Free shipping at Chewy is available for most orders over $49. The business doesn’t deliver to P.O. boxes, Alaska, or Hawaii. However, all customers inside the contiguous United States or living in Southern Ontario (Canada) can benefit from the regular Chewy free delivery policy.

Ordering from Chewy lets you get an extensive range of specialized pet products right at your doorstep, such as pet food, pet toys, pet medication, and pet accessories. The store also has competitive prices and discount coupons, and shoppers compliment their customer service on review websites like Trustpilot.

Chewy Delivery Options

🚚 Shipping Method💰 Shipping Cost⏰ Estimated Delivery Time
Standard (first-time order over $35, United States)FREE1 – 3 days*
Standard (all other orders over $49, United States)FREE1 – 3 days*
Standard (all other orders under $49, United States)$4.951 – 3 days*
Standard (all orders over CA $35, Canada)FREE1 – 2 days**
Standard (all orders under CA $35, Canada)CA $4.951 – 2 days**
*Orders are mostly fulfilled by FedEx, but Chewy also works with other premium carriers for fast and reliable service. While shipping generally takes 1 to 3 days, personalized orders or those that require prescription approval could take longer to ship.
**Chewy only ships to Southern Ontario in Canada (via FedEx and other providers). This includes Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa, Hamilton, and North Bay postal codes starting with L, M, N, and K. Customers might receive their package the next day if they complete checkout by 11 pm (however, deliveries are not done on Saturdays or Sundays).


Tip: Want to buy pet food and pet items at a lower price? Check out Chewy discount coupons.

How to Get Free Shipping at Chewy

Chewy Free Delivery

Chewy is a leading online pet supplies store in the US, selling products such as pet food, toys, and pharmacy items. The business has a no-cost shipping option as part of its commitment to convenient and cost-effective pet care shopping. 

Qualifying for Chewy Free Delivery

To benefit from Chewy free shipping, orders must meet the price threshold set by the store. Specifically, customers qualify for free delivery if the purchase total is over $49. This threshold is designed to be accessible to most shoppers, encouraging bulk purchases and repeat business.


Tip: To encourage new shoppers to go ahead with their purchases, Chewy has a special offer. Instead of the regular over $49 minimum for free delivery, first-time buyers only need to spend over $35 to get their package delivered to their doorstep free of charge.

Chewy Free Shipping Guide

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to secure Chewy products with 0-cost shipping:

  1. Visit and start shopping for your pet supplies.
  2. Add items to your shopping cart. The total value must exceed $49 or $35 if it’s your first time shopping at Chewy.
  3. Once you’ve reached the magic number, the free shipping option applies automatically – no code needed!

If you’re already on the edge of that $49 threshold, it may be worth adding an extra item to your cart. The cost of an additional product might be less than the shipping charges you’d otherwise pay, which would be $4.95.

Free Shipping at Chewy via Third Parties


Note: manages its own distribution and uses major carriers like FedEx and UPS for deliveries. Customers place orders directly through the Chewy website or app. As of May 2024, Chewy does not deliver through third-party platforms, including Amazon.

Chewy has built its brand around a dedicated online pet marketplace and prides itself on direct customer service. This includes managing its own fulfillment and shipping, so you won’t find Chewy products via other retailers.

Autoship: Free Delivery at Chewy with Discount

Autoship Free Delivery

Tip: To ensure you’re always eligible for no-cost shipping at Chewy, enroll in their Autoship program. Autoship is a recurring delivery service for your most frequently purchased items.

With Authoship, customers have an easier time ensuring they won’t run out of essential pet supplies and can consistently build their recurring shopping cart to meet the $49 free delivery threshold. The service also comes with 5% off future deliveries!

  • Find your favorite pet items, from food to toys and pharmacy products.
  • Create and start your Autoship schedule.
  • Get 35% off your first order.
  • Get 5% off future deliveries, in addition to free shipping if you always spend over $49 for your orders. 

Don’t worry – you can always change, skip, or cancel an Autoship order. Chewy doesn’t lock customers into commitments, and there are no hidden fees for Autoship.

Chewy Autoship Policy

  • Chewy Autoship is a regular delivery service for the pet supplies, pet food, and pet medication that you need. 
  • You must only fill out your shopping cart with your favorite products and click “Yes” near the Autoship option at checkout. After that, you select a schedule, and each month, the products will reach your location without further manual orders.
  • Autoship has no membership fee – you just pay for what you purchase. 
  • If the amount spent is over $49 in the US or CA $35 in Canada, you’ll also benefit from Chewy free shipping for each order.
  • Autoship can be used for valid prescriptions or refills on your file as well. If your prescription is about to expire, a Chewy team member gets in touch with your pet’s veterinarian for renewed approval.

Note: Item prices can fluctuate. This means that your Autoship order value can change in time, but Chewy notifies you of this via email.

Chewy’s Shipping Policy

Upon qualifying for free shipping, Chewy dispatches orders through carriers such as FedEx, LaserShip, UPS, and others to ensure fast and reliable delivery. For orders that do not reach the qualifying amount, Chewy charges a flat rate of $4.95.

Chewy’s shipping strategy is tailored to maintain customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient service, a practice that has become a cornerstone of its reputation.

Here’s all you need to know about how handles shipping for both its US and Canada stores.

For the United States


Quick Update: As of May 2024, Chewy has announced that they’re facing high demand for pet essentials, such as medication. Due to this, changes to existing orders are not possible at this time.

