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10 Awesome & Affordable Spring Break Destinations

10 Awesome & Affordable Spring Break Destinations

You haven’t planned your Spring Break getaway yet, and the time is almost upon you. Plus, you don’t have much money to spend. Does that mean you have to give up on Spring Break altogether? Not necessarily. From the home-grown to the exotic, there are budget getaways to suit almost any pocket. We start with the most exotic options and take it through to shoestring budget local escapes.

Riviera Maya

Although the French Riviera may be beyond your reach, the next best thig is very attainable. You can get four nights’ accommodation including airfare for a package deal that will cost you $500 – 600. Alternatively, book your flight through Expedia and save $570.
This is about the same saving as you’re getting offered with a package from an agency, and you’re sure to have a fantastic holiday. The Riviera Maya is fully geared for tourism, and the magnificent beaches and warm ocean waters are a legend. If you’re in the mood to soak up some sun after a long, cold winter, this spring break destination will be perfect for you.


This holiday will set you back a little more than a Mexican break, simply because you don’t get the currency advantage on your spending money, but if you take a package deal, your airfare and hotel are a lot cheaper than if you book piecemeal.
Shop around. You should be able to get up to a week in Hawaii for as little as $750 per person – not bad for an unbeatable tropical breakaway. As an alternative, compare the cost of a package holiday to a cheap airfare plus an Airbnb booking. You could luck out.


Canada is going to set you back about the same as Hawaii (depending on your starting point) and once again, a package deal or the combination of a cheap flight plus Airbnb are the winning budget options. Once you’re there, you’ll have a decided currency advantage if you’re from the US, so the cost of your activities and meals should be somewhat lower than they would be for a similar holiday in the US. From outdoorsy retreats to bustling cities, Canada has a lot to offer.

Washington DC

Let’s not forget that it’s cherry blossom time in Washington, and the patriotic holiday is a cheaper alternative. The public monuments and buildings are here for you to enjoy and see for free, and although you will have to pay to get into most of the museums, it’s hardly going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Hotels in central Washington are pretty pricey, so book a place a bit out of the city center and use public transport. A 30-minute ride on public transport to get to the scene of the action could save you up to $100 per day. Expect to pay in the region of $90 per night for a cheap but decent hotel room out of the city center, or search Airbnb for a better rate.

Central Appalachians

Head north or south from the Central Appalachians, and you’ll find yourself in prime tourist areas with prices that match their popularity, but hit the mountainous parts of Kentucky, Virginia and Maryland, and you’ll find scenery that’s just as beautiful without the heavy focus on tourism dollars. That means cheaper hotels.

But if you choose this holiday, consider turning it into a camping trip, since you’ll be there to enjoy the forests of the Ridge and Valley Appalachians. If you’re into hiking, you can make the whole Appalachian trail on a fully catered trip for about $1,600 – and although that mightn’t sound all that cheap, it’s an 11-day hike that includes meals!

Savannah, Georgia

Beachfront, islands and brownstones give Seattle its unique character. Although beachfront accommodation is generally pricey, you could get a great deal if you’re able to drum up a group of friends to rent a beachfront self-catering cottage. The cheaper hotels are all outside of the city center and away from the beach, but if you’re fond of camping, you can get close to the beachfront at River’s End Camp Ground and enjoy a great holiday at a super-low price. At the moment, if you book for 3 nights, you’ll get your 4th one free.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is known for its many reasonably priced hotels near the beachfront. Accommodation at one of the resorts shouldn’t set you back much more than $52 – $90 per night, and since you’re at the scene of the sunshine and action, you won’t need to factor in transportation. There are also some really highly rated camping facilities such as the Myrtle Beach KOA where you can choose anything from a tent site to a cottage sleeping 6. Club together with friends, and you’ll get your place in the cottage cheap.

Panama City, Florida

If you’re looking for a Spring Break that’s young and vibey and full of events and activities for the college set, you can’t go wrong with Panama City. A reasonably priced hotel room to yourself will set you back about $50 – $90 a night on average, but don’t forget the Airbnb option when you’re shopping around for your spot in the sun. Because this destination caters for the college set, you’ll find plenty of cheap dining options, plus, a day at the beach costs you absolutely nothing.

Visit a National Park near you

Even if you can afford the pricier options, you shouldn’t ignore the possibility of a National Park holiday instead. You probably won’t have far to travel, the rates are reasonable, and you can drink in nature’s wonders, go hiking in the great outdoors and enjoy these wonderful heritage sites without having to take out a second mortgage.

Somehow, we’re inclined to avoid playing tourist in our own areas. What do people visit your part of the country to see and do? Set up your itinerary like a tourist and enjoy the local sights!

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10 Awesome & Affordable Spring Break Destinations