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Top 6 Budget-Friendly Online Stores for Children with Special Needs

6 Budget-Friendly Stores for Special Needs Children

Having a special needs child can be astronomically expensive. When a company makes money saving a priority for parents, it’s worth taking note. That’s why we’ve found six budget-friendly stores for special needs children to ease some of the financial burdens of caring for your child.

The release of Target’s affordable clothing line for kids with special needs has brought more awareness to the issue of accessible products for this niche. Traditional products that we take for granted are a real hassle for parents trying to juggle their everyday challenges around their child.

It’s also apparent that getting specially designed products can get expensive. There are dozens of stores selling educational, calming, and sleeping products, ranging from $100 to $1000. So we have looked for more stores offering affordable products designed for youngsters with special needs that won’t send you into bankruptcy.

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is a direct marketing company that specializes in educational toys. While designed for all kids up to age 8, they are committed to making their toys safe and accessible for kids with autism and special needs.

All products in their catalog are labeled by the child’s developmental or learning goal, making it clear and simple to identify the best toys for them. There’s no need to waste money on things you don’t need.

6 Budget-Friendly Stores for Special Needs Children

Therapy Shoppe

The Therapy Shoppe was started by an occupational therapist over 22 years ago and specializes in quality products at great prices. All products are kid-tested and approved by therapists, teachers, and parents.

There’s a page dedicated to 175 fun products under $5. And when it’s coming from a source as reliable as occupational and pediatric therapists you can feel safe about what you’re giving to your child.

Harris Communication

Kids who are deaf and hard-of-hearing are often overlooked when talking about special needs. Harris Communication has been around for over 30 years breaking that mindset and making life easier for people in the deaf community.

They offer a wide range of products from necessary to fun stuff. In addition to practical, assistive devices they also offer gift guides for deaf and hard of hearing children, a sale section, and deals during vacation time.

Adaptive Tech Solutions

For kids with severe physical disabilities, playing independently can be a major struggle. The team at Adaptive Tech Solutions has made it their mission to provide affordable products that aid independent play.

Among the various playthings are “switch-adapted toys”; stuffed animals with a button which kids can press to make the toy move and speak, allowing them to have fun irrespective of their movement limitations. For example, there’s an adorable minion holding a teddy bear which children would love.

6 Budget-Friendly Stores for Special Needs Children

Special Needs Essentials

Special Needs Essentials offers daily living aids, therapy tools, and toys for special needs children. They also have a regularly updated blog with insights into related topics, alongside instructions on how to use their products.

They offer low prices on a wide range of products from fluorescent light filters to body socks. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this store.

Fat Brain Toys

Started by a father-son team over 16 years ago, Fat Brain Toys originally sold just one product. Now they have thousands of toys and even a section for kids with special needs. Their range now covers more than 20 different types of disability, specially developed for each individual need.

They also provide some great tips for parents of kids with special needs to remember when playing with their children.

If you have any additional suggestions of budget-friendly stores for special needs children please let us know in the comments!

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6 Budget-Friendly Stores for Special Needs Children