Success Quote: Don’t waste a good mistake…Learn from it!

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“Don’t waste a good mistake…Learn from it!” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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  • This is so true, we should learn from our mistakes. Sometimes though, we find ourselves rehashing the mistake, or beating ourselves up for the mistake, some people even deny that there was a mistake ever made.
    The best thing to do is to dissect, analyze and then learn from a mistake. Life is a school, and it can teach you many things on a daily if we would pay attention.

  • Good advice, but convincing someone, especially myself that there is such a thing as a good mistake, rather than all mistakes are bad mistakes, in the moment immediately following it, is really hard to do. You kind of have to start the day already in the mindset that you only allowing yourself to look on the bright side, or it won’t work out very well.

  • I like the positivity in this. The attitude is that of an optimist. Whatever negative happenings occur you can still turn it into something good. This is the divider between people who succeed and those who fail.

    • Yeah you’re right I totally agree with you and I would also add that once we fail we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and keep going.

  • I forgot who said this, and I might be paraphrasing, “The best way to learn is through others’ mistakes. The second best way to learn is through your own.”
    The act of failing is a very important lesson for everyone, but I think only a few people are keying in on this fact. Furthermore, people shouldn’t be judged on their failures but rather on how they react to their failure.

  • Should collect them! I’m pretty sure I’ve wasted a few but, maybe, looking back I’d finally be able to see where I grew from it.

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