Companies offer employee discounts as part of compensation packages. As they’re not tied to an employee’s pay, such discounts are considered benefits and provided in addition to regular wages or salaries.

This article covers staff discounts available at Starbucks, Apple, Target, Costco, Verizon, McDonald’s, Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, AT&T, and Marriott.

Best Employee Discounts at a Glance

Most Popular Employee Discounts
StoreStaff Discount
Starbucks✓ Free pound of coffee or box of tea weekly.
✓ 30% discount for beverages, food, and merchandise.
✓ Discounts at local and national retailers.
Apple✓ Yearly personal discount for up to three Macs, iPads, or Watches.
✓ Yearly personal discount for up to ten iPods.
✓ Employees can use their discount for family and friends.
Target✓ 10% discount at all Target stores for employees and their partners.
✓ Extra 20% for fresh and frozen fruits, veggies, and tobacco cessation products.
✓ Discounts for commuting costs.
Costco✓ Discounts for fitness centers and gyms.
✓ Discounts on vehicle purchases via the Costco Auto Program.
✓ Free Executive Membership.
Verizon✓ Discounts on the “Unlimited Ultimate” wireless plan.
✓ Maximum amount of mobile hotspot data.
✓ Verizon Fios discounts for eligible employees.
McDonald’s✓ 30% off of orders at participating restaurants.
✓ Discounts and cashback on everyday item purchases from hundreds of retailers.
✓ Other discounts at specific stores are available for eligible employees.
Best Buy✓ Better prices for products versus regular shoppers (there’s a specific formula detailed below).
✓ Free products occasionally, especially promotional items or merchandise that isn’t selling.
✓ Discounts for specific mobile phone carriers.
Amazon✓ Exclusive discounts portal (Amazon Extras). The portal has around 3,000 employee deals.
✓ Discounts for mortgage rates, fees, and closing costs.
✓ Discount code for items shipped and sold by Amazon.
✓And more.
Home Depot✓ Discounts for gym memberships.
✓ Discounts for home electronics from Home Depot.
✓ Cheaper meal kits and groceries.
Barnes & Noble✓ 30% – 50% discount for in-store products and online shopping.
✓ 30% off for games and toys.
✓ 20% off for music.
Walmart✓ Discounted phone plans.
✓ Discounted vacations.
✓ Discounts on new vehicle purchases.
AT&T✓ 50% off of most voice, text, and data plans.
✓ Discounted broadband internet.
✓ Local discounts for various products and services.
Marriott✓ Up to 80% off for employees and their immediate family.
✓ Extended family and friends can also receive up to 50% off.
✓ 100% discount for staff with tenure over 25 years.

Staff discounts vary widely by industry, and each sector’s benefits differ. Here are 13 discounts for employees from big brands across the US:

1. Starbucks Employee Discounts

Starbucks Employee Discounts

Starbucks offers a comprehensive benefits package for full-time and part-time employees (whom the company calls “partners” as part of their shared success culture). Besides base pay and bonuses, staff also get retirement savings, stock options, and discount benefits such as:

  • Free pound of coffee or box of tea each week (partner “markout”).
  • A 30% discount for beverages, food, and merchandise.
  • Discounts at local and national retailers. 
  • Discounts for select providers of services such as auto, home, and pet insurance.
  • Employees may consume beverages made in-store for free while working. They also get seven free weekly food items (from the pastry or ready-to-eat sections).
  • “Partner Shopping Days” a few times a year, during which employees can get higher discounts for their Starbucks purchases.
  • Transit passes through pretax payroll deductions for commuting employees.
  • Discounted company stock plus participation in equity program (Bean Stock).
  • 100% tuition coverage for a Bachelor’s Degree through ASU online degree programs.

Note: Starbucks staff discounts might vary by location. Check out regular Starbucks discounts.

2. Apple Employee Discounts

Apple Employee Discounts

Apple provides various discounts and benefits to its employees. Contractors of participating partner companies can also access the Apple Employee Purchase Programme (EPP). Here’s a general breakdown:

Note: Apple doesn’t allow purchasing through EPP if the objective is reselling. If Apple suspects end users are purchasing for the purpose of resale, they can refuse or cancel the order.

  • Yearly personal discount for up to three Apple devices (Macs, iPads, or Watches). 
  • Yearly personal discount for up to ten iPods. 
  • Employees and contractors can also “sponsor” a purchase, which means buying for friends or family.

