articles you should read featuring  household items, so prepare yourself! If you are looking for some cool lighting for your bedroom, how about some yarn-wrapped painted jars?

For a fantastic breakfast, try the personalized teacups: write any message on them and enjoy them every morning or gift them! However, my favorite is the tutorial about floor stencils. Imagine that you could make your hardwood floor look like a huge piece of lace or like a carpet of leaves. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

Believe it or not, Buzzfeed is very much interested in promoting safe yet interesting ways to save money. This being said, in this article you’ll learn how to create a few interesting to say the least household items, such as your own library made out of two aluminum ladders, a tank top cropped out of a regular t-shirt, plus a wonderful tutorial on ombre nails (for those of you who’ve been drooling over tons of Pinterest pictures).

Plus, if you are running out of ideas when it comes to storing your shoes, Buzzfeed has a few ideas for you, so better start reading!

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

Number 4 in our DIY articles you should read top is this beautiful tutorial from Mashable. If you are a beginner when it comes to crafting things, this article is definitely perfect for you: although these items are very easy to make, they’re still cool and fun.

For example, if your top kitchen shelf is full of peanut butter jars, don’t try throwing them away in order to gain some space: turn them into a beautiful lamp and enjoy your skills every time it gets dark outside. What else? A hammock, golden curtains, a genius tire table, and an antique coffee table made out of an old door. I think this article proves that, as long as you have passion and creativity, saving money becomes a very interesting activity.

5. Trend Hunter – 100 DIY Home Projects

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

Arm yourself with patience and a big cup of coffee, because this article is going to save you a lot of money. Can you imagine? 100 ways to create something and put money aside! The people at Trend Hunter will teach you all you need to know about personalized floral vases, LEGO key hangers, dried fruit decorations, accessory-bearing branches, DIY eco chandeliers and much more.

All you need to do is gather all the unnecessary items in your home, such as plastic bottles, thread, plastic forks, broken chairs, soda cans and so on. Read the article and start saving money today! These are the best DIY articles you should read!

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

Prepare to be dazzled! I know you have a lot of empty plastic bottles and throwing them away just doesn’t seem like a good idea. At the same time, they take up a lot of your space, so what can be done? Well, the answer is simple, according to Top Dreamer, especially if you are the creative type. Aside from plastic bottles, you’ll also need spray paint, a pair of scissors, glue and imagination.

Combine all of these ingredients and you’ll get a beautiful light bulb, a broom, a living room ottoman, a piggy bank, a candy dispenser, a beautiful and unconventional necklace or a set of whimsical terrariums.  If you are interested in purchasing some of these items, I think you should save your money and try these ideas! As long as you check out some of these DIY articles you should read, your creativity will never take a break!

7. JSOnline – 25 Easy DIY Projects

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

Good news for all of you, money-saving fanatics: you don’t have to be creative to make some of these items on! If you feel that your house needs a new vibe, but don’t have the money to change anything, you better listen up! As it turns out, you can create something new out of anything, so be wiser about what you throw away and try to re-purpose every little thing.

This article teaches you how to organize all your scarves with just one hanger, how to build your own fire pit and cozy up your backyard, how to make a beautiful broche out of a zipper and many other tips and tricks! Fortunately, you don’t have to be a creative genius to get all of these items made, you only need to pay attention and follow the steps. Good luck, everybody! All these DIY articles you should read are just amazing!

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

If you haven’t watched Frozen yet, you may want to do this before starting to create this beautiful dance costume. Every little girl in the world wants to have a dress that looks just like Elsa’s, but you don’t have to spend money on one if you pay attention to this article.

Plus, you don’t even have to be a seamstress, because all you have to do is cut out patters, make a few knots and glue some rhinestone for a finishing touch. My favorite thing about this tutorial is that, although it teaches you how to create a dress for a little girl, blogger also guides you through all you have to do in order to create a bigger dress, for a grownup person.

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

One of our favorite DIY articles you should read is the one from Hello Giggles. Who would’ve thought celebrities make time for DIY projects? Well, they do, which proves just how fun it is to have something you made! America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, embroidered a needlepoint masterpiece for her best friend Ed Sheeran, while Amanda Seyfried, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson and Sarah Jessica Parker love knitting clothing items for their loved one! Nothing says “I love you” like getting a scarf that took a whole week to make, am I right?

10. DeMilked – Awesome DIY Ideas

Best 10 DIY Articles You Should Read Right Now

We may have saved the best ideas for last, but it was all worth it. Don’t believe it? Well, let me just start by saying that you could create a few cool light bulbs out of an old drum kit! Where could I possibly find a drum kit? You might ask. Well, flea markets are waiting for you. Same goes for every garage sale in your area, so don’t waste time at home and don’t spend money on unnecessary items, no matter how cool they seem.

Remember: a DIY project is unique and it saves you money. What else? Did I mention the decorative chrysanthemum mirror made out of plastic spoons or the yellow flowers made out of dried pineapple? Plus, if you have some extra toilet paper rolls, why not turn them into a beautiful decoration for your walls? Read the article and find out all about it!

What You Should Know About DIY Articles

They are a great inspiration for people who want to put their creativity to work ans save money in the process. whenever you feel like your living room could use a new lampshade or a fancy chair, look online for tutorials before rushing off to the home decor store. 

As you can see, saving money is more than just avoiding to buy things, it’s also about re-purposing items that you were about to dispose of. Being creative pays off in the end and it brightens your day.

If you combine these DIY projects with your passion for hunting down the best offers, you’ll feel the difference in your wallet. Until next time, these are the DIY articles you should read and see what you can craft in order to save money!

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