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Best 15 Mommy Blogs That Will Save You Tons of Money

Best 15 Mommy Blogs That Will Save You Tons of Money

Moms from around the world, there are people who actually want to share their experience with you, no matter if we’re talking about breastfeeding tips and tricks or even the best way to spend your money when expenses seem to pile up. Without further ado, we give you Top 25 Money Saving Blogs by Moms:

1. Frugal Mama

Amy Suardi is a happy and proud mother of 5 who one day decided to tell the world about her ingenious ways to save money and redirect it towards other needs.

What we really like about her blog is that, beyond her love for the little ones, deals, discounts and coupons, Amy is actually a very thrifty lady who teaches you how to replace a product from the market with something that you can make yourself.

She’s got it all: from food, drinks to quotes and funny pictures. She’s the whole package and to give you just a taste of her entire persona, we recommend that you read her article on How to Make Gourmet Hot Chocolate as Gifts. It’s delicious!

2. Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style

So true! The person you should be thankful for is Sarah Titus, a lady who’s on a quest to find the best merchandise out there that can be purchased at the littlest price (if not for free).

Sarah’s family lives off $18 000/year and she’s responsible for the entire income. If you take into consideration the fact that 3 years ago Sarah was living in a shelter, you’ll understand why naming her among the best mommy blogs is no coincidence.

Read her blogs, take notes and remember that you are connecting with someone who had to learn how to live off basically nothing. Our favorite article by her is 30 Days to a Better Life. Rock on, Sarah!

3. Less To More

The lovely face behind this blog is Ai, a wife and mother who, tired of the corporate world, decided to take a break and a deep breath and start focusing on the important things in life: family, education, good food, getting in shape, having a healthy relationship and so on.

We vouch for her intuition and cleverness in picking the best ways to save money or, better say, spend little money on big things. Our favorite article that she’s ever posted is 5 Benefits of Having Little Helpers in the Kitchen. Enjoy!

4. Thrifty Little Mom

Responsible for all those cool ideas that save people big bucks is Amy Anderson, wife and mother of one. She started thinking about ways to save money when she got pregnant and noticed that the costs were sometimes unbearable.

Reasons why you will absolutely love her blog: she’s very crafty and knows how to make her own jewelry, decorations, furniture and she’s willing to share that with you.

We picked out two articles for you: Easy Sew Kitchen Café Curtains and 5 Ways to Speed up Budget Night.

5. Come Save Away

Kristen is an animal lover interested in coupons, deals and sales! She started thinking about saving money after her now husband proposed to her: facing catering services, florist bills and everything that planning a wedding requires made her think that there must be something she can do in order to not break the bank.

This is how Come Save Away started and our recommendation is, if you happen to plan your wedding as we speak, to check out her blog, starting with this article: Over 50 Ways to Save Over $50!

6. Femme Frugality

Behind this amazing blog you’ll find the voice of a woman who had to save money for her husband’s college (what an incredible love story!) and was willing to share her financial creativity with the rest of the world.

Katie Jakub, the lovely lady behind Femme Frugality came up with ways to save money on Food, Drink, Furniture, and Entertainment so that one could spend more on Education, Family Life and Health.

Repurposing is the keyword for this blog that we kindly recommend. Here, have a taste: How to Negotiate With Credit Card Companies.

7. The Penny-Wise Mama

Marisa, a mother of three started this blog in 2010 as a way to share tips and tricks on how to save money without actually hurting your lifestyle, which is not an easy thing to do. We love pretty much everything she writes, from her financial tips and tricks to her recipes. For you, we’ve chosen this article: How to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success.

8. Economical Mommy

Amber is a stay at home mom, has three children and a year ago decided to do everything in her powers just to save as much as possible. From the looks of it, she succeeded, which brings her on our list.

Amber will teach you all you need to know about discounts, online and printed coupons, giveaways and family life so, if you are a newly mother you could benefit from her wisdom. Have fun reading, everyone!

9. Nanny to Mommy

Say hello to Diana, happy mother of a 3 year old daughter and an 8 month old son. She started by being a nanny and babysitting other people’s kids. After becoming a mother herself, she decided it was time to give penny pinching a try. The Georgia native is proud to share all the knowledge with people from around the world and this is one of the reasons we like her so much.

10. Frugalful

Christy, the pretty and creative face behind this blog started publishing her posts in 2011 as a way to keep track of her family’s savings. She has a toddler that she absolutely adores and is more than willing to meet other moms and exchange knowledge.

We like her because she writes about family, savings, coupons, discounts, credit cards, beauty and parenting. If you don’t believe us, just read this article and you’ll see for yourself: Decorating Children’s Rooms on a Budget.

11. Keeping My Cents

Lisa has two beautiful daughters and a loving husband who took time from work to take care of her children’s education. In the process, she discovered that saving money and wise-spending is a must when you have kids, so she started this blog to share ideas and tips with other moms.

If you’re really into pickling your own vegetables and sewing your husband’s Halloween costume, this is the blog you’re looking for! Try this article first: Blowing Christmas Wishes Your Way- Frugal Neighbor Gifts.

12. Sweet and Sour Deals

If you’re not new to the world of coupons, deals and discounts, you’ve probably experienced a few sour moment in your life (coupons that didn’t work, false advertisement and so on). Sahm, a mother of 4 knows all about it!

Fortunately, if you read her blog you’ll be better prepared in the future, so take a look at it. You’ll find articles on DIY projects, Recipes, Reviews, Disney, Kids and Parenting. Everything on a low budget. Our favorite article is: 5 Things NOT to Buy a Toddler.

13. Penniless Parenting

Like many other moms who had to face a low budget, Penny, the nice lady behind the blog started keep track of her family’s spending and when the results wowed her, she decided to tell other people her story.

We took a keen interest in her “Extreme Frugality” category and weren’t disappointed at all. Of course, being popular brings a lot of negative comments. If you can look pass them, you’ll find that her advice is actually pretty strong. Give it a try!

14. Naturally Frugalicious

Lilah writes with passion about many subjects, such as giveaways, coupons, deals, home cooked meals and family life. She is a professional photographer, life coach and mother.

She and her husband work from home and are interested in providing a healthy education for their children, one that would teach them the importance of every penny. We read her blog constantly and this is our all-time favorite article: Easy DIY Christmas Decorations.

15. Living Well Spending Less

Ruth started this blog in 2010 after her spending habits almost tear her marriage apart. Fortunately, she learned how to keep track of her savings and how to appreciate every penny.

Now, Living Well Spending Less is a source of inspiration for millions of women out there. We love her thriftiness and determination, and also the fact that she covers a wide range of subjects, from beauty to discounts, sales and coupons. Read her Beginner’s Guide to Savings. It’s amazing!

Which one of these blogs do you like the most? Let us know!