The discount mentioned above is roughly 25%, subject to change depending on Apple’s policy. In the past, Apple also offered employee discount programs such as:

  • A free Apple Music subscription.
  • Discounts or free access to Apple software products.
  • An up to $300 yearly reimbursement for well-being activities, like gym or health club memberships.
  • A subsidy for commuting to work via public transit or driving a fuel-efficient car.
  • During product launches, Apple sometimes gives free items to its employees.

Tip: If Apple employs you, you should check with the HR department for the most up-to-date information and discount eligibility. You can also see more Apple deals.

3. Target Employee Discounts

Target Employee Discounts

Target offers several benefits and discounts to its team members. Here’s how Target staff discounts typically work:

Note: Discount eligibility varies based on employee role, time with the company, and average hours worked. There are also ongoing Target discounts that everyone can use.

  • 10% discount at all Target stores for employees and their spouse or domestic partner.
  • Extra 20% off for fresh and frozen fruits & vegetables and tobacco cessation products.
  • Access to the 5% discount offered through REDcard savings.
  • Discounts for clothing, restaurants, flowers, child care, vacations, fitness centers, computers, cell phone plans, and more are available via the “My Discounts” website for Target team members.
  • Target employees get group insurance rates from various leading companies. Includes an up to 15% discount.
  • Up to 100% discount for unexpected veterinary costs.
  • Free on-demand fitness and well-being platform (Grokker) plus discounts for nationwide fitness centers. 
  • Discounts for commuting costs through “Wageworks Commuter Benefit” (bus, subway, light rail, rail, and more).
  • Childcare and eldercare discounts.

4. Costco Employee Discounts

Costco Employee Discounts

Costco is known for taking good care of its employees. Other staff benefits exist despite Costco employees not having a storewide discount on products. For example, in the past, Costco has offered:

Note: The Costco staff benefits below may vary by location, but general Costco deals are applicable throughout the US.

  • A free turkey for Thanksgiving
  • Discounts on vehicle purchases via the Costco Auto Program.
  • Discounts for fitness centers and gyms.
  • Tuition reimbursement for approved educational programs.
  • An Employee Stock Purchase Plan at a discounted rate.
  • Free store membership for employees and their family & friends. Members also get access to Costco membership discounts.
  • Employees get the Executive Membership, which is worth $120 per year. The Costco Executive Membership gives access to discounts and perks through the Costco Travel program. It also provides 2% cashback on Costco purchases.

5. Verizon Employee Discounts

Verizon Employee Discounts

Verizon corporate employees have deals on specific wireless phone plans. Participating Verizon partners can also offer staff discounts for Fios, LTE, and 5G home internet. Eligible team members get benefits such as:

  • Discounts on the “Unlimited Ultimate” plan for wireless, namely for unlimited 5G internet speeds.
  • Maximum amount of mobile hotspot data.
  • Discount for eligible accessories (cases, holsters, chargers, headsets, screen protectors).
  • Sometimes, employees can also get discounts for smartphones or tables through percentage-off deals.
  • Employees who live in an area serviced by Verizon Fios might be eligible for a discount on home internet, TV, and phone services.
  • In the past, Verizon had employee discount programs that allowed staff to get the latest devices at an advantageous price or even for free.

Tip: You can still find many great Verizon wireless deals and Verizon Fios discounts even if you’re not a Verizon employee.

6. McDonald’s Employee Discounts

McDonald’s Employee Discounts

McDonald’s provides various staff discounts and benefits. However, these can vary by country, whether the location is company-owned or franchised, and by other factors. Here is a general outline of common McDonald’s discounts for staff members:

  • 30% off of orders at participating restaurants throughout the US. 
  • McDonald’s in the United States has a program called McPerks. This gives employees discounts and cashback on everyday items from hundreds of retailers.
  • Some McDonald’s employees might receive a discount card that provides discounts at specific stores or for certain services.

Tip: McDonald’s employees should talk to their manager or HR department for the most accurate, region-specific information. There might also be differences if the restaurant is company-owned or a franchise. We also recommend staying informed about ongoing McDonald’s discounts & deals.