  • Delivery pricing is a flat $4.95. However, orders over $49 always get free shipping (or over $35 for a customer’s first order).
  • Shipping usually takes 1 – 3 days, but custom orders or those requiring prescriptions could take longer. Chewy does not ship to P.O. boxes, Alaska, or Hawaii.
  • Orders are delivered 7 days a week, before 10 pm, by FedEx, UPS, LaserShip, and other reputable carriers.
  • To check an order’s status, customers can log in to their Chewy account and go to the “Orders” section. There, you can check whether your package is being prepared for shipment, if it’s already shipped (you get a link via email in 24 – 48 hours to track the package), or if it’s been delivered.
  • You can cancel an order from your account’s “Orders” section if it hasn’t shipped yet. You might not be able to cancel orders that have been processed, but Chewy could offer you a refund. We advise contacting their customer service department.
  • If a package gets lost, you must contact the delivery company directly. Chewy is only responsible for your products’ delivery until they hand them to the carrier.
  • You don’t need to sign your order on arrival. If you aren’t home, the delivery driver will leave your pet supplies at the door, in the mailbox, or elsewhere within your property.
  • For fresh products, or those needing refrigeration or a frozen state, Chewy uses insulated packaging and dry ice. They’re also shipped separately from other items in your order which are not perishable. 
  • You can return any product within 365 days of purchase!

Have more questions? Check out Chewy’s United States FAQs.

For Canada

Most of the terms and conditions are the same as for the United States (detailed above). So, we’ve only added information below about differences applicable to Canada.

  • Chewy only ships to Southern Ontario (locations such as Toronto, Niagara, North Bay, or Ottawa). P.O. boxes are not eligible locations! If you’re located somewhere in Canada where Chewy doesn’t ship, you can subscribe to their email newsletter to be notified if or when your location becomes eligible.
  • Pet food and supplies are delivered within 1 – 2 days. Ordering by 11 pm usually means you’ll get your package the next day unless you complete checkout on a Friday or Saturday. All orders are shipped from Toronto, Ontario.
  • All shipping costs are a flat rate of CA $4.95, and free deliveries are offered for all orders over CA $35.

Have more questions? Check out Chewy’s Canada FAQs.

Chewy Products Eligible for Free Shipping

Chewy Products

You can get Chewy free shipping for a multitude of products. Obviously, you can find a ton of goodies for cats and dogs, but owners of other types of pets will be happy to buy from Chewy as well. 


For Dogs

  • Food: dry, wet, special veterinary diets
  • Treats: bones & bully sticks, soft treats, chewy treats, biscuits, cookies, training treats.
  • Toys: chew toys, plush toys, fetch toys, and more.
  • Health & pharmacy: flea & tick treatments, vitamins & supplements, and more.
  • Others: collars, leashes, clothing, pens, beds, and more.

For Cats

  • Food: dry, wet, special veterinary diets
  • Treats: soft treats, chewy treats, lickable treats, crunchy treats.
  • Toys: balls, chasers, teasers, wands, and more.
  • Health & pharmacy: flea & tick treatments, prescription medication, and more.
  • Others: litter boxes, trees, condos, scratching posts, feeders, leashes, collars, harnesses, and more.

For Other Pets

Chewy offers its customers products for various common and uncommon pets. Aside from cats and dogs, shoppers can buy items for:

  • Birds: wild birds, cockatiels, parakeets, parrots.
  • Small pets: rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets.
  • Farm animals: chickens, cows, goats, pigs, horses.
  • Fish: betta fish, saltwater fish, freshwater fish, pond fish.
  • Reptiles & amphibians: bearded dragons, lizards, turtles, snakes.

Bonus: Chewy Services You Might Like

Aside from the many pet products that you can ship to your home for free, Chewy’s offer also includes 3 core services:

  1. Remote veterinary advice: a free live chat between Chewy customers and online vets or vet techs. Includes an unlimited number of sessions. For $19.99, customers can connect with a vet or vet tech on a 20-minute video call.
  2. Pet health insurance: coverage for pet meds, with no payout limits on yearly care costs and direct payments to vets at checkout. The insurance covers aspects such as an annual check-up, vaccines, dental cleaning, neutering, emergency care, and more.
  3. Physical veterinary locations: Chewy has physical locations for veterinary care in select regions within the contiguous US, for routine and emergency pet healthcare.

Chewy Free Shipping FAQs

What Is the Minimum Purchase for Free Shipping at Chewy?

To qualify for free delivery at Chewy, make a purchase of over $49. This applies to addresses within the contiguous US. For Canada, a purchase of over CA $35 is required.

Does the $49 Minimum for Free Shipping Include Taxes?

No, the $49 minimum for free shipping is calculated before tax.

How Do I Get Free Deliveries at Chewy?

Free shipping applies automatically once your total order exceeds $49 in the United States or CA $35 in Canada. No special code or other actions are needed.

Does Chewy Offer Free Delivery for All Items?

Most items are eligible for free shipping. Very heavy items may incur additional shipping fees, even if your order total exceeds $49. We suggest contacting Chewy’s customer support to inquire about this.

How Long Does the Free Shipping Take?

Chewy’s standard free shipping typically takes 1 – 3 days for the United States and 1 – 2 days for Canada.

Does Chewy Have Curbside Pickup?

As of May 2024, Chewy does not have physical stores that can be visited by customers. The business has many fulfillment centers across several locations, but they function as hubs from where merchandise is shipped. This is true for all types of products, including pet supplies, food, and pharmacy items.

The only exceptions are veterinary practice locations, which are present in Colorado and Florida, with more being built in Georgia and Texas.

How Can I Find Discounts for Chewy?

Check out Chewy coupon codes for various deals, discounts, and other offers. For example, up to 67% off daily deals, 50% off your first Autoship order for certain products, a free $20 gift card on your first $49+ purchase, and more.

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