7. Best Buy Employee Discounts

Best Buy Employee Discounts

Best Buy employees can benefit from a range of discounts. Here’s a rundown of the general idea:

  • The Best Buy employee discount gives staff members a different price for products. Instead of paying the retail amount, team members pay “cost + 5%.” An employee could purchase an item that costs the company $10 to purchase for $10.5 instead of its retail price (which could be $20). 
  • Not all Best Buy products get staff discounts. For example, Apple products are notoriously excluded.
  • The highest discount available for employees is 50% off the retail price, with no transaction limit. Employees can make as many purchases as they want.
  • Brands that sell via Best Buy have the final say in limiting staff discounts for their products.
  • Best Buy stores give employees products for free from time to time. This includes merchandise that isn’t selling or promotional items.
  • Accommodation programs sometimes allow employees to buy items at costs lower than the standard discount for a limited time.
  • Best Buy employees may be eligible for discounts for specific mobile phone carriers.

Note: Buying Best Buy products with a team member discount and reselling for a profit is a fireable offense. However, this policy doesn’t apply when purchasing items using regular Best Buy coupons.

8. Amazon Employee Discounts

Amazon Employee Discounts

Amazon provides a range of benefits and discounts to its employees. While the specifics can change and may vary by location and role, here are some potential types of discounts:

  • Access to an exclusive discount portal, Amazon Extras. The portal has around 3,000 deals, including phone plans, travel, entertainment, and car insurance discounts.
  • Homeownership discounts for mortgage interest rates, fees, and closing costs.
  • Discount code for items shipped and sold by Amazon. This annual discount can be used multiple times, up to an aggregate total. The total might change year-to-year.
  • All Amazon employees and their family members can use Hinge Health’s pain prevention program for free.
  • Corporate and full-time employees might get a free or discounted Amazon Prime membership.
  • Eligible Amazon employees might get access to discounted rates for company stocks.
  • Amazon also partners with several external companies to offer employee discount programs on various goods, services, and experiences.

Note: Specific staff discounts can vary greatly depending on the role and location of the Amazon employee. We recommend checking out other Amazon deals & discounts too, which are available to everyone in the US.

9. Home Depot Employee Discounts

Home Depot Employee Discounts

Home Depot prides itself on offering its teams discounts for “just about everything.” This includes discounts for products, phone plans, or even roadside assistance. Here are a few examples of discounts offered by Home Depot to its employees:

  • Gym membership and similar discounts.
  • Discounts for home electronics from Home Depot – computers, smart home systems, TVs, cameras, etc.
  • Cheaper meal kits and groceries, as well as offers for food delivery.
  • Tutoring services discounts for subjects like math, reading, science, and more.
  • Reimbursement for child adoption expenses (up to $5,000) plus integration in support groups.
  • College and university tuition reimbursement and scholarship opportunities at partner institutions.

Note: Home Depot employee discount programs may vary and change over time and depend on the location. However, you can also find ongoing Home Depot deals.

10. Barnes & Noble Employee Discounts 

Barnes & Noble Employee Discounts

The Barnes & Noble staff discounts have changed slightly over the last few years. However, the following is a general idea of what you could expect:

  • 40% – 50% discount for in-store products and 30% off for online shopping.
  • However, books might be only 30% off in general, with one barista employee claiming on Glassdoor in December 2023 that they only received 20% off for books and drinks.
  • 30% off for games and toys.
  • 20% off for music.
  • The company might offer an increased employee discount rate during the holidays or other promotional periods.

Note: Information about Barnes & Noble staff discounts differs across sources and employee testimonies. We advise checking with the company’s HR for the most updated information. You can also check out Barnes & Noble coupons that are available to everyone.

11. Walmart Employee Discounts

Walmart Employee Discounts

As a Walmart Associate, you can get discounts for thousands of brands through the Walmart Associate Discount Center. For example:

  • Deals for entertainment, travel, fitness, and many more categories.
  • Discounts for cell phone plans.
  • Discounted vacations.
  • Up to 50% off for zoo and aquarium tickets. 
  • Up to 40% off movie tickets.
  • Through the Employee Auto Buying Service, staff save an average of $3,383 on new cars.
  • The average US household saves over $4,900 yearly via the Walmart Associate Discount Center.
  • Walmart associates get discounts and special rates from Walmart’s partner companies via the Discount Center, which acts as a marketplace. Walmart specifically negotiates some deals.
  • Employees can use their special discount on behalf of friends and family.
  • Exclusive offers on car rentals, cruises, theme park tickets, and hotels.
  • After a 90-day trial period, Walmart employees get a discount card that offers 10% off on general merchandise and fresh produce. It also works at Sam’s Club!
  • Full-time hourly associates and part-time associates who work during Thanksgiving might be eligible for a one-time 10% discount for a single grocery shopping trip.

Note: The Walmart Associate Discount Center changes its available deals frequently. Because of that, it’s advised to check the marketplace regularly. Make sure you check out Walmart coupons too, which are available to everyone.

12. AT&T Employee Discounts

AT&T Employee Discounts

AT&T offers generous staff discounts as part of its benefits package. Here are some of them:

  • 50% off a majority of voice, text, and data plans.
  • Discounted broadband internet.
  • Local discounts for various products, services, and events, depending on the country.
  • Discounted home, auto, and even pet insurance!
  • Tuition assistance.
  • Child adoption reimbursement.
  • AT&T offers staff discounts for the employees of other companies too. You could save $10/mo on the best AT&T unlimited plan via an eligible discount through your employer.

Note: AT&T discounts for employees and other benefits can vary by location, role, and local law. You should always check with HR for the most accurate information. For great deals throughout the US, check out AT&T wireless coupons and AT&T fiber internet coupons.

13. Marriott Employee Discounts

Marriott Employee Discounts

Marriott International offers its employees a range of benefits, including the Marriott Explore Rate. This discounted rate is available to Marriott employees when booking at Marriot properties worldwide. 

  • The Marriott Explore Rate offers up to 80% off for employees and their immediate family members, with applicable terms and restrictions. 
  • Employees’ extended family and close friends can also receive up to 50% off.
  • Marriott staff with tenure over 25 years get a 100% discount!
  • 20% discount for food and beverages at the hotel’s restaurant.
  • 20% off for spa and wellness treatments.
  • Discounts for partner car rental and airline companies.
  • 30% off retail purchases at Marriott outlets.

Note: All employee room discounts, dining perks, travel savings, friends & family rates, and other discounts are subject to specific policies. For generally usable discounts, check out Marriott coupon codes.

Categories of Employee Discounts

Employee discount programs vary widely by industry. Below are some of the most common types of staff discounts in various sectors:

🍎 Grocery Stores

Grocery store employees may receive a fixed percentage discount on their purchases, which can significantly lower household food costs.

  • Percentage off purchases such as 10% or 20%.
  • Specific product discounts on store-brand or specific department items like produce, bakery, or deli.
  • Reward points for purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts.
  • Seasonal discounts during holidays and other occasions.
  • Some grocery stores could offer employee discounts via exclusive coupons or vouchers for some products.
  • Grocery stores with organically-grown products might offer discounts as a health & wellness initiative.

Tip: For more grocery deals check out coupons for food discounts.

🍽️ Restaurants and Food Service

Restaurant & food service workers may receive free or discounted meals during their shifts. Some restaurants may also offer discounts for off-duty dining.

  • Many restaurants give free or discounted meals during employees’ shifts. They could be meals off the menu, a specific employee menu, or a meal up to a certain value.
  • Some restaurants give percentage-off employee discounts, ranging from 20% to 50%. 
  • The staff discount might extend to family and friends, although it might not be as substantial as for the employees.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (coffee, soda, tea) could be consumed for free during work shifts.
  • Special occasions like the holidays might also bring special discounts and promotions only available to employees.
  • End-of-day discounts for leftovers, unsold baked goods, or meals. In some cases, these might also be given out for free.

Tip: For more savings check out restaurant discounts and deals.

🛍️ Retail

Retail employees often receive discounts on store merchandise. The discount level can vary, but it’s usually significant enough to encourage employee purchases. Stores may also offer “employee-only” sales or give employees priority access to new merchandise.

  • Percentage off purchases – typically from 10% to 30%. Some brands might afford larger discounts, especially for store-brand items.
  • Special sale events, exclusive for employees, where items are significantly discounted.
  • Seasonal employee discounts are usually available during the holidays or other times of the year.
  • While retail staff tend to get first-hand access to new products, this isn’t always accompanied by a discounted price.
  • Employees might get discounts on partner brands if the retail business is part of a larger conglomerate.
  • Extra discount on clearance or sale items.

Tip: For more savings check out clothing coupons, shoes discounts, or beauty special offers.

✈️ Travel and Hospitality

Airlines, hotels, and travel companies often provide employees with free or heavily discounted travel benefits. This can include flights, accommodation, and even travel packages.

  • Major discounts on airfare, cruises, rail travel, and more are common for both personal and business travel.
  • Accommodation discounts for hotel room rates which can be extended to family and friends.
  • Employees may receive discounts on food and beverages within the company’s hotels, restaurants, or other hospitality facilities.
  • Free or heavily discounted tour rates.
  • One sort of employee discount in the travel industry is receiving a “travel agent rate.” These apply to car rentals, tours, attractions, and the like.
  • Discounts for partner companies in the travel and hospitality sector.
  • Free or low-cost familiarization trips (they familiarize employees with company services).

Tip: For more savings check out travel discount codes.

💻 IT and Tech

The perks and benefits IT and tech companies offer can be diverse and extend beyond traditional employee discounts.

  • Significant discount for company software and hardware products (from subscriptions to devices).
  • Free or discounted tech services include access to premium SaaS features, increased cloud storage, or similar services.
  • Exclusive access to Beta products or features at no cost.
  • Education and training discounts for learning resources, certifications, courses, or conferences.
  • Company-branded merchandise discounts.

Tip: For more savings check out electronics coupon codes or software discounts.

💗 Health and Wellness

Businesses in the health sector can offer employee discount programs like reduced-cost medications, medical procedures, or low-cost wellness programs. 

  • Product discounts include supplements, vitamins, fitness equipment, or wellness products.
  • If the company provides a service like a fitness class, staff could have free access (or at a reduced cost) to personal training, health coaching, or similar services.
  • Membership discounts for fitness centers and wellness clubs.
  • Free or discounted health screenings.
  • Free or discounted access to health and wellness-related courses, certifications, or conferences.

Tip: For more savings check out health discounts and deals.

🚗 Automotive Industry

Auto manufacturers and dealerships often offer employee discounts on new vehicles or exclusive lease programs.

  • Exclusive discounts on new car purchases from the employer’s brand. Some companies might also extend the discount to used cars.
  • Attractive lease programs allow employees to drive a company car at a lower cost than the general public.
  • Parts and service discounts.
  • Family and friends discounts.
  • Vehicle allowance or company car – mainly if the role involves a lot of travel.
  • Discounts at partner companies such as insurance providers or vehicle accessory suppliers.
  • Discounted rates on financing options and subsidized fuel.
  • Free access to exclusive vehicle launches or events.

Tip: For more savings check out automotive industry discounts.

📡 Telecommunications 

Telecom companies often offer employee discounts or even free internet, phone, or cable TV services.

  • Free or heavily discounted phone, internet, and cable services.
  • Discounts on phones and other hardware that the telecom company sells or manufactures. 
  • Free newly released products or at a significant discount.
  • Free access to premium services like streaming platforms, cloud storage, premium channels, or security software.
  • Free upgrades for fiber internet and wireless plans (e.g.: more data, better coverage, etc).
  • Family and friends discounts.

Tip: For more telecommunication savings check out discount codes for Verizon deals, AT&T deals, Xfinity (Comcast) deals, or T-Mobile deals.

🏃 Fitness

Employees of fitness centers or sports companies may have free or discounted access to gyms, fitness classes, and fitness equipment.

  • Free or discounted gym membership (usually the most common benefit).
  • Discounts on fitness classes like yoga, pilates, or aerobics.
  • Discounts on fitness equipment and apparel.
  • Health and wellness employee discounts for health insurance, training sessions, nutritional counseling, mental health resources, or other similar benefits.
  • Discounts for partner companies, usually meal delivery services, athletic wear retailers, or sports equipment retailers.
  • Family and friends discount.

Tip: For more savings check out fitness deals.

🍿 Entertainment

Entertainment is a broad industry that can cover a lot of specific companies. For example, movie theatres, amusement parks, video game companies, TV show producers, etc. Employee discounts can vary drastically depending on the exact nature of the brand. The following are just a few ideas of potential price perks that entertainment employers could offer:

  • Free or discounted access to content, such as movies, TV shows, video games, or other entertainment products.
  • Invitation to premieres, parties, launch events, conventions, or festivals the company hosts or participates in.
  • Merchandise discounts for products like clothing, toys, collectibles, or other branded items.
  • Free tickets to theme parks, concerts, theater shows, or similar events.
  • Early and free or discounted access to new content releases, like movies, TV shows, games, and more.
  • Free admission to amusement parks during off hours, plus free parking or discounted parking.
  • Friends and family discounts.

Tip: For more savings check out entertainment deals.

Advantages of Employee Discounts

Both employees and employers benefit from staff receiving discounts for products or services. Here are 7 advantages:

  1. Financial savings: discounts can significantly lower the cost of purchasing company products or using services, incentivizing sales among staff.
  2. Better work efficiency: by using company products or services, employees can better understand their features and benefits, which can help improve their work.
  3. Higher compensation package value: employee discounts add value to the total compensation package, making it more attractive.
  4. Encourage employee loyalty: staff discounts create a sense of loyalty, as employees feel appreciated and valued.
  5. Attract new employees: offering these discounts makes new job offers more attractive and helps with retention.
  6. Increased sales: a lower cost can motivate employees to buy a brand’s products, increasing overall sales. Employees could also become brand advocates who promote the products or services to others.
  7. Build employee engagement: using their company’s products or services can help employees feel more connected and engaged with their company

Best Employee Discounts FAQs

What Is an Employee Discount?

It’s a unique perk employers offer to make the overall compensation package more attractive. Staff discounts let members purchase the company’s products or services at a lower price, with the discounts varying from company to company. The discounts might be tied to select items or applicable to all products.

Who Is Eligible for Employee Discounts?

They are primarily designed for companies with full-time and part-time employees. However, the eligibility can also extend to:

  • Temporary or seasonal employees for the duration of employment.
  • Retirees, as part of retirement plan benefits.
  • Contractors and consultants, through special company policies or specific contractual agreements.
  • Interns and trainees, especially for paid internships.
  • Family and friends of employees.

What Products or Services Are Included in Employee Discounts?

These discounts can cover various products or services, depending on the nature of the business. The most common categories include:

  • Grocery discounts.
  • Restaurants and food service discounts.
  • Retail discounts.
  • Travel and hospitality discounts.
  • IT and tech discounts.
  • Health and wellness discounts.
  • Automotive discounts.
  • Telecommunications discounts.
  • Fitness discounts.
  • Entertainment discounts.

How Much Can I Save with Employee Discounts?

The savings from staff discounts can vary greatly depending on the company, the type of discount, the employee’s position, and how often the discount is used. Generally, product and service discounts go from 10% to 50%, while discounts at partner companies range from 5% to 20%.

Employers could also offer their team members 100% free products, services, memberships, and more.

Are Employee Discounts Taxable? 

In some jurisdictions, team member discounts may be considered a taxable benefit. According to the IRS, an employee discount exceeding certain limits could be taxable income. Employees may need to report the value of the discounts they receive as income on their tax returns.

  • Goods: if the discount on merchandise or goods exceeds the employer’s gross profit percentage, the excess is generally taxable. Example: an employee receives a 40% discount. The employer’s gross profit margin on that item is 30%. The 10% difference is taxable income.
  • Services: if the discount is more than 20% of the price at which the service is being offered to customers, that excess is taxable income.

For further information, consult page 11 of publication 15-B from the Internal Revenue Service.

Note: These are general federal IRS guidelines. Laws may vary by state, so it’s important to check local tax regulations. Always consult with a tax professional or legal advisor.

Can I Use My Employee Discount for Family and Friends?

This will largely depend on your employer’s specific policies. Some employers may allow you to use your employee discount for immediate family members and even friends. Others might restrict the use of the discount solely to you, the employee. 

Some companies may offer separate “friends and family” discount events at certain times throughout the year.

Attention: Using your staff discount for friends or family without explicit company approval will be considered an abuse of this benefit and can result in disciplinary action, including termination!

Can You Use Employee Discounts Online? 

Many companies allow their employees to apply their discounts to online purchases. However, this completely depends on your employer’s specific policies. If you have this perk, your employee ID or other verification may be required for discounted online purchases.

Can a Company Change or Remove Employee Discounts?

In short, yes.

Staff discounts are considered a privilege, not a right. They are part of the fringe benefits that a company can offer its employees, which means they can adjust, change, or eliminate them at their discretion.

However, how and when these changes can be made may depend on certain factors, such as:

  • Whether the discount is part of the employment contract. If it is, both parties must agree to modify and sign the contract again.
  • Some states and countries can have laws affecting changes in employee benefits.
  • The company’s policy can dictate how changes to benefits can be made.

What Happens to My Employee Discount If I Leave the Company?

Leaving the company, whether due to resignation, termination, or retirement, usually means your employee discount is no longer applicable. Sometimes, a company may extend benefits for a short grace period after leaving, but this is rare and entirely at the company’s discretion.

While rarer, some companies let their retirees keep staff discounts if they retire after a certain number of years of